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Bullet; Black Introduction
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Idea: PeppermintCandyArt and space--penguin 
Producer: space--penguin 
Programming: PeppermintCandyArt and gtbot
Music: Tohofreak201 
Testers: Sophietta16 
space--penguin made a game idea for Touhou, so I decided to help him and dump my ideas here. If you want to see the original concept, click on the link below:…

Touhou 16 
Touhou Tanshokuniji ~ Rainbow of Nonexistent Colors 

It is spring in Gensokyo when a gray beam of light suddenly drains the color of the land. A group of heroines search for the perpetrator, and they find out a tale of revenge which would change their views of youkai forever.
Meanwhile, Alice Margatroid seeks the solution to solve the incident. She gives color-based spell cards to the heroes to aid them in their journey.
As for Konngara and Sariel, their motives are yet to be revealed...

Gameplay Modes
Paradise Palette Mode 
This game's specially recommended mode. Enables freshly artistic features.
Old World Palette Mode
A palette with classic Touhou flavors. No Color Orbs and Color Wheels.

Difficulty Modes 
Dichromatic Mode / Easy Mode
The curse spreads slowly, giving you more time to stop it.
Trichromatic Mode / Normal Mode
The mode for shooters who are optimistic enough.
Monochromatic Mode / Hard Mode 
It's all in the title. Just make sure to watch your colorful hitbox.
Achromatic Mode / Lunatic Mode 
All colors are lost, and the land is dull. Can you handle this insanity?
Heterochromatic Mode / Extra Mode (Unlocked after finishing the game)
It seems that you're up for an artistic challenge. 

The player's "Color Ability" is activated when the Color Wheel is filled up. In
Paradise Palette Mode, the player must collect Color Orbs in order to fill the Color Wheel.

Players are sorted into three: 
First Player: This is the player that you're controlling. Can use a Standard Spell Card when X is pressed. Special Ability is with this player.
Second Player: This player uses the Color Ability.
Third Player: This player holds the Color Spell Card.
During the Last and Extra Stage, you can switch the first two players.

Left/Right/Up/Down = Moving
Shift = Focused Moving/Switch Player when in Last and EX Stage 
Z = Shot Key, hold for rapid fire
X = Bomb/Standard Spell Card
C = Color Spell Card 

Playable Characters 
鮮やかな赤の巫女 Brilliant Red Shrine Maiden 
博麗 霊夢 Reimu Hakurei
Special Ability: Small hitbox
Color Ability: Dream Amulet - Shots damage more enemy health 
Color Spell Card: Red Sign "Red Homing Amulets" 
Standard Spell Card: "Fantasy Heaven" 
"I'm going to beat whoever caused all of this!"
Hearing chaos, Reimu gets up from her nap and looks outside the shrine. She sees a colorless world, and, noticing that she's one of the few people with their colors still intact, she sets off.

橙の葉の探訪 Reporter of Orange Leaves
射命丸 文 Aya Shameimaru
Special Ability: Bullets slow down when grazing 
Color Ability: Tengu Camera Shock - Close enemies will bounce off
Color Spell Card: Orange Sign "Orange Youkai Mountain" 
Standard Spell Card: Wind God Fan 
"A new incident?! Ayayayaya!"
A fresh new incident is Aya's top necessity when it comes to newspaper articles. She takes advantage of the incident and begins taking photos...and forced interviews.
(By the way, Hatate is affected by the "graying out", so Aya could win more readers once she's finished taking photos. ;) )

黄色の魔法の東の魔女 Eastern Witch of Yellow Magic
霧雨 魔理沙 Marisa Kirisame
Special Ability: Stealing the Precious Thing (Shots will turn to the enemy's, can only be used if Health is low)
Color Ability: Starlight Energy - Color Wheel will fill up faster 
Color Spell Card: Yellow Sign "Milky Way Supernova"
Standard Spell Card: "Master Spark"
"I'm in! For the spells."
Alice Margatroid is the Puppeteer of the Rainbow. Unfortunately for her, she couldn't practice her rainbow spell cards due to being "grayed out", so she convinces Marisa to do the job instead. Marisa agrees, but only to steal more spell cards to improve her skills.

緑の願いの乙女 Maiden of Green Wishes
東風谷 早苗 Sanae Kochiya 
Special Ability: Will heal herself if Health is 25%, but only once
Color Ability: Prosperous Wish - same with Special Ability
Color Spell Card: Green Sign "Miracle of the Heavens"
Standard Spell Card: "Moses' Miracle"
"I finally have the opportunity to go Detective!"
When the Gray Incident struck Youkai Mountain, all its inhabitants blamed the Moriyas for it. Soon, Sanae couldn't take it any longer, so she goes out on her own to find the perpetrator and clear the Moriyas' names.

光青い空の半霊 Half-Phantom of Cyan Skies
魂魄 妖夢 Youmu Konpaku
Special Ability: Her phantom side will shoot homing bullets
Color Ability: Sword Slash - When a life is lost, Youmu slashes all enemies on the screen
Color Spell Card: Cyan Sign "Slash of a Hundred Years"
Standard Spell Card: Crescent Moon Slash
"Lady Yuyuko wouldn't like this dull food. Maybe I should solve this incident..."
Yuyuko orders Youmu to get more food for her. Youmu crosses the border to Gensokyo, omly to find that everything became colorless. She knew that her mistress wouldn't like dull food, so she decided to follow the others and find the perpetrator.

青純度の上品の僕 Elegant Maid of Blue Purity
十六夜 昨夜 Sakuya Izayoi 
Special Ability: Can heal herself if the chances are right
Color Ability: Silver Blade - Player will shoot homing knives
Color Spell Card: Blue Sign "Eternal Pocket Watch"
Standard Spell Card: Killer Doll
"This is far worse than an eternal winter."
Thanks to Patchouli's magic, the Scarlet Decil Mansion was unaffected by the Gray Incident. But a thought came to the mistress of the mansion, Remilia. Dull human blood wouldn't do for a vampire, and dull food would drive Flandre crazy, so she orders her maid Sakuya to immediately stop the incident.

紫色の狂気の月兎 Moon Rabbit of Purple Madness
鈴仙・優曇華院・いなば Reisen Udongein Inaba
Special Ability: Can make a clone of herself. Very handy with homing enemies.
Color Ability: Red Eyes (Hallucination) - Slows down enemies for 10 seconds
Color Spell Card: Purple Sign "Insanity Wave (Lunatic Moon)"
Standard Spell Card: Disjointed Circular Corolla (Corolla Vision)
"Perhaps the Lunarians have something to do with this."
Reisen was the moon rabbit who could make people go insane. But the Gray Incident even made herself insane. To solve the sudden insanity, she sets off.

Unlockable Playable Characters 
(If player completed the main game)
悪の白い天使 Evil White Angel
サリエル Sariel
Special Ability: Has more bombs
Color Ability: Angelic Soul Reaping - Immediately ends an enemy's spell card
Color Spell Card: White Sign "Scourge of the Heavens"
Standard Spell Card: Deathly Halo

星の黒騎士 Astral Black Knight
矜羯羅 Konngara
Special Ability: Has more lives
Color Ability: Demonic Heart - Invincibility for 15 seconds 
Color Spell Card: Black Sign "Space-Time Warping Sword"
Standard Spell Card: Hellish Homing Orbs

(If player completed the Extra Stage)
報復だけど派手な精神 Vengeful But Colorful Spirit
魅魔 Mima 
Special Ability: Can revive once 
Color Ability: Oreries Sun - Shot boost for 20 seconds 
Color Spell Card: Rainbow Sign "Gensokyo's First Spark" 
Standard Spell Card: Twilight Spark 
"Watch out, Gensokyo. I'm baaaaack!"
Since the events after Mystic Square, Mima has been tightly sealed in her hokora. She used to be the star of the game, but now it's "Flandre this" and "Cirno that".
Then a powerful gray beam shattered the hokora, finally setting her free. Now, she has to find the perpetrator, give all her thanks (for setting her free), and reclaim her stardom.

NOTE: Spell Cards are sorted by difficulty, like this: Easy and Normal/Hard and Lunatic. Last Word Spell Cards are only exclusive for Lunatic.
Stage 1
悪魔の雪と火災 Demons of Ice and Fire
雪と火災 Yuki and Kasai
Yuki is an ice demon with a calm personality. Her sister Kasai is her direct opposite; outgoing and fiery. Despite their differences, they have one common goal: make some mischief.
Spell Cards: 
Fire Sign "Blazing Hot Hell" / Blaze Sign "Demonic Wildfire"
Ice Sign "Underground Ice Mist" / Freeze Sign "Subterranean Permafrost"
Fire and Ice Sign "Acidic Freezing Calamity"

Stage 2
光の半妖怪 Half-Youkai of Light
明家 敦子 Atsuko Akiraka
Atsuko is a half-youkai hailing from Tokyo, a city in the Outside World. She got "sprited away" by a certain youkai and is now finding a way to go back home.
Spell Cards: 
Sun Sign "Eastern Sunrise" / Solar Sign "Amaterasu"
Moon Sign "New Moon" / Lunar Sign "Full Moon"
Star Sign "Shooting Star" / Stellar Sign "Shining Star"
Light Sign "Brilliant and Radiant Sky"

Stage 3
真夜中の精神 Midnight Spirit
真夜中 川 Kawa Mayonaka 
It was midnight. A flower was plucked far too soon. A spirit was born.
Spell Cards: 
Night Sign "End of the Day" / Dusk Sign "Sunset"
Chill Sign "Bogeyman" / Fright Sign "Ghosts Creeping On Your Closet"
Moon Sign "Eclipse" / Omen Sign "Blood Moon"
Mysterious Sign "First Hour of Afternoon" / Enigma Sign "The Thirteenth Hour"
Midnight Sign "Twelve o' Clock" / Midnight Sign "Sleepless Night"
Death Sign "A Flower Plucked"

Stage 4
神隠しの女の子 Girl Capable of "Spiriting Away"
婚礼 退席 Taiseki Konrei
Everyone knows that Yukari created the Barrier. But what they didn't know was that there was a cartographer who helped in its creation. 
It was Taiseki Konrei, a Youkai of Directions. Although she isn't recognized that much, she doesn't mind. 
(She's the youkai who "spirited away" Atsuko)
Spell Cards: 
Nine Sign "Frozen Lake" / Scarlet Sign "Mansion of the Scarlet Devil" 
Phantasmagoric Sign "Poisonous Flower Path" / Cherry Sign "Netherworld" 
Vignette Sign "Bamboo Forest of the Lost" / Imperishable Sign "Eternal Palace" 
Mountain Sign "Youkai Mountain" / Subterranean Sign "Former Hell" 
Desire Sign "Divine Spirit Mausoleum" / Undefined Sign "Myouren Temple" 
Ordinary Sign "Human Village" / Miracle Sign "Inchling's Kobito"
Direction Sign "Gensokyo Map" 

Stage 5
街全体に忍び寄る女の子 Girl Creeping Across the Streets
闇野 真黒 Makkuro Yamino

普通の妖精 Ordinary Fairies
星野 流星 Ryuusei Hoshino
花野 香 Kaori Hanano
海野 水道 Mizumi Umino
Spell Cards: 
Star Sign "Vega" / Star Sign "Polaris"
Heavenly Sign "Meteorite Impact" / Celestial Sign "Solar System"
Flower Sign "Spring Cherry Blossom" / Blooming Sign "Beautiful Jasmine Flower"
Season Sign "Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring" / Nature Sign "Year-Round Harvest"
Ripple Sign "Calm Riverside" / Wave Sign "Bay Waves"
Flow Sign "Paradise Waterfall" / Storm Sign "Overflowing Flood Basin"
Shadow Sign "Zero Visibility" / Darkness Sign "Cursed Fog"
Puppet Sign "Shadow Play of Flower, Water and Star"

Stage 6
ほろ苦い思い出を持つ少女 Girl With Bittersweet Memories
幌苦位 記憶 Kioku Horonigai
Spell Cards: 
Purple Sign "Moon Rabbit's Lunatic Eyes" / Violet Sign "Moon Rabbit's Insanity (Mind Wave)"
Blue Sign "Maid's Silver Blades" / Aqua Sign "Maid's Chronokinesis"
Light Blue Sign "Half-Phantom's Katana" / Cyan Sign "Half-Phantom's Slash"
Green Sign "Priestess' Wishes" / Chartreuse Sign "Priestess' Miracles"
Yellow Sign "Magician's Stardust" / Gold Sign "Magician's Master Spark"
Orange Sign "Tengu's Wind Fan" / Vermillion Sign "Tengu's Autumn Wind"
Pink Sign "Miko's Amulets" / Red Sign "Miko's Fantasy Barrier" 
Gray Sign "World of Black, White and Gray" / Gray Sign "Monochromatic Mind"
Incident Starter Sign "The Gray R A Y"
Despair Sign "Melancholic Memories"
(If you unlocked Sariel and Konngara; exclusive for all difficulties)
White Sign "Angel's Cross" 
Black Sign "Knight's Warping Sword" 
(If you unlocked Mima) 
Color Sign "Color Drain" / Rainbow Sign "Colorless Vacuum"

Extra Stage
動植物の王女 Princesses of Flora and Fauna 
パレンチマとファゴサイト Parenchyma and Phagocyte

More details are coming soon. If you have any suggestions, comment below. If you have experience in coding, please note me or clubpinguin about it. This is going to be a bullet hell game, so think twice first.
List all the Outer Space stuff, I need more inspiration!
Okay...I didn't think of this, I was tagged by CraftyKenzie

Heer ar ze roolz!
1. Pick someone to interview.
2. You MUST answer the following 10 questions before leaving the set.
3. Tag 6 more people after the interview.
4. Take as long as you need to!

And here we go...
Earth Emote This is Earth, our interviewer for today.
Mars Gif And this is Mars, our *ahem* special guest. 

A long time ago, in a Solar System not-so-far away...

Earth Emote Alright, Mars. Let's quiz you! 
Mars Gif :| (Blank Stare) ...
Earth Emote Okay! So the first question is: When were you born? 
Mars Gif 4.5 billion years ago. Don't you know that already?!
Earth Emote Sweating a little...  Um...yeah. But don't blame me for this! Blame whoever made this script! 
Mars Gif Fiiiiiine...
Earth Emote Hmm, now where was I? Oh, yeah, we're on the next question. What's your favorite color?
Mars Gif 
Ooh, I actually like this question! It's blue. 
(Venus): :o (Eek) WHAAAAAAAT?! 
Mars Gif Nevermind. It's rusty orange. 
Earth Emote :-? (Confused) ...
Earth Emote What's your favorite food?
Mars Gif 
Earth Emote Um...that's not food. 
Mars Gif Says the planet who has lots of it. ABSENCE OF MIND. 
Earth Emote's not what you think. Sweating a little... 

Fifty minutes later...
Earth Emote *huff, huff* Phew! 
Earth Emote Anyways, do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?
Earth Emote Alright, alright! What's your favorite thing to do?
Mars Gif 
Hanging out with Jupiter. 
Earth Emote (At least he didn't explode with this one) Uh huh. How fast can you run?
Mars Gif 10000000000000000000000000000000000 miles per second. 
Earth Emote Are you sure about that? Then why were you in sixth place?
Mars Gif Didn't you hear Vega's broadcast?
Earth Emote *rubs pole-chin* Oh. 
Earth Emote Okay, Mars. How smart are you?
Mars Gif 
How smart am I? Well, I'm smart enough to know that Nine's real name is unknown. 
(Everybody): ...
Earth Emote ...
Earth Emote Moving on! Do you have a brother/sister?
Mars Gif 
No. But I wish Jupiter is my brother...
Earth Emote And finally, here's the long-awaited last question! What's your belonging that you never wanna lose?
Mars Gif I...don't know. Goodbye, audience! *leaves*
Earth Emote -_-

I'm not tagging anyone! Sleepy fella ( Works ) 
Yeah, I basically got a bamboo eater--->:iconlemonpandachan:


1. You have to post ALL the Rules.
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves.
3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Tag 13 people. I'm breaking this rule!
5. Tag-backs are ALLOWED. 
6. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY! Answer in the comments below!


Bullet; Red I love sushi mixed with tempura.
Bullet; White My favorite piece of clothing is a red-and-white striped dress.
Bullet; Red I can handle wasabi.
Bullet; White I LIKE OLIVES!!!
Bullet; Red I hate homeworks, even if they're easy. (Especially Algebra!)
Bullet; White The OC that has the most similarities with me is Neptune. (It's not Peppermint...)
Bullet; Red I would like to go to Japan someday.
Bullet; White I hate traffic, even though it's a common occurence in my place! >_<
Bullet; Red I may be interested in Astronomy, but that doesn't make me motivated to become a REAL scientist! (Science, why are you hard??!)
Bullet; White I have a habit of looking at windows!
Bullet; Red Horror movies? NO WAY!
Bullet; White I used to hearing pure sarcasm.
Bullet; Red I hate streotypes. Especially the Asian ones. (Why not use a panda? It's black, white, and Asian!)

Questions, Questions, QUESTIONS!!!

1. Do you think you are attractive?
Why not?
2. How old were you when you got your first kiss?
Um...what are you talking about?
3. Are you the heart breaker or did you have your heart broken?
I got my heart broken. With my friends.
4. Can you live without your cellphone?
Yes, my phone's broken now. And I'm still alive and kicking!
5. What is your biggest fear?
6. Dogs or cats?
7. Do you read doujinshi?
To be honest...I haven't read any manga yet.
8. Is your favorite artist on dA?
Myself...nah, I'm just kidding, it's larienne.
9. Which fictional character has your personality?
The closest character I can think of is Saki Miyu from Yandere Simulator.
10. Which fictional character has your looks?
Unfortunately, none. It's hard to find characters with blackish brown hair and a medium physique, right?
11. What kind of superpower would you have?
Teleportation. Then I could go to Japan without any plane tickets!
12. Which actor/actress would play you in a movie?
Not sure...I'm not into Hollywood stuff.
13. What is the most embarrassing moment of your life?
That moment when I made a mistake on stage! (That was 2010, we'll just let it slide...)

And to whoever is reading this: When you comment your answers, make sure to tag at least one person. :) I've been tagged by Grendelkin and I'm going to test my OC obsession...

[ ] You have an OC that resembles yourself
[X] One of your OCs has your name (Username, that is...)
[X] You have OCs that are siblings (Let's see...I have Earth and Venus, Uranus and Neptune, Phobos and Deimos, Sirius and Sirius B)
[X] You are constantly drawing your OCs 
[X] You constantly receive positive feedback about one or more of your OCs

Total: 4

[X] You have more than five OCs (It's five times four. ;) )
[X] Your OC's are varied
[/] You have a main OC whom you love the most out of all your OCs (I don't draw Peppermint that much, but some people know her)  
[ ] Your OC's are mostly mythical
[ ] A lot of your OC's were adoptables

Total: 2.5

[X] You have a 'bad boy' or 'bad girl' OC 
[X] You have a girly OC 
[X] You have a 'cool' or 'sly' OC
[X] You have a sporty OC
[X] You have a fun OC 

Total: 5

[ ] You have a lot of 'perfect' OCs 
[X] You have a lot of 'imperfect' OCs (Nobody's perfect)
[ ] Most of your OCs are part of a fandom 
[X] Most of your OCs are non-fandom 
[X] You have an OC that isn't straight.

Total: 3

[ ] You have had a polished toy, framed art, etc. made of your OC.
[X] You are constantly talking about your OCs to friends.
[/] The first thing you did on dA was make an OC (It all started with a Solar System doodle...then it grew to a series. xD)
[ ] Your OCs participates in a role play.
[X] You have made your OC in a game 

Total: 2.5

Grand Total: 17
Now multiply your grand total by 4

I'm not tagging right now. I don't think my friends are up for it...but this person is the one who I think is ready.
WARNING! Sarcasm ahead.

Magical girl, or maho shoujo, is a genre which originated from Japan. It is a genre which involves cute girls (usually teenagers) who can transform into sparkly heroines which save the day!!!
Okay, I got a bit carried away there. Like other genres, magical girl has its own cliches. But if you start doing the comparing work, this genre actually has TONS more cliches than the rest.
So here's all the magical girl cliches that I know. Here goes nothing...

Handshake A group of 5 girls.
Handshake A duo; usually Blue and Pink.
Handshake A trio; usually Pink, Blue, and Yellow.
Handshake GOIN SOLO!!!

Main Character
Bullet; Pink She really HAS to be an airhead.
Bullet; Pink You chose pink. Why not other colors?
Bullet; Pink She fails at academic subjects.
Bullet; Pink Says she can do it, but she can't.
Bullet; Pink Doesn't do much combat, uses THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP instead.
Bullet; Pink Bumps on the series mascot.
Bullet; Pink Loves sweets and cute boys.
Bullet; Pink Is a fan of an idol group. Will soon become an idol herself.
Bullet; Pink Has the "moe" archetype.
Bullet; Pink "Huh? I'm the chosen one? That's amazing!"

Blue Girl
Bullet; Blue The "foil" to the main character. Usually the sidekick.
Bullet; Blue She's the most mature of the group.
Bullet; Blue Is the student council president.
Bullet; Blue Has long hair.
Bullet; Blue Her favorite subject is Science.
Bullet; Blue Has the same goal with the main character.
Bullet; Blue At least she can takes all the corny jokes of the main character, right?
Bullet; Blue Can control water.

Red Girl / Orange Girl
Bullet; Red Gym Class? Aw yeah!
Bullet; Red Has fire powers.
Bullet; Red Is the "tsundere" archetype.
Bullet; Red She's a very good fighter. Can defeat monsters in two hits or less. (But the main character is ALWAYS the most powerful one)
Bullet; Red Acts before she thinks. C'mon!
Bullet; Red Tends to swear a lot. Dammit!
Bullet; Red Usually doesn't get along with the rest of the group.

Yellow Girl
Bullet; Yellow Tends to smile a lot.
Bullet; Yellow Let's just say she's full of saccharine.
Bullet; Yellow Gets along withe everybody.
Bullet; Yellow In other cases, she's the shy type.
Bullet; Yellow Is definitely a fan of fiction.
Bullet; Yellow Is the clumsiest member.
Bullet; Yellow She bounces too much! HAAAAAAALP!!!

Green Girl
Bullet; Green She's veeeery calm.
Bullet; Green Is the oldest child of the family, and has many younger siblings.
Bullet; Green The tallest member of the group.
Bullet; Green Loves tea parties.
* Green girls are rare, so this is just a small cliche. ;)

Purple Girl
Bullet; Purple Everybody knows her! She the Masked Heroine!
Bullet; Purple Rejects joining the group at first, but softens up later on.
Bullet; Purple Powers are usually related to stars.
Bullet; Purple She hates the main character because of her childishness.
Bullet; Purple She knows the world's dark side. (Yusss!)
Bullet; Purple Can be a reformed villain.
Bullet; Purple Loves laughing but doesn't show it.

Bullet; White Usually twins.
Bullet; White Or love interests.
Bullet; White Maybe I'll go solo instead! (So cliched...)
Bullet; White Speaks in a squeaky voice.
Bullet; White Or a mature one.
Bullet; White The group feeds them/him/her sweets just for the sake of cuteness.
Bullet; White Instructs the girls on what to do.

Love Interests
Bullet; Red Love at first sight! Yay!
Bullet; Red Or maybe it's a strained relationship. Nooo...
Bullet; Red Is a tall guy.
Bullet; Red Is perfect at everything!
Bullet; Red Everyone's rooting for him.
Bullet; Red The main character ends up being with him. Why?!

Bullet; Black First seen at end of first episode.
Bullet; Black Either works with a team or goes solo.
Bullet; Black MWAHAHAHAHA!!!
Bullet; Black Can brainwash people.
Bullet; Black Sits on a throne. With cool thorns and dragons.
Bullet; Black Steals the "collectibles" before the girls do.
Bullet; Black Gives TONS of orders.
Bullet; Black Gets defeated in the end.

Bullet; Orange Girl finds injured mascot > enemy approaches > mascot teaches girl how to transform > girl transforms > uses regular human ways to defespat enemy > Victory! But she didn't use her powers...
Bullet; Orange Recruit more girls > mascot explains everything > enemy approaches again > all fight > only main character remains > uses powerful attack > victory!
Bullet; Orange Defeat enemies > collect fancy-looking items > give to mascot > do 49 more times
Bullet; Orange Find love interest > Found him! > meet rival > competition > rival wins...but loses at end of series
Bullet; Orange Find out that one villain is brainwashed > un-brainwash villain > long battle > villain cured > becomes Purple Girl
Bullet; Orange Do all the above steps > Final Battle! > all hope is lost > main character suddenly powers up > kicks out final boss > The world is saved!

Phew! That was a lot of cliches. If you have read this, please type your favorite magical girl show in the comments!
This is my first ever homemade tag! Let's start this game...

1. Tick those brackets honestly.
2. Tag at least 3 people.
3. Just enjoy! :happybounce:

[] You love Science. 
[] You hate losing friends.
[] :D { I'm on it!
[] Like Goldilocks, you want your food to be just right.
[] You're a nerdy person.

[] You love Physical Education, because you're SANIC!
[] You hate being small.
[] :) { Hello.
[] You like any food, except when they're hot.
[] You're the fastest person you know.

[] Home Economics is definitely your thing.
[] Please...don't turn off the Internet.
[] *v* { I'm so beautiful!
[] You prefer vegetables.
[] You're sociable...and you can get rude at times.

[] What subject? Dismissal Time! >: D
[] You...don't have any secrets. (Yes, you do!)
[] -_- { Really?
[] You like spicy food.
[] You're sarcastic and short-tempered.

[] Homeroom helps...a lot.
[] You hate bumping on people.
[] 0-0 o { Uh...hi.
[] You're a big foodie!
[] You may look strong, but you're actually gentle.

[] Music is a subject, right?
[] You don't like being bad at what you're good at.
[] ^_^ { I'm all about rings!
[] Admit that you like salty food!
[] You've played with hula hoops, and you're good at it.

[] Math is easy!
[] You REALLY hate disease-related insults.
[] :| { Why don't you just look at my heavenly color?
[] Edible food, please.
[] You're a silent person.

[] Economy helps the community!
[] You don't want anyone to hurt each other.
[] ^v^ { Do you need help?
[] You eat everything with sauce.
[] Your very helpful.

Are you lost? Then read this guide I've written for travelers! Please, no tl;dr's...

Organization Chart 

Solar System > Cluster/Binary System/Star Group > Constellation > Galaxy Arm > Galaxy > Galaxy Cluster > Universe

Solar System 
It is a system run by a star. It has:
They're your average citizens. Each of them is unique, and come in various shapes and sizes. They are usually created and governed by stars, but some planets prefer to be rogue...
Dwarf Planets 
Miniature versions of planets. They are usually made of ice, but in some cases they can be made of rock. They are small in size, and have enough gravitational force to be considered as a planet. 
The thing that distinguishes them from normal planets is not only their size, but also their "eccentric" orbits.
Moons are little satellites orbiting planets. They can be pets, servants, adopted children or simply, friends. They all have one thing in common: they're cute!
Asteroids are rocky fragments that failed to become planets. There are thousands of them, and they either become planet rings, meteors, or moons. But in Ceres' case, um...
Former asteroids with one goal: mischief.
Comets, or "dirty snowballs", are icy fragments orbiting a star. There are two types of comets: short-period comets and long-period comets. Short-period comets have a very short lifespan, and they orbit their parent star in short intervals. The other way goes for long-period comets.

Galaxies are groups with millions of stars. They are ruled by black holes. They have the following:
Stars are spheres of plasma which are held by their own gravity. Each of them have their own systems. 
Star Types:
Bullet; Blue Protostars: Stars that aren't quite stable yet.
Bullet; Yellow Main Sequence Stars: Stars that are stable and lively.
Bullet; Orange Giants and Supergiants: Stars which are in their late stages of life. They may turn into supernovas, nebulas, white dwarfs, or neutron stars.
Bullet; White White Dwarfs: The "wizards" of the universe. They create nebulas which create new stars.
Bullet; Black Neutron Stars: Dead stars who love to spin, spin...spin...
They are the "mothers" of the universe. They are created by stars...and they create stars.
Black Holes 
Black holes are formed when a star explodes. They eat anything and everything in their path. They are given high positions because of this ability.
White Holes
The opposites of black holes. They literally spit out everything they have!

That's all I can write for now, stay tuned for more!
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Let's see. I have Earth, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Charon, Sun, Moon, Eris, Makemake, the Twin Comets, the Ninth Planet, Betelgeuse, Rigel, Proxima Centauri, Sirius, Polaris, Vega and Antares! (That's A LOT of OCs!)
My favorite of them all is Earth because...
...she is our home
...she is the most unique planet in this system
...her personality is basically nerdy 
2. Have you ever written a diary?
Like every teenager, yes! I always keep it in in my bag and I update it everyday! (I only have one so far...)
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My OCs are based on facts that I've learned in Science and Mythology. One example is Mercury: he has an awkward personality because of his...size. (But he has a HUGE potential when it comes to mythology, Mercury is the fastest of all gods!)
9. Anxiety sucks, doesn't it? also causes the so-called "art block".
10. One Punch Man or Mob Psycho 100?
One Punch Man, because ONE PUUUUUUUNCH!!!
11. What do you think of cheetahs?
They're fast, they live in Africa, and they became the animals that represent Cheetos.
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Why not both? (But when it comes to Chinese anime, I can easily predict how they end, so that's an exception...)
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Drawing relaxes the mind, and since my mind is ALWAYS full of thoughts, I dump all those ideas through the power of art!!!

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Solar Cuteness 11: Pluto (Backstory Updated!) by PeppermintCandyArt

1. Pluto has an eccentric personality because of his real-life status as a dwarf planet. (In other words, he breaks some of the "Planetary Rules".)
2. You can already see the unique part of Pluto: his heart-shaped crater.
3. Pluto's real name is 134340 Pluto.
4. Pluto has five moons: Charon, Styx, Nix, Kerberos and Hydra.
5. Pluto's atmosphere is hotter than his surface. Don't worry, he'll not melt!
6. Here a full description of Pluto's personality: Eccentric, friendly, cute, fun-loving, clumsy and TONS awkward than Uranus.
7. Pluto's name came from the god of the underworld, but I guess that doesn't fit to THIS Pluto.
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