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MLP Friendship is Magic Meme

The new My Little Pony cartoon: Friendship is magic, is pretty good relatively to the previous generations, even if it's comparing apples with pears. I pretty much adore it, however I get annoyed when people say it's 'extremely well written'. Not getting into all my arguments, but I just say this: It is obviously written by different authors with different tastes and interpretations.

The Meme
1.Slothly Locks bio -editing because I might have said something distasteful-

2 My fav character is Rarity. I love her since she is a generous Fashion ethusiast who is OK with ruining her own looks to help others. She also just is part of the gang and is really nice. I have never seen such a character in cartoons yet. A character like Pinkie Pie for example is very common. Fluttershy was introduced extremely shy which lightened soon, since she would probably be too hard to write otherwise. Twilight is a lot like me, especially in the beginning, but she just doesn't have what it takes for me to have her as my fav. Applejack does seem very original again, so she would be like my third fav character. Zecora took place 2 though, because I think she looks badass, talks badass and I like how they presented the Aesop she was introduced with. (She is a Zebra though)
Derpy Hooves/Ditzy Doo is an internet meme where the animators screwed up or screwed with us. I liked such internet culture untill that faithful Derpy Drama day. My liking for the fandom didn't went to 'tolerating' but to downright loathing. Ditzy Doo, I love you. She's holding a sign saying 'I did this on derpose'. I was supposed to draw the character I disliked most. Next to disliking such a question, it's impossible for me to hate anyone within the cartoon. I'm apparently unique is such views.

3 Whoops. The (Mohawk + Afro= ) Moh-Fro covered the question. I wrote it down above the moh-fro though. And Pinkie bumped in. The human form of Zecora would be an african woman and thus her hair couldn't stay the same. So Rarity tried to change it to resemble her original Zebra form. She succeeded.
Why Rarity, you are a talent.
Edit I drew them without thinking much about race except Zecora's. All the hoofed can be any race; I did not mean to say ponies are 'white'. Why do I say this? I just learned, thanks to tumblr, how awfully racist this fandom is.

4 I think he still won't have much success with Rarity though. Also, yep, a MATURE male pony. This would probably be what he asks when he gets the oppertunity to become a pony...or just simply 'no.'
Edit HAHA, check this out: [link] That 'Dagboek-pony' (Meaning: 'Diary pony') is a Dutch pony and that cutie mark made me think of my Spike pony version.

5 Good for you, Slothly. (I actually tried to draw it with my mouth like the ponies do in the cartoon. My tablet didn't like it. Mad respect for them ponies.)

6 Twilight is annoyed by the rudeness of certain ponies. Rarity tries desperately to make it look...better. Applejack is honest (her spirit) and Pinkie wants one with her so she can laugh everyday when she gets up and sees it.
Rainbowdash and Spike: :iconbiggrinfaceplz: Slothly: :iconsadplz:

7 The biggest canvas for the tiniest horse. Even the signature is bigger! Slothly MUST be an artist!...or just slothy...

8 This is a TRACE from 'Bambee' [link]. I could make an expression myself, but when I read this question I felt I NEEDED to put this here. Coloring her hair was still funny though. Also, tvtropes told me that she's called 'Princess Celestia' only because Disney caused 'queen' being a title for villainesses. Oh poopy.

9 1988: Pony friends: Cutesaurus is a dinosaur [link] and ChaCha is a Llama [link]. They're awesome, so I wanted to put them here in the current cartoon's style.

10 I wanted to put FlutterShy in it too. And I nor Slothly knows how to make a 'friendship of magic'. What? Looking it up? Muhh, I'm so tired.

All characters belong to Hasbro, except Slothly Locks.
Blank Meme: [link]
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great work I love it!
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"Draw Celestia in a bad mood" ... i completely lost my shit at that panel xD 
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GOD I LOVE YOU! And your sona! Omfg i just fell in love with this entry
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Lol i have to do this on paper!
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I laughed when i saw Princess Celestia's mad face xD
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And did I told ya that your left hand drawing awesome as well (in the funny way) is?
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My left hand is either more creative artistic...or a lack thereof.
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Your Human Zecora is awesoe :D
No really xD
I love it
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Oh dear god, Celestia's mad face. XD
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it is interesting...
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I like it. Just be careful not to stab your eye Slothy. (:
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Oh my goodness! XD Your Angry Celestia is like insanely more awesome than my version LOL!!!

Your art is just fabulous :D
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slothy is an awesome artist for ponies, i wish i could draw like that.....
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Slothy you are an artist but I loled at the left-hand Rarity drawing :nuu:
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it looks beautiful
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i was in a really bad mood. i looked up 'friendship' on dA to try and find something to cheer myself up.
then i click on this. i see the panel with angry Celestia, and all of a sudden, i can't breathe. XDD
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do u have a blank one
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I adore Rarity and Fluttershy! So, seeing them in this made me happy^w^ Plus, seeing some of them as humans, especially Zecora, and seeing Spike as a pony was quite unique
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Slothy locks is adorable
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