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[Jabberwock Isle] Texas Tom


UPDATE 03-30-2020

Finally updated this app!! I've literally never done that before despite him losing an arm and then dying his hair black during a depressive phase. I also totally forgot about the loss of his right arm until after I spent a bit of time perfecting it in the art so it's just... I'm too ashamed to leave it out complete aha.

I archived the original app that was here: [Jabberwock Isle] Texas Tom (Archived)
You can experience my glow-up as I got more used to drawing people vs. drawing closed species for so long.


Been thinking about this character a lot. Super excited to finally apply for my first DR group. Wanted to make his artwork look like the official art, but he ended up slightly less manly than I imagine aha. Wish me luck!


Name and Status: Toumu Mizutani, "Texas Tom" [ Alive ]
Age and Grade: 17 [ Junior ]
Date of Birth: September 27th
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2"

Super High School Level COWBOY — "I've got stellar aim! Y'all be sorry when I'm old enough to stop using a water gun!"
As the Ultimate Cowboy, Texas Tom is skilled at:
    ► Hearding Cattle - "It's important to treat your cows like the ladies they are. If y'all need someone to move a crowd of critters from Point A to Point B, I'm your guy".
    ► Horse Riding - Him and his trusty steed Magnolia could ride into the sunset lickity split. The two won first prize in the sparse horse-riding competitions hosted in Kobe, Japan.
    ► Lassoing - He always keeps rope on him in the event that it'll come in handy. When tied into a loop, he can turn it into a third arm to reach or stop anything in the vicinity.
    ► Shooting - Scaring away predatory animals like coyotes from his farm was no easy task. He quickly learned how to shoot a gun from long distances to scare them off before they set foot near the cattle ..albeit gun laws prevented him from owning a real pistol. His aim is so good with the water gun though that anyone could mistake it for a real bullet.
    ► Milking a Cow - You know what they say about a man who knows how to pull an udder..

Special Notes

    Ethnicity and Homeland:
 Japanese [ Kobe, Japan ]
    Key Features
    ► His natural hair is black that turned blonde due to being outside (..and also secretly bleaching his hair). If he's not spending most of his days in the sun, eventually his roots will give his hair color away.
    ► His eyes are between gray and blue


    ► Water pistol (painted bright green with an orange cap)
    ► 3 feet of rope
    ► Large red poncho
    ► Ascot with cow-print pattern

    Acquired From the Isle
    ► N/A

    Gifts and Purchases
    ► N/A


    ► He pretends to be like the stunning spaghetti western actors with their infinite bravery and fearlessness. Much of his behavior is acting like them as a way to convince himself this is real: faking it 'till he makes it.
    ► He is very law-abiding and may blindly accept rules. He has to be pushed pretty far before he pushes back on commands.
    ► He strives to be the center of attention, but he mentally equates being mysterious as a way to be interesting and attention-grabbing. But his quiet squinting is not always effective.
    ► His detachment from his mom and his sisters has lead him to be uncomfortable around women who present themselves as women. He equates caring for a woman like caring for cattle, the #1 women in his life for several years. It's weird, but imagining real women as cows helps ...keep him at ease in tense moments; they'll never know this weird secret though.
    ► He loves new experiences so long as they're related to his passion. In dire times, he'll try to mentally manipulate his reasoning to believe an unrelated task has something to do with his farm (i.e. "I need to solve these dang math problems or else they're gonna close the farm!").
    ► Depending on when you ask him about his history, Texas Tom will weave a story of his life growing up in the South of USA ...that is a retelling of The Man With No Name's backstory.
    ► Despite not being raised with an accent, he has a habit of putting on a forced "southern drawl", which he adopted initially as a way to get into character of being a badass, fearless cowboy.
    ► There's an insecurity somewhere in him that he's just putting on an act by pretending to be from the mid-west. He refuses to speak normally for fear of breaking his own illusion.
    ► He has an ...affinity for fire, so to speak. He hasn't been around flames for long periods of time to realize this yet.

Toumu grew up in the northern region of Osaka, Japan with his father, his mother, and his 3 older sisters. While his mom worked as a salarywoman in an advertising agency, his father worked most of the day as a chef in a fancy restaurant. His sisters were all more than a few years older than him and were well into college by the time Toumu was a child. Much of his later childhood was home alone quietly watching movies.

His father came home one day with leftovers from the restaurant: stunningly beautiful Kobe beef. The meat was stunningly beautiful and lighted up Toumu's and his dad's faces after taking a bite. "Why does it taste so amazing!" Toumu exclaimed. His father told him stories of the cows on the Kobe farms: how the cows are fed special grains and beer during the summer, how they're massaged and cared for, how they run through open fields. All this excited Toumu, and he began doodling images of cows long after tasting the Kobe beef.

Soon, Toumu's dad noticed his affection for cattle and started bringing home movies that he ..thought featured young boys with herds. But "cowboy" movies were not as peaceful as that. But to Toumu, this was so cool! Most of the movies he watched while his parents were out were imported Spaghetti Westerns from the 1960s. He fell in love with the badassery and fearlessness, both traits he did not see in himself at the time.

In the coming months, his family life became more unstable. His mother and father started fighting more frequently due to their jobs restricting their time together as a family. Toumu occupied himself more and more with becoming a cowboy to help distract him from the crescendoing instability. One day, his dad came home, packed up some of his and Toumu's belongings, and took off Kobe. His dad didn't speak of the departure; the two silently agreed to not bring it up.

In Kobe, his dad found work at a lower-scale kitchen for one of the farms in the area cooking cheap breakfast for the locals, while Toumu restarted his studies at one of the high schools in the area. With his persistence, Toumu also finally landed a part-time opportunity at his father's farm to do grunt work like tending for the cattle in the mornings. A new beginning for him, he began insisting he be addressed as "Texas Tom". A job turned into an obsession, and Toumu fell in love with the cows and getting faster at doing the morning chores. As more duties were given to him, he quickly accelerated through his cowboy studies. He became an expert with a lasso and with a water pistol (due to the laws of Japan preventing him from owning a real pistol). He bought himself a beautiful white horse he named Magnolia to ride and heard cattle with. Before long, he earned a position at an official Kobe beef farm, earning him the title of Ultimate Cowboy.

Then a mysterious letter arrived at the farm's mailbox. "Hope's Peak Academy would like to formally welcome you..." Hope's Peak Academy? Texas Tom had heard snippets of its prestige from murmurs at his school. He decided to attend in hopes of being able to finally afford and own his own farm after graduation.

    ► Cows!! <3333
    ► Spaghetti Western movies
    ► Beef and other delicious food
    ► Nature
    ► ...hugs (at the appropriate moment)
    ► Hard liquor (makes him feel cool)
    ► Cigarettes (occasionally)


    ► Public displays of affection (romancing in general)
    ► Spiders
    ► Rain and bad weather
    ► Actually farming (it's too tedious, and he prefers tending to the animals instead)
    ► Nighttime / Darkness

    ► Knows how to cook several dishes, taught to him by his dad
    ► He's very good at holding his liquor, in the event he has to challenge someone to a drink-off

    ► Gets uncomfortable about his parent's relationship
    ► Awkward around flirty women
    ► Fire will distract him and get him into ..."trouble" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Gift Preference

    ♥ Sunflower Seeds
    ♥ Prepackaged Orzotto
    ♥ Old Timey Radio
    ♥ Movie of Choice (any Spaghetti Western)
    ♥ Secret Boots

    ► Hardtack of Hope

    ► Ramune
    ► Maid Dress
    ► The Second Button

Roleplay Sample
Long Form
    Texas Tom pulled his chair closer to the table. "Goddang, that's mighty fine of y'all to be so hospitable". It had been so long since he had eaten dinner; his stomach growled as he glanced at the pot roast that was kindly prepared for him. But just as quickly as he had scooped the food was gone! The rough exercise from running around the island took a greater toll than he thought!
    To his right, he saw XYZ struggling to even get through their first tiny lump of potato on the plate. Texas Tom took it as an invitation to help himself, out of desperation to quell his hunger pangs. "Uhh, are ya gonna finish that?" he politely muttered while he impolitely extended his arm to grab it away.

Short Form

    //reaches for the pot roast in the middle of the table "Goddang, that's mighty fine of y'all to be so hospitable". //voraciously gobbles down his food and glances at XYZ next to him "Uhh, are ya gonna finish that?" //begins to try grabbing the dish without waiting for a response

    ► Theme song: "Major Minus" by Coldplay
    ► He tries to mimic quirky southern sayings, but the majority of the time they don't make any sense. I.e. "That sounds like a wet dog rolling around like a fried hog in winter"
    ► He's very uncomfortable with photographs, hence why his headshot looks like he's a deer in the headlights
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