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HS: Kanaya Shimeji




This was made for my friend's bdae but you are free to use it too. C:

Hope you like it!
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i am so happy with this shimeji <3 <3 <3 <3
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how do i download her?
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Hello there! 

Click the "download" button next to right side of her thumbnail picture. 

Then, you will need a program called "winrar" to extract the file. 

Here is a tutorial if you need:…

Hope that's helpful!
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Excuse me but she she doesn't make all the actions,she doesn't glow or stay on the computer so i was thinking do i have to trigger these actions or maybe i have instaled the wrong way but she does walk and sit dow or etc bu she doesn't make ALL the actions that were in there...Can you help me please?
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Hi there!

If your shimeji does walk, sit or climb up your screen. I'm pretty sure you have installed it correctly.

The glowing animation and her typing on her computer are one of the rarest actions to appear. They don't appear that frequently and is probably due to the scripting I think.

I took my shimeji file off somebody else's file and didn't touch the script at all because I don't know how to change that.

Kanaya doesn't glow, play her laptop or multiply often on my computer too. :'C If you could somehow find a way to edit the script so those rare actions happen more frequently, please do tell me too because I'm just as stumped as you are. ;_;
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While i was playing with her i found out i can trigger some,she's typing on the computer if you go to behaviours and click sitwiledanglinglegs and she glows if you click sitandspinhead but when i make her glow she kinda blinks and it doesn't last more than a few seconds....I don't know more than that but thank you for replying so fast :)
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Unfortunetely no. :C Compressing it to zip requires changing of the script files because it contains japanese chracters. I am totally clueless on that area and modifying the script causes the shimeji to not work. I don't know how to remedy this.

Sorry. :C
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It's okay it's just that im only capable of opening zip files.
I just rename two files with japanese characters.And then i can use a zip file shimeji.But i understand it's okay.
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I like her teeth.
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ayyyy, do you have the download link for it?
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is under "download file"

You get the entire RAR. file C:
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