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Sorry if I'm bugging you guys with the PoNC posts, but I have to do this.

Spell Cards: 
Bullet; Green 
Bullet; Yellow Normal 
Bullet; Orange Hard 
Bullet; Red Lunatic 

Black Route 
Stage 1 
Gozuki Jigokushi 
Spell 1: 
Bullet; Red "Punishment of Hell"
Honohi Homura 
Spell 1: 
Bullet; Green Fire Sign "Furaribi Fire Scatter" 
Bullet; Yellow Flame Sign "Ubagabi Fire Scatter"
Bullet; Orange Fire Sign "Blazing Hot Hell" 
Bullet; Red Blaze Sign "Demonic Wildfire"
Spell 2: 
Bullet; Green Bullet; Yellow Burn Sign "Three-Seven-Three" 
Bullet; Orange Scorch Sign "Overheating Hell Oven" 
Bullet; Red Inferno Sign "Hellish Degree of Kelvin"
Spell 3:
Bullet; Red "Fierce Fire of Asama-san"

Stage 2
Aelice and Lilura Shepard 
Bullet; Red "Phantasmal Technology"
Glissando Shepard 
Spell 1:
Bullet; Green Spiral Sign "Barber Spire" 
Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Orange Spiral Sign "Eternal Spire" 
Bullet; Red Illusion Sign "Shepard Audibility" 
Spell 2: 
Bullet; Green 
Note Sign "Rising Octaves"
Bullet; Yellow Scale Sign "Solfege Scale" 
Bullet; Orange Bullet; Red Tone Sign "Shepard Tone"
Spell 3: 
Bullet; Green Sound Sign "Cosine Waves"
Bullet; Yellow Sound Sign "Sine Waves" 
Bullet; Orange Bullet; Red Audio Sign "Ascending Spectrum" 
Spell 4: 
Bullet; Red 
"Continuous Risset Scale" 

Stage 3
Osore Mayojikan 
Spell 1:
Bullet; Green Bullet; Yellow End Sign "End of the Day" 
Bullet; Orange Dusk Sign "Dark Sunset"
Bullet; Red Night Sign ""
Spell 2:
Bullet; Green Chill Sign "Spine Shiver"
Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Orange Fright Sign "Ghosts Creeping On Your Closet"
Bullet; Red Fear Sign "Indomitable Fear"
Spell 3: 
Bullet; Green Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Orange Moon Sign "Eclipse" 
Bullet; Red Omen Sign "Blood Moon"
Spell 4: 
Bullet; Green Bullet; Yellow Phantom Sign "Spectral Mist" 
Bullet; Orange Bullet; Red Phantom Sign "Haunted Aura"
Spell 5:
Bullet; Red "A Flower Plucked"

Stage 4
Rei Rei Shinokanjo 
Spell 1: 
Bullet; Green Countdown Sign "A Game of Three, Two, One" 
Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Orange Bullet; Red Time Sign "Death Setting" 
Spell 2: 
Bullet; Green 
Heal Sign "River of Woe"
Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Orange Journey Sign "Sanzu River" 
Bullet; Red Gateway Sign "Mount Osore"
Spell 3: 
Bullet; Green Limbo Sign "Deficient Heaven" 
Bullet; Yellow Purgatory Sign "Judgement of the Newly Deceased"
Bullet; Orange Yama Sign "Deserved Judgement of the Yama"
Bullet; Red Enma Sign "Raging Dharmapala"
Spell 4: 
Bullet; Green Bullet; Yellow Suicide Sign "Sea of Trees" 
Bullet; Orange Suicide Sign "Unforgivable Sin"
Bullet; Red Underworld Sign "Meido's Punishment"
Spell 5: 
Bullet; Green Mysterious Sign "First Hour of Afternoon" 
Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Orange Bullet; Red Enigma Sign "The Thirteenth Hour"
Spell 6:
Bullet; Red "The Watchmaker's Deathbed"

This will have more updates once I'm motivated to do it...
space--penguin Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017
we still need to update this,,
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