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Mr. Men Show Press Kit



So these were pictures that my friend Woof91/ChelleDoggo used to own a long time ago when she was part of the Mr. Men fandom.

Before the show aired on television, Cartoon Network made some press kits related to the show, and it was either sent to employees and/or customers of the network. I think it's mostly to show off what the show/movie is about before it comes out to the public. Cartoon Network has been doing this a few years after the station began to promote some of their new shows. I'm not sure when the latest kit was released, but from the searches I found on ebay, it seems Teen Titans Go is the latest as that came out in 2013.

I made an article about it on the Lost Media Archive wiki if you want to read more about it.

I've been trying to archive this show as it was a cartoon that got me back into animation and drawing as I remember the fandom really fondly. Without it, I wouldn't been into drawing as I am right now. Unfortunately, I asked my friend who originally owned this kit and said that she tossed it out years ago. Not only she tossed out something good, but it was something I really wanted to keep safe for future generations to know. If she would've told me about tossing it out, I would've asked her to lend it to me.

So why was I interested in the kit? Well, a few weeks ago I won an auction from a seller on ebay that was related to the press kit, which was the Press Materials CD. I asked the seller if they had the full kit, but they said no and they didn't know about the whole kit.

The CD itself is just mostly documents about the show's description, the press on the show, bios on the characters and stuff on the voice cast, episodes and fun facts.

I posted a link on the CD download if you wanna see what was in it…

I'm hoping that either someone would let me borrow or even just find the whole kit just to archive it, as I really think this show is really underappreciated. And like I said, if it wasn't for this show, I wouldn't been able to get back into cartoons after my sucky years in middle school.

Photographs by Woof91 (c)
Mr. Men belongs to Sanrio, Renegade Animations and the Hargreaves (c)

Enjoy! :)
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