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A Good Day :iconpepperh2o:pepperh2o 1 1
Chapter 1 (Title Suggestions?)
lean against the grimy shower wall as lukewarm water punches at my back, head
in hands.  This day, every year, I
cry in the shower.  No, not because
some friend is a bit mad at me today. 
Because my mother was murdered exactly two years ago, and I can’t do
anything about the fact that she’s gone. 
As I step out of the shower and dry my plain-ish brown hair, I silently
vow that I would kill whoever murdered my mother.
glance at the clock by the mirror. 
Eight ‘o clock, time to pick up my father from my village’s saloon.  My father is quite helpless without me;
after he drinks enough, he can’t walk himself out the door, much less all the
way home.  I pull on a grey sweater
and holey jeans, stained socks and scuffed leather boots.  Biting my lip to keep from bursting
into tears in front of anyone, I push open the
:iconpepperh2o:pepperh2o 1 4
A Sorceress, chp. 7
    I stared over at Katrina during breakfast.  She looked as sad as I felt, staring at her hands, not meeting anyone’s gaze.  I was miserable, of course, even though I was surrounded by gorgeous girls who wanted to ‘make me feel better,’, which should be any guy’s dream.  But they were all shallow and fake, and only cared about seducing with ‘Joshiepoo’.  Katrina was the only one I actually connected with, she made me laugh for real for the first time in years.  She was real. 
    I trudged over to Maeva’s room with my few other classmates in my level.  Nowadays, we were near masters to the subject, so we just fought with our weapon of choice.  In my case, it was a fiery hunter’s dagger, with gems on the handle.  I was assigned to duel with Jackie, a girl who learned to fight on her own even before she came to the Academy.
:iconpepperh2o:pepperh2o 0 3
There was a sound of a blade going through something like a schlick.
"Oh, Mommy must be chopping carrots."
There was a scream.
"Oh, Mommy must've accidentally cut her hand with a kitchen knife."
There was the sound of liquid hitting the floor.
"Oh, Mommy must've spilled some soup broth."
There was the sound of feet coming upstairs.
"Oh, Mommy is just coming up for a band-aid."
Another scream.  Silence.
:iconpepperh2o:pepperh2o 0 4
Mature content
A Sorceress, chapter 6 :iconpepperh2o:pepperh2o 0 6
Mature content
A Sorceress, chapter 5 :iconpepperh2o:pepperh2o 0 3
Mature content
The Sorceress ch. 4 :iconpepperh2o:pepperh2o 0 1
A Sorceress
    “MOMMY! I’m hungry!”
Amanda tugged on the hem of my turquoise shirt.
    “You just ate lunch,” I sniffed.
    “But I wasn’t hungry then!” She retorted. I sighed in defeat and went to go make a sandwich. It was hard work, being a single mom.  The weather was pouring outside, and the wind was howling so loudly that I almost had to shout to tell Amanda to get her sandwich. She toddled over to the table and ate happily.
    The day went by quickly, and soon I was tucking Amanda into bed. The next day, It was very sunny out and warm. I told Amanda that we were going to the park, and she jumped up and down and squealed.
    I sat down on one of the many benches, bored. Amanda was already finding a friend to play house with.
    “Hi! My name is Amanda!” She walked up to a girl her age.
    “I’m K
:iconpepperh2o:pepperh2o 2 4
Mature content
Sad Story of Sex :iconpepperh2o:pepperh2o 0 3


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Rape is worse than torture or murder? What's wrong with you? All jokes can be offensive, so you logic is flawed. You people are just to damn easily offended. A joke is a god damn joke. What do you people not understand, it's a joke. Would you rather I go out and rape some bitch? Or would you rather I joke about it? Shut the hell up, no one cares about your one-sided opinions.
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