The ULTIMATE Guide for Changing Your Date of Birth

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EDIT: I've been getting constant reports that there is no Help Desk. Since DeviantArt changed the way the help center looks like a year back, it would seem much harder to find the Help Desk because we've all been accustomed to the old one. However, the Help Desk is still there, and I've updated the guide to reflect on this new change.

Ok, I decided to tell you this tutorial about changing your birthday in deviantART. Why? I think it's important to tell you this in case you accidently put in the wrong birth date when you first sign up. My case was that I put in the birth date as January 1st, 2000, when my actual birth date was January 1st, 2001, and I just turned thirteen this year! :D So, if you're worried that you will get blocked for revealing your actual birth date if you were underaged before, or you're just new to this process, don't fret, because this is the tutorial for you! I'll tell you what to do, and give you additional information about what will happen.

Step 1

Go to the Help Desk. If you don't know where that is, scroll down until you see "Help & FAQ". Next, click on "About DeviantArt," then "Customer Service," then "How do I submit a ticket to Customer Service?. There, scroll down until you see "If you would like to contact the Customer Service team, please click here." Do remember to read the following statement below it if you can't access your account.

If you'd like to skip all this, here's the direct link: contact.deviantartsupport.com/…

Step 2

Contact the Help Desk with the right information. Choose the category, "General Help & Troubleshooting," then choose "General Help" and "My DeviantArt Profile has the wrong Date of Birth." If you try to submit your issue in the wrong category, your reply might be delayed! I'm kinda impatient, but I try to wait patiently.

You will then be given the following information:
If you have the incorrect date of birth on your DeviantArt Profile, DeviantArt Staff may assist you with changing this information.

Please provide the following:

1. Your Username
2. The listed Date of Birth in your account, including the year
3 The correct Date of Birth in your account, including the year

Click on "Contact Us", and provide the information as required. The subject, for example, may be:
"Change birth date of my profile"

Be sure to use correct spelling and grammar! We don't want staff getting confused with your report! Also be polite!
After that, submit your report, and wait for a couple of days. Mine was solved in a week. You will get an email with the subject, "Bug Report received: (name of subject) (request #XXXXXX)" from the recipient "deviantART"

Step 3

Check your email for any updates on your report. If you get an email with the subject, "[deviantART] Re: (name of subject) (request #XXXXXX)" from the recipient "deviantART", open it! Don't be scared that this is spam!

The email might look like this:

Your ticket (#XXXXXX) has been marked as solved at this time. In order to help you keep up to date on your tickets, you can see the full transcript of your ticket available at the bottom of this email in addition to being viewable on our Help Desk site which can only be accessed if you are logged into your deviantART account. Please make sure to read over this entire email to ensure you are satisfied with the outcome of your ticket.

To review, comment and reopen the ticket, follow the link below:

You can also add a comment and reopen the ticket by replying to the top of this email. Please make sure to leave your responses only at the very top of the email as only this information will be added into your ticket.



I have corrected your date of birth.


Step 4

Edit your birth date. Now go to your settings. This can be found by hovering over your user name, and clicking on the link above the "Logout" link. Next, click on "General". Now, this is the most important step. If you make one mistake, you're doomed! Just joking! You'll strive for another report to the Help Desk, and repeat the steps above again. Click on the link that replaced your old birth date, and you'll get this peculiar birth date: January 1st, current year. Weird, isn't it? But don't just cry over this, make this your chance to change your birth date, ONLY ONCE! After that, you'll notice that the birthday display has been changed to "Don't show my birthday publicly". I recommend you change it to "Show only month and day publicly", unless you're 30 years old!

Step 5

Additional messages, anyone? Yes you do. You'll get two notes, both by devart. One is for resetting your birth date, and one for the blockage of mature content. In the general settings, this message will appear:
You've been blocked by an admin from seeing Mature content.
This message has been generated automatically -- please visit the Help Desk for assistance.

This is the note that you'll get for resetting your birth date:
Public Date of Birth Reset


Your publicly visible date of birth has been reset to the date you provided when you joined deviantART, and your birthday display option has been set to "private". You are now able to edit your public birthdate once.

In order to complete this process please visit your settings page and choose to edit your date of birth.

This notice requires no further action from you. This message has been sent from an automated system.
--deviantART Staff

This is the note that you'll get for the blockage of mature content.
Blocked from Mature Content

Your date of birth has been reset by an admin and you've been blocked from seeing Mature content.
This message has been generated automatically, please visit the Help Desk for assistance.

--deviantART Staff

I'm not gonna answer why, you have to find the answer to this mysterious question: Why did I get blocked form mature content? It's like a mystery novel! :D One more note, this blockage of mature content does not prevent you from viewing mature content.

Last Words

Seriously, don't think that this paragraph will signal me that I'll die. :stare: Yes, the term someone's last words means "the final dialogue before one's death", but this actually means "conclusion". Now for the real thing.
Hope this tutorial helps you when you're in a birth date dilemma! :+fav:'s, comments, and critiques are greatly appreciated. :)

I apologize for the extreme delay in updating this guide to the latest version based on the updates done by the DeviantArt staff. Hang in there, they'll surely listen to you. If you still have any problems with changing your date of birth, please let me know so that I'll try to fix it up as much as possible.

Copyright © PeppermintSoda, 2014-2019
I came up with this tutorial because I wanted to tell others what really happens when someone changes a birth date. Nothing to say about.

EDIT: Tried and true. Please, the Help Desk is your solution. :invisible:

Tutorial © PeppermintSoda
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Number1MiraculousfanStudent General Artist


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Every time I try to contact them, this page comes up.

Screenshot 2020-10-06-23-43-01
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SoftFluffyCloudsNew Deviant

Hello! If you still haven't gotten your birthdate changed:

Click profile settings.

Go to personal

Hit general

Your birthdate will be there

PeppermintSoda's avatar

Have you tried requesting for the desktop site?

Jedi0804's avatar

I figured it out already, but thanks for the advice anyways.

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misterlord12New Deviant

it doesn t work help please

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I purposely entered DeviantArt within the birthdate of Sep. 15, 2005 when, I was attempting to create a new one after i lost my first acc, I was 12 back then in Aug 2019 when I created a new one, when i eventually became 13 after Sep. 15, 2019, i thought I should change the birthyear from 2005 to 2006. I couldn't even change a birthdate or even a birthyear until I used your guide for that, and it worked successfully! here's the pic of it

Screenshot 84
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FaithfulArts1Hobbyist Digital Artist

bruh, we've got the same birthday! lmao

PeppermintSoda's avatar

Thank you for your comment! I'm glad it worked out for you <:

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You're welcome
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I did this and it worked, but why do they have to make it soooo complicated? it's annoying!

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I did this yesterday and it worked. Thank you!

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WolfateacatagainStudent Digital Artist

So I had this problem and did all the steps instructed and when I go into my settings the date has changed but on my profile it stays the same, what do I do?

crazzycat5's avatar
crazzycat5Hobbyist General Artist

Its so ridiculous that they make it so complicated. Its my information, on my profile. It should be much similar to change it. Meh its off by 2 years...im going to leave it for now. But with all the updates...they should just make it easier.

PeppermintSoda's avatar

It is kinda complicated. The second time I asked to change the date of birth (it was correct in the settings, but it showed up as 2500 for the birth year in the profile, and I wanted them to fix it), I had to show an ID card as proof of the correct birthday. I'm not sure if it's required if you want to change it if you're under 18, but yeah. It does feel more complicated this time around

crazzycat5's avatar
crazzycat5Hobbyist General Artist

Oh my gosh, it makes me face palm. That's just so stupid... 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

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UltraMonoDeviantStudent Artist

i can't change the birth date because Deviantart wont let me (my birth date is in July 14)

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Do you need to be 18 years old to see mature content? 
PeppermintSoda's avatar

I think so! 🤔

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Sophie-the-SkellyStudent Artist
It wont let me change the birth date. And the help stuff doesnt have those.
PeppermintSoda's avatar

What exactly is causing the problem? You might want to state your situation more clearly.

Sophie-the-Skelly's avatar
Sophie-the-SkellyStudent Artist

The help website doesnt have the settings to change it.

PeppermintSoda's avatar

If I recall correctly, go to "Contact" below the site, then "Contact DeviantArt Customer Service", then scroll down until you see "If you would like to contact the Customer Service team, please click here."

Then click on it and choose the following:


There will be an option to submit a ticket below.

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One question, when since they delivered a second message which stated about, "Mature Content." Are their going to block me for not commenting other people arts?
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