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Thanks to :iconuncommented: for making the mesh originally and thanks to everyone else for the help and support. Model has 68 bones. multiple flexes. This works quite well in SFM and is a ragdoll as well for Gmod. But! You need to have the joint tool for the eyebrows. Report issues if there is any. I most likely will have updates for this model to touch it up since this is the FIRST TIME I've done something this difficult before. I normally stay away from organic modeling. There are some bugs for the flexes and I'm looking for a fix *might be a Source engine issue*. Thanks to :iconraptor1701: for making this image and the others for testing the model quickly for me. Update: Added finger posing *thanks to BeardedDoomguy for that*, fixed a small texture issue, tuned some of the vert weights so fingers bend better.… this link here for people too lazy to drag and drop the files. Go here for the new updated version…
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Anyone have the know how to actually download this? I'm having trouble finding a discord model with a movable jaw