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Fri Apr 18, 2008, 1:46 AM

First of all. I big sorry for taking so long to select the final entries.

Honestly I didn't expect it to be this tough to pick 100, out of 1100+ public entires for the book. However due to the amazing quality of the submissions, my team and myself actually took really long time to come to complete agreement with the final entries. I am so proud of you guys and gals who gave us such a hard and exciting time! :)

Here is the basic criteria for the judging:

1) Originality in ideas
2) Ability to convey the concept effectively
3) Rendeing quality
4) Layout and composition

Please understand that there were no hard and fast rules when we picked the entries. Most of the time we chose the ones that felt "right" and "complete" as a whole. Of cos we have our personal preferences too so we couldn't be 100% objective. :)

Here is the link to the FINAL ENTRIES >…

You can also find this link in my Fav folder

Congratulations to those who make it to the final. I am so proud to have your Peppers in this book, I am sure they will look fantastic. For those who didn't make it this round, let me tell you that I love your version of Pepper as well. Thank you for the support of this character and I wish you had a great time in this project.

Just a quick note that the final entries are chosen from the public entries. Invited artists will be contacted separately for confirmation.
All final artists will be contact via email later to confirm your shipping address to make sure the artbook will land accurately in your mailbox.

I will keep this Pepperproject DA page live so you all of us can come back and admire all of the entries anytime. :D



Hi everyone! Right now we are still sorting through the 700 + entries for Pepper. The response has truly been much better than we could have dreamed and as a result we are also going to include a lot more entries into the books than we originally planned!

Now for an added bonus. We are doing a very VERY special promotion for our Imagine and Imagine Prime Artbooks to help make it more affordable for those of you who haven’t yet bought a copy for yourself.

For a limited time only (or while stocks last), we are offering

30% OFF ALL PURCHASES (that’s a savings of almost USD$30 for the Imagine1+ Imagine Prime Bundle!)

The discount will show up automatically and all you need to do is to enter the codeword in the shopping cart: PEPPER

*You don’t need to have submitted anything to the Pepper Project to enjoy this.

This goes out to all those who could not enter but supported with comments, watching and spreading the word! Thank you all of you!

Visit our store:


Finally, the call for entry for The Pepper Project is closed. Thank you so much for all of you who submitted your entries and make this project so fun and exciting. I am totally shocked by the overwhelming response and the quality of the submissions. I really hope that you guys had fun drawing your own Pepper and gain something along the way. :)

So far I've received more than 700 entries, which is far more than I expected. For those who have yet seen your entry in the gallery, no worry, I will be uploading them slowly in the next couple of days. Once everything I received are uploaded, I will announce it here. Until then, please stay calm! Please also take note that anything that is submitted to us after the 2nd of March (your sunday) will not be accepted.

The final selection of the entries to be included in the Pepper Book will be announced later. So stay tuned!

Good luck!


The Pepper Project

Artgerm & Imaginary Friends Studios is proud to announce THE PEPPER PROJECT, the first artbook dedicated to the sexy and enigmatic muse, Pepper and her friend Wanda. The book will feature Artgerm's Pepper pieces including many never seen Pepper pieces specially created for this volume. The book will also feature some Pepper and Wanda art by some of the industry's top artists as well as Pepper pieces done by fans and friends.

Now it is your chance to be a part of this exciting project!

To find out more, download the Submission Guide and Entry Form here >

You can also view the Submission Guide here >…

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