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I do MLP next generation OC stuff, like everybody else :D Sometimes I post fan art for TLK or other interests too.

Percy McMurphy Page Doll by Nightyscribbles pagedoll by :iconnightyscribbles:

Every ship I sail in my MLP nextgen! :)
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Some basic info :heart:
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Me ‘n’ shit
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Tagged by :iconganashiashaka: to share eight facts about my Flim Flam bros X spa ponies nextgens, Skim Scam and Shim Sham! :heart: :heart: I’ve gone over them a few times—you’ll find pretty much all links here Deja Vu by Percy-McMurphy—but not a whole lot, so I’m happy to be tagged for them :love:

1. Skim Scam and Shim Sham have never known their mothers, Aloe and Lotus. They don’t even know their names, since Flim and Flam never learned them on the one night they were together. Both parties were so drunk that they hardly remember the mares features beyond “there was some pink... and blue... and they were earth ponies... probably”, leading them to not know which mare is who’s mother. When Skim and Shim were dropped on the brothers’ doorstep, the note left with them had very little information and didn’t detail the specific parentage, leaving it a mystery. The note simply explained that Aloe and Lotus had left Ponyville and wished not to be contacted (check the end of the journal if you want to hear more about that, didn’t fit as a fact about the kids). Frankly, Flim and Flam could have tracked the sisters down, but... well, it’d been over ten years since their last conflict with the mane six, in that time they’d gotten a bit kinder, a bit more responsible, a bit more straight laced... agh, they just couldn’t do it, and took on responsibility for their sons.

2. In addition, Skim and Shim don’t know which pony is each of their actual biological fathers, Flim or Flam. As such, they’re both referred to as the boys’ “uncles”, because having both brothers being referred to as “dad” by both kids runs the risk of making many situations extremely weird. ...Because, as the saying goes, of the implication.

3. Skim Scam and Shim Sham as Flim and Flam’s heirs are, naturally, kinda like Flim and Flam. They take after their uncles pretty hard, they’re boisterous, passionate, sneaky, and overly charming—however, they also don’t have the tendency towards shady activity that their uncles have, and the businesses that the cousins engage in are perfectly legitimate. They’re stage performers in Las Pegasus, performing in large venues all across the city, and are hugely popular not that the ponies of Las Pegasus have much choice but to deal with the kids of the guys who own half the city. They mostly do their own comedy shows together, but now and then they end up in an unrelated play. Musicals are their favorites, where they can put to use their extremely dramatic personalities.

4. In addition to being artists, both work a good deal behind the scenes, booking other performers for various venues. At one point they ended up working with a fellow named Svengallop, to book the up-and-coming punk band he managed a spot opening for Sapphire Shores on her latest world-tour. The twins knew this would be the opportunity of a lifetime for the band, and couldn’t believe their eyes when they were reunited with the doofy little banjo player they’d met as foals, not nearly as doofy or little as he had been a decade ago! Harvey was thrilled to see them—and to have proven their belief that he couldn’t make it to be false—and got to introducing his band members, Acoustic Performance and Stardust, to Skim Scam and Shim Sham. Their weekend then consisted of a great deal of catching up, blossoming friendship, and getting blackout drunk, followed by waking up wondering what they may or may not have done last night. The band’s performance for Sapphire Shores was indeed the final piece needed to launch them into stardom, and all three members have kept up contact with the twins ever since.

5. Of the band, Skim and Shim get long the best with Ace, who has a similarly rambunctious personality to the two boys. Harvey is a little overbearing, and Stardust is far too dorky and reserved, so they end up bonding the best with the little earth pony. However, they do maintain friendship with all of them—when nobody’s on tour the five of them like to get together for wild weekends, frequently in towns that none of them have been to before, for the fun of it. The boys haven’t been introduced to Applejack since she and Harvey are on thin ice by the time the band has gotten big, so there’s been no confrontation about him fraternizing with the descendants of her least favorite ponies in the world. However, Harvey has been introduced to Flim and Flam, both once as a foal and again as an adult—he thinks they’re great! Real cool guys, they give him discounts at their resort, Mama must be crazy.

6. Despite their partnership, Skim Scam and Shim Sham are viciously competitive against each other. When they’re involved in any performance not put together by themselves things can get catty—if the play in question doesn’t have two male roles with an equal amount of importance and scenes they’re not doing it, and all hell will break loose if somepony gets one solo more than the other. This is extremely unfortunate for everyone else, as they’re rather sought after. Yes, though they’re ultimately good people, the boys are also complete and utter divas. They get a little exhausting to be around.

7. And despite being extremely competitive, the cousins are also as close as can be, and spend most conversations accurately finishing each other’s sentences. They do play up their similarities for the attention—crowds really like the identical thing, they don’t really get it—and personalty-wise the boys aren’t that much alike, however they are naturally in sync with each other, and even when they’re not putting on a show their real interactions aren’t that different from what they play.

8. Their special talents boil down to ‘making large crowds of ponies enjoy our presence.’ They earned their cutie marks at a young age, acting as mascots for Flim and Flam’s (outrageously expensive) new ‘foal-friendly’ resort, when they essentially hijacked their uncles’ charm offensive and swayed the crowd to book their holidays there all on their own. Flim and Flam were veeeeery proud of their boys, and only a little annoyed at getting shown up.

YEE I love doing these, and expect another one soon on Pinkie Pie’s daughter Swifty Scuffles, because I was tagged by :iconrinithedamned: for her :heart:

Speaking of :iconrinithedamned: I tag you for Antares Sparkle
:iconsylnodellight: for Moolisa
And :iconpinkpastelcharms: for Taffy!

Please, no one feel obligated to do this if you don’t want to!! :) And if you do want to and you weren’t tagged, just leave me a comment and I’ll pick a character from your stuff to do one on! :giggle:

*Okay so the info on Aloe and Lotus that I was going to bring up! I headcanon that a lot of earth ponies—not all, but a sizable amount especially in little towns like Ponyville—are rather... traditional, in a lot of ways. Basically, sex and babies out of wedlock is a huge no for some families, and it was for Aloe and Lotus’s. When they found themselves pregnant, the whole family was absolutely scandalized, and ‘unfortunately’ nobody was in any position to pressure the fathers into marriage to save face. Ultimately the sisters decided that the only thing they could really do was to skip town and have a fresh start somewhere else, as much as it hurt to. Once the babies were born and the mothers recovered, the pair dropped Skim and Shim off on Flim and Flam’s doorstep (they weren’t exactly hard to locate). It was a painful choice, but it seemed like the least bad decision for them. Aloe and Lotus soon found themselves in Starlight’s old town, now obviously a genuinely loving and welcoming place where they were instantly accepted, and there they settled down. The sisters do quite want to meet their sons again, but are also happy with their lives where they are. Skim and Shim are perfectly happy not knowing their mothers, as they never needed to before, and have no desire to track them down. Flim and Flam for what it’s worth would kind of like a deeper explanation for what happened than they got on the note all those years ago, but when it comes to their kids knowing their mothers, they’ll leave the decision up to them.
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Trade: Absolute Unit
Sketch trade with Cittykat17597, we drew each other’s dragon-grifffon boys! I drew her GabbyXSpike nextgen Grassblade, and she drew my GildaXGarble nextgen Giraffititan!…

...And I know it was supposed to be a sketch thing and we weren’t supposed to finish it but FUCK YOU I WON’T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME Headbang! 
-gift- RAT A TAT CAT
kingofpriderock I drew ur purple boi

I like his antlers, they radiate Pokémon energy. ...For real he has antlers like pair of luatones and I don’t know how to tell you this delicately. Since you only did a headshot, I gave him markings like a normal deer <3 Also despite the cat thing I ended up referencing dogs for the back legs—cat and their long-ass thighs were proportioned funny compared to a deer :XD: But I gave him eyebrow and ankle whiskers to make up for it~ ...Come to think of it dogs have that too—
So a bit ago I watched Cleopatra and it just sort of became one of my favorite movies ever. A pleasant surprise to me, I only thought to watch it cause of that Lumineers song—anyway it was amazing, I loved the endless bickering and bitchiness from everyone =P My favorite character was definitely Octavian yes, Teegen, I’m on about Roddy McDowall again, AGAIN who I did not expect to be hilarious, but man he was hilarious. I’m not exactly confident with my hew-mon dreaming skills, but I just had to try :heart: I’m not really satisfied with this, but if I worked on it until I was satisfied, than I would never actually be done with it ... and I know that because I have gone back and changed the ‘finished’ drawing about seventeen times.

*looks at my statistics* ...wait what the fuck happened on August eighth?
Paraphrased conversation from moments ago:

Me: I haven’t seen the Penguins of Madagascar movie, I just know Bendydick Twizzlersnatch is in it

Cittykat17597: They cast him specifically because he can’t say ‘penguin’. ‘Penwing.’

Me: Quick, let’s contact the new Batman movie casting people—

Cittykat17597: OH GOD

Me: Is it more cursed if he’s Penguin or Batman? ...Y’know I just have to hit up kingofpriderock 


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