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Shadowrun Ammunition Types



Here is a List of the different Types of Ammunition for Shadowrun 4.01. Also added two self-created Types.
1. - Normal Ammo
2. - Explosive- and Ex-Explosive Ammo ( the difference is in the type of compound used)
3. - Tracer Round
4. - Rubber Projectile
5. - Flechette Ammo
6. - APDS
7. - electroshock Projectile, ( also interchangable with a bit of technical skill to hold a RFID-Sensor)
8. - Biofiber-Projectile ( A containment Pill to keep the Biofiber-Projectile alive for ca. 12hours when removed from a docking station. [ because of its dual nature it is possibly the only way to actualy shoot at someone in the astraldimension, persumed you see the Target => astral perception eg.] Very Expensive <- Sota)
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They all look .45 ACP sized.