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Class 2
Class 2 approx. global population 800-1,100
Height: 6'5"-6'9"
Weight: 250-325 lbs
Strength Level: can lift between 20 to 120 tons. Capable of lifting tanks, train cars, and punching through steel armor.
Speed: 200-600 mph
Resistance: invulnerable to anything but extremely large bombs and super heated plasma, can heal any injury within a few seconds. Can be briefly stunned by enormous amounts of electricity
Notes: Less common but far more powerful, Class 2's can be recognized fairly easily with their above average height. No civilian weapons can harm them and they are well aware of that fact when they live among normal humans.
Case study: Natascha Varlenko, age 18, Kiev, Ukraine
Report taken from a local news story.
Natascha lives in a modest house with her mother in a poor district of Kiev.
She stepped out of the front door to greet the news crew. She is only 18 but stands 6'5" tall, with long blond hair tied in a pony tail.
She's wearing a short black skirt that leaves her long legs b
:iconsteelknight3000:steelknight3000 18 0
Class 3
Class 3 approx. global population 100-130
Height: 6'10"-7'3"
Weight: 325-445 lbs
Strength Level: can lift between 125 to an incredible 900 tons. Subjects at this class and beyond are incredibly strong, capable of lifting houses and small buildings off their foundations.
They have been known to demolish entire structures with a few strokes of their limbs, produce tornado force winds with their lungs alone, and cause small earthquakes with their legs.
Speed: Mach 1-5 (700-3,000 mph). The fastest ones can outrun most aircraft, however movement at these speeds causes sonic booms and a large amount of destruction.
Resistance: Cannot be harmed by conventional weapons, they have been seen bathing in the lava of active volcanoes, can survive months without eating or sleeping, and hold their breath for hours.
The only record of a Class 3 being injured by humans was during the Kazakhstan Incident when the Super known only as "Alina", during a rampage that destroyed several towns, was struck by a
:iconsteelknight3000:steelknight3000 14 1
The Superwomen Primer, Class 1
The following article contains excerpts from the United Nations Commission on Superhuman Affairs originally printed in the Journal of Current Events, 25th Nov. 1998.
The commission regrettably was unable to determine the origin of this incredible phenomenon or even why certain females were born with these abilities and men are seemingly "immune". They have however studied these abilities and formed a rating system to be utilized by governments and law enforcement agencies around the world. Members stressed that this is not meant to be a military assessment and is strictly scientific in nature.
The following data contains case studies and examples cited by the UN over the last 20 years.
Basics: Those born with physical capabilities far beyond human levels are designated as "superhuman females". The media and public are known to use the terms "Supers" and "amazons" frequently in reference to these women. Under the UN commission's report they are all classified from Class 1 through 5. All
:iconsteelknight3000:steelknight3000 28 4



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