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Miniature Stone Koi Ponds


Just added these miniature stone ponds to my website. :)

I saw there was quite a bit of interest in the stone pond commission I posted, so I whipped these similar ones up. They also show most of the different materials I have to work into these ponds. I'm still open for commissions like these, too!

The fish are not real - they are made from polymer clay. The water is clear resin.

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These are so cute! :heart: I think I like the top left one best. =D
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I think these are some of the best yet!
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You're welcome!! ^^
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Top-right is my favorite :) I like the colors~
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Wow! I thought the fish were real until I read the description! Amazing!
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I am starting to feel very sorry for you. Your fish ponds are amazing and a true work of art but people keep thinking the fish are real which must be getting annoying. People, read! She states clearly the fish are fake and made from polymer clay!
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I generally post things assuming very few people will read the description. :P It doesn't surprise me when they don't anymore. lol
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Was thinking you could make a watermark that reads: 'The fish aren't real!' or something like that for your pics.
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Wow!  Very neat and creative! :)
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