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the margarine man
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I do MLP next generation OC stuff, like everybody else :D Sometimes I post fan art for TLK or other interests too.

Every ship I sail in my MLP nextgen! :)
Twirax Stamp by MoonlightTheGriffon AppleDash Stamp by ComedianteEmo LunaShy [ STAMP ] by Iesbeans BraePie Stamp by DrakkenlovesShego12 Trendity/Rarihoof Stamp by MoonlightTheGriffon 022 (diamond tiara/apple bloom) by mapleshaded Sweetie Belle x Tender Taps Stamp by Cascayd Barleyloo Stamp by MoonlightTheGriffon Silver Spoon x Spike Stamp by Cascayd Moondancer x Sunburst Stamp by Zee-Stitch Gilda/Garble stamp (REQUEST) by VelocityOfTheNight Pipflare Stamp by MoonlightTheGriffon MLP: ZecoraxDiscordxCelestia Stamp by Lots-of-Stamps 055 (captain celaeno/capper) by mapleshaded

Some basic info :heart:
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Me ‘n’ shit
Queer Stamp by sunbirds Pro Choice stamp (f2u) [READ DESCRIPTION DAMMIT] by Tiny-Forest-Prince Use Them Proper Pronouns/Names They've Chosen by endler Feminism Stamp by StampMakerLKJ Stamp: LGBT+ safe space by boblitt TLK: FulixVitani Stamp by Lots-of-Stamps The Lion Guard Stamp by Blayzes TLG: ZurixTiifu Stamp by Lots-of-Stamps I'm A Re-animator Raver by PsychoSlaughterman Friends stamp by Meddle689 I'm Psycho For Norman by PsychoSlaughterman Vorik STAMP by ForeverSonu Data stamp by Kellatrix Q Stamp by explodingmuffins Murdock Stamp by KaizokuShojo Reg Barclay Stamp no. 1 by KaizokuShojo Hannibal by King-Lulu-Deer Star Trek Stamp by 878952 Shiny Cleffa by Marlenesstamps Catfish And The Bottlemen Stamp by simonthewhale Kylo Ren Throws Temper Tantrum Stamp by CassieCros13 Joker Fan by 1Bitter1SugarMixed SW - Kylo Ren Stamp by DarkFlame11 SW - General Hux Stamp 1 by DarkFlame11 Batman Villain Riddler Stamp 4 by dA--bogeyman Batman Villain Penguin Stamp 7 by dA--bogeyman Batman Villain Joker Stamp 4 by dA--bogeyman 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver' Stamp by EuropeanWildcat Planet of the Apes Stamp 3 by dA--bogeyman Star Trek Stamp by ChimeraDragonfang infinityonhigh x fall out boy. by Valotoxin Brendon Urie stamp by DaRk-Stamps Green Day stamp by JamesBondageXD Little Shop of Horrors Stamp by Gem-Thieves Peter Cushing Fan Stamp by fandom-in-reverse Pokemon Stamp by JamesBondageXD



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Had to join in on :iconcascayd:’s ship rating meme. I love filling out memes, I love shipping... this is all I ask for :happybounce:


Rarity x Fancy Pants Stamp by CascaydLove! I think Rarity and Fancy are very cute together, I’m a sucker for ships with similar personalities. I know, you’re suppose to like opposites attract, but I mostly don’t :XD:

Discord x Sunburst Stamp by CascaydLike! I have no idea where this ship came from but it’s been popping up lately and it’s so??? fucking??? cute???

Pinkie Pie x Cheese Sandwich Stamp by CascaydOTP! If I didn’t think all good PinkieCheese nextgen designs had been made already, I would have used this ship in my verse :heart:

Lightning Dust x Thunderlane Stamp by CascaydDislike. He may not be super developed, but Thunderlane deserves better =P

Celestia x Chrysalis Stamp by CascaydPretty neutral. Mainly I would just love to see more art that gives Chrysalis an I’ve-felt-love-and-am-now-whole-and-colorful design like Thorax and the others, after falling in love with Celestia. I’m a stickler for canon :D

Fluttershy x Treehugger Stamp by CascaydBetween neutral and like. I really love Fluttershy with other mares for reasons I’m not sure why (projecting? =P) and so it’s cool to have another mareXmare ship with her get popular. Buuuuut I also don’t like Treehugger’s personality :XD:

Applejack x Troubleshoes Stamp by CascaydNeutral. They look pretty and classic together, but I really can’t picture them as a couple. I guess for me their personalities don’t mesh, and I actually ship Trouble with Mac, lol!

Applejack x Coloratura Stamp by CascaydO-T-fucking-P, you can pry “old friends who haven’t seen each other since they were kids meet again and fall in love” from my cold, dead, moist, filthy, diabolical hands. If it weren’t for the crushingly wonderful ship that is AppleDash, I would have used this one in my verse too 

Applejack x Prince Blueblood Stamp by Cascayd...There is something cute about it, ain’t there? :giggle: Like, boarding on neutral.

Pinkie Pie x Luna Stamp by CascaydLove! Show the lonely princess how special she is, pink pony, bring me the diabetes!

Marble Pie x Cheerilee Stamp by CascaydNeutral. It’s cute, but I don’t feel strongly towards either character, and prefer them both with others.

Twilight Sparkle x Tempest Shadow Stamp by CascaydOTP. If you’ve seen the movie, TwiPest needs no introduction. Had I started my verse after the movie came out, I would have chosen this over TwiRax—which I fully love by the way, that’s still an OTP too XP

Rainbow Dash x Soarin Stamp by CascaydDislike. I just... I really... I can’t get... I see absolutely nothing here, I’m sorry, this is one of those times where I’m just... they just don’t do it for me.

Pinkie Pie x Party Favor Stamp by CascaydLike! It’s sweet and totally cute, although I don’t feel super strongly towards it.

Cadence x Shining Armor Stamp by CascaydLike. I mean... can’t complain, y’know?

Treehugger x Zecora Stamp by CascaydNeutral. I don’t know, I like Zecora too much to ship her with Treehugger since she just rubs me the wrong way, but the art I’ve seen I’ve really enjoyed.

Spitfire x Soarin Stamp by CascaydLike! I see it more than SoarinDash, but minor ponies like them I don’t have particularly strong feelings towards—they’d make gorgeous nextgens though XP

Applejack x Zephyr Breeze Stamp by CascaydDislike. Another of those opposites attract that gives me the ‘nyegh’s. Aaaaah Zephyr, I really do love you, just not any of the ships I’ve ever seen with you.

Discord x Celestia Stamp by CascaydOTP! Such an OTP that my other Discord OTP couldn’t break it apart and I had to make an OT3. Just fuck me right up.

Rainbow x Twilight Stamp by CascaydLove! This is the level of opposites attracting that I enjoy, I think they’re awesome together.

Trixie x Starlight Stamp by CascaydNeutral. They have great chemistry, but I dislike them both :XD: So I can’t love the pairing much, even though it’s legit =P

Pinkie x Trouble Shoes Stamp by CascaydLove! Y’know maybe it’s situational, because this opposites attract ship works for me too—I just feel like Pinkie Pie would inexplicably fall in love with him and he’d be like ‘???’ but then fall in love with her too :XD:

Princess Luna x Tempest Shadow Stamp by CascaydDislike. I really do not get this one at all, aside from being redeemed pony X redeemed pony. Just seems like an excuse to shove people’s favorites together—out of the non-Twilight princesses, I rather ship Tempest with Celestia, actually!

Trixie x Maud Stamp by Cascayd...I really don’t wanna use the word ‘hate’ but like... I really, really do not like Maud, so her with another pony I similarly don’t like... of course I wasn’t going to be into it :XD:

Zephyr Breeze x Limestone Pie Stamp by Cascayd...Neutral, bordering on dislike. I really don’t see their personalities meshing in any sort of actually loving way, aaaaand I find their designs really displeasing together?

Luna x Thorax Stamp by CascaydLike! I enjoy CelestiaXThorax and LunaXPharynx more, but swapped is also really darling :giggle: I think their personalities would work together pretty okay, but not as well as LunaXPharynx, who I feel like would have more in common.

Rainbow Dash x Zephyr Breeze Stamp by CascaydDiiiiislike tbh, probably bordering on hate if I’m gonna go there. I kinda felt like Zeph was harassing her, lol, and I don’t see anything good growing from their relationship with each other.

Ember x Spike x Thorax Stamp by CascaydPretty neutral! I love a good poly ship, and these three all have fantastic chemistry... I guess I find both Spike and Ember kind of boring though ^^; So I’m pretty dispassionate about most shippings with them.
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officially 18 now, come on adult friends let’s go drink
oh wait I can’t do that yet
come on adult friends let’s go vote
Deja Vu
Tiny hooves tramped over stone bridges and fluffy clouds, as the young pegasus looked about eagerly for anyone familiar in the sea of strange ponies. The city of Las Pegasus sprawled endlessly around him, a sight so huge that it would have intimidated any pony left on their own, let alone a small colt.

“Aunt Scoots?” he howled, though his voice was smothered by the chatter of a hundred other ponies, “Uncle Barley? Aunt Scoooootaloooo!”

“Hey! Are you lost?”

Harvey’s ears perked up, and he looked around hastily for the source of the voice. To his surprise, his gaze landed on a pair of foals, identical outside of the color of their fur, pushing through the crowd towards him with confidence reserved for those wandering a well-known neighborhood. The boys couldn’t have been much older than himself, standing a few inches above Harvey at most, although the red colt still leaned down slightly to add;

“I said ‘are you lost’?”

“I—y-yeah, yeah I am,” Harvey replied.

“Can we help you out?” asked the blue colt, peering over the other’s shoulder and offering a friendly smile.

“Do ya know how to get me home?” Harvey said, lamely.

“Prooobably not,” answered the first, “but if you can tell us where you’re supposed to be, our uncles would! They own, like, all of the hotels here.”

All of ‘em?” Harvey asked, his attention swiftly dragged away from the problem at hoof, “Ain’t there about a million hotels ‘round here?”

“You bet! Our uncles own the whole city!” he replied, with a proud nod. From behind him the blue colt shook his head, in a way that suggested that their uncles did not in fact own the whole city. “I bet if you come with us, they can tell you how to get back.”

“Wow, alright!” The pair began to walk off, gesturing to the pegasus to follow, and Harvey galloped eagerly at their sides. “My name’s Rainbow Harvest—but everypony calls me Harvey! Who’re y’all?”

“My name’s Shim Sham,” said the blue colt, “And he’s Skim Scam.”

“We’re the youngest professional stage actors in Las Pegasus!” Skim Scam added, proudly, swooshing his tail and sounding as if he’d rehearsed the phrase quite a bit.

“You two are performers?” exclaimed Harvey, purple eyes wide with excitement, “That’s crazy, I-I wanna be a performer!”

“Yeah?” asked Skim Scam, “What do you do?”

“I play banjo!”

Shim Sham put a hoof over his mouth, while his cousin let out an unabashed ‘hah!’

“Hey, that ain’t all I can do!” said Harvey, stubbornly, “I can play guitar too, and bass—all sorts o’ things! And I know how to sing, too!”

“Heh, well Equestria’s got a lot of ponies who can do that, kid,” said Skim Scam.

“Equestria’s got a lot o’ ponies who can act, too,” replied Harvey, pushing the unicorn lightly with his wing.

“Not as good as we can.”

“And nopony can play strings like I can!”

“What’s all this then?”

The three colts looked up, just before they could bump into a pair of tall unicorn stallions.

“Uncles!” exclaimed Shim Sham, leaping up to pull the two ponies into a hug.

“It seems you boys have made a new friend,” said one of the ponies, ruffling Shim Sham’s mane. The unicorn was identical to the first, aside from a large mustache.

“Uncle Flam, Uncle Flim, this is Harvey,” said Skim Scam, putting a hoof on the pegasus’s shoulder, “he’s lost.”

“He’s looking for his...?” Shim Sham glanced at Harvey.

“I can’t find my Aunt Scootaloo,” Harvey explained, “There was a big crowd, and she said she was gonna leave me for just a second, and... I just got all turned around, and... well, then I got scared...”

Harvey’s wings drooped pathetically to the floor, and the two stallions expressions turned sympathetic and paternal.

“Just tell us what hotel the two of you are staying at, son, and I’m sure we can get it all sorted out,” said Flim, with a reassuring smile. “Do you remember the name, perhaps the name of the street?”

“What does your Aunt Scootaloo look like, Harvey?” asked Flam, “If you only got lost a moment ago, she’s probably still close by.”


The group all turned in surprise. Sprinting through the crowd came a small, terrified-looking mare, her noticeably undersized wings flapping desperately as she dragged a tiny colt behind her, who complained loudly as he struggled to keep up.

“Oh Celestia, I’m sorry, kiddo,” the mare grabbed Harvey up in her arms, and looked from Flim to Flam with a nervous expression.

“You must be Scootaloo,” Flam spoke, after a tense moment of silence.

“Y-yes, uh, hi,” she said, shaking his hoof a little too hard before continuing; “I swear I only turned around for a second, I had to get this one to a bathroom,” she gestured towards the younger foal at her side, “I’m sure he didn’t mean to wander off, he normally doesn’t get lost, and I-I just—“

“No worries, ma’am, no worries,” Flim interrupted, not unkindly, “We know what it’s like to have little ones—always managing to get themselves in trouble.”

“Nice to meet you, Scootaloo!” the cousins chimed, grinning mischievously.

Scootaloo smiled, looking frazzled and exhausted, but put at ease. She wrapped her arm tightly around Harvey’s shoulder, and said; “Well, thank you both for finding this little guy—we should be getting back to the hotel now, Harvs, your parents will start wondering where we are.”

“Bye, guys!” said Harvey, cheerfully, waving to the colts, “And bye Flim! Bye Flam!”

The four unicorns said their goodbyes, as Scootaloo, one wing around each of her charges, headed for the door. Before the pegasi were out of earshot, she said;

“Jeez, I nearly had a heart attack from that adventure, kid. Hah, Rainbow Dash would kill me if she knew I’d lost you—and Applejack would do worse!”

Flim and Flam blinked. Quickly they looked from the mare, to the colt, and then swiftly to each other.



So :iconvioletthedragon111: wanted to see how Applejack’s son interacts with Flim and Flam’s kids! Well the truth is they don’t see each other all that often, since he lives in Ponyville and they live in Las Pegasus—but they did meet once as kids, and will certainly be seeing each other again as adults...~ And featuring a surprise appearance from four year old Carpe Diem! =P

(For a little referesh, Flim and Flam don’t know who’s kid is biologically who’s, so to avoid making things weirder than they already are, the kids refer to them both as their uncles :heart:)

Background vector

More of the Flim Flam kids!
One of the Drunks by Percy-McMurphy When Life Gives You Lemons by Percy-McMurphy

More of the AppleDash kid!

Promise by Percy-McMurphy Trotley Crue by Percy-McMurphy 
Muse: *releases Something Human*
Me: ...Now... I’m not gonna say this is completely out of left field—

I actually fucking love it btw XP I’m sure the rest will sound like Thought Contagion, which I also love, but oh I love this acoustic-y gorgeousness?? More of this plz

Should I open some commissions? (50 points for one fully shaded character) 

27 deviants said Yeah, I’d buy
13 deviants said I wouldn’t buy, no hard feelings tho


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kingofpriderock Featured By Owner 3 hours ago  Hobbyist

"Ah my favorite show is on*Sees a character is recast* IMPOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTER*Screams in abject terror before kicking the TV *

"He whats wrong with you"
"One of my exes died*sniffles* "
"Oh god,thats awfu-"
"Stupid assassin ,they got the wrong one *cries*"
......*Other person slowly baks away *

"It's been so long since we had a proper date "
"Yup. Just you and me and reporters hiding in the bushes .HOW ARE  YA GUYS DOING "

 "Look  are we in a reltionship or arent we? "
".....Look I just met you 30 seconds ago--"
Percy-McMurphy Featured By Owner Edited 1 hour ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
WEW LAD SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT TO ME :glomp: You thrill me, I’m not bein’ silly you just made my night<3

Greyscale: Oh, my favorite show is on! *sees a (minor-ass background) character recast* IMPOSTER, DISLOYALTY—*screaming*

Titan, awkwardly: Hey... Princess... What’s wrong?
Alto Stratus: One of my potential suitors died! *sniffles*
Titan: Oh god, that’s awfu—
Alto Stratus: Your stupid little partner got the wrong guy! *cries*
Titan: *...takes to the fucking sky in a split second*

Stardust: It’s been so long since we’ve had a proper date.
Alistair: Yup. Just you, me, those reporters hiding in the bushes! HOW YA DOIN’, JOLY! TONY!
Stardust: OH SHIT—
(I knew who that was for! ;P)

Five year old Alto Stratus: Look, are we in a relationship or aren’t we?
Five year old Ruby: ...I met you thirty seconds ago.
kingofpriderock Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  Hobbyist
Glad I did :hug:

....Wanna know the funny thing ....This is based on a  *joking* thought  I had  while watching Octopussy , where they recasted M , so the fact it's GREYSCALE is just perfect :D

....OK so I knew Titan , but I thought Lavender cause he's such a creep would be the other person....But the fact it's ALTO made this so fucking hilarious  I WANTED to burst out laughing but it's fucking 2:00 AM so couldnt :rofl:


....I did not expect that....This is perfect :rofl:
Percy-McMurphy Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Blush heh hEH HEH HEH FUCKING SIXTH SENSE—it is perfect, quite perfect! ;P She would write a STRONGLY WORDED LETTER OF COMPLAINT

Oh shit, I fucking love seeing who you planned them for! :giggle: Had to be Titan :XD: Aaaaaah, that makes me soooo fucking happy!! :squee: She’s eh... she’s a harsh lassie :lol:


Eeeehehehe! I’ve been wanting to expand more on their meeting and early friendship and frankly this quote summed it up perfectly :XD:
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jellosaur2 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
Thank you very much for the fave! <3 <3
Percy-McMurphy Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You’re welcome :)
Elephant883 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the Geo Janeway favorite. I appreciate it.
Percy-McMurphy Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You’re welcome :)
RinitheDamned Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist

Percy-McMurphy Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Huh? :O I didn’t notice you being weird, I just got back online and haven’t read your note yet—if I’m not responding fast enough it’s because I’m tired and watching a movie, sorry ^^;
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