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Teeth by Pepper-the-phoenix Teeth :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 3 0 Nodira by Pepper-the-phoenix Nodira :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 2 0 Kingsley Montivelo by Pepper-the-phoenix Kingsley Montivelo :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 4 0 NBG-The Troublemakers by Pepper-the-phoenix NBG-The Troublemakers :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 1 0
O is for Octopus
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The Glass Box
Let the world end he thought as he took a drag from his cigarette. Let it be brutal and short without fanfare or sorrow. Let the world end. We have no need for it.
It wouldn’t take much. Just one push and it would fall and shatter at the hard edge of eternity. It wouldn’t even be considered a tragedy. It would be like putting a dog out of its misery-compassionate, merciful, logical.
The end would be better than this. Waking up every morning, going through the increasingly pointless routine, getting nothing for it while you and the rest of blathering, blind society was being enclosed into a tighter and tighter cocoon.
He remembered when it wasn’t noticeable. When one could live their life without the sickening realization that nothing mattered, that reality was an illusion, and that everything you had ever believed in was bullshit. Was he happy then? That was the one thing he couldn’t remember. Happiness. Maybe that was a delusion as well.
Now, now the cocoon was
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 1 0
Light and Dark
The power of a pure heart relieves sorrow and pain.
Touch the stars in the sky; live your dreams now and here.
There is nothing to achieve or to settle: everything is nothing - nothing is everything.
Forget beginning and end, age and death:
You are everything - everything is in you:
Think "happiness" and you are happy.
But hatred is a vile disease
that twists around the heart,
piercing its pulpy flesh,
inserting a cancerous growth.
Eating away all hope and love
leaving nothing behind-the great nothing that ends all.
Do not be afraid of the dark, the hatred -
Because it can be brighter than every day.
Seek your way in dark, winding depths:
Suddenly you see that the light dawns and the darkness gives way.
The truth and the light are always moving forward to enlighten you,
To reveal to you what is written at the bottom of your path.
It is said that if one finds oneself in the dark
one should keep going
but the darkness never truly goes away
It remains as a dark stain
That cannot be wash a
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 7 5
A Dangerous Crush
There was a knock on his open door and a gravelly voice said, “Excuse me, sir.”
Chief of Police, Emmanuel Caine, trying to decipher the scrawl of one of his sergeants, didn’t even bother looking up.
“Has the walking keg finally sobered up?” he asked, furrowing his eyebrows as he tried to figure out if this one word was prostitutes or potatoes.
“He’s thrown up a lot and he’s threatening to rip your guts out of your asshole if you don’t let him out soon.”
“Sounds like he needs a few more hours,” Emmanuel tsked, before returning to his report.
“Yes, sir.”
“One more thing. Oh, the hell oversees the Broswill district?”
“Sergeant Thomas Reynolds, sir.”
“Tell him if he doesn’t start writing legibly, he’s going to be spending the rest of his life in a jail cell. I shouldn’t be wondering if he’s arrested two prostitutes or two potatoes.”
“Yes, sir
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 3 0
Danse Macabre
Glass shattered as a rock darted through the floor length French door. Long thin fingers with black nail polish carefully slipped in and jiggled the rusted handle until the vast room echoed with a click and the door swung open, creating a dust cloud. A mouse like woman entered the cavernous ballroom and waved the dust away. She suppressed a sneeze as her heavy, black boots echoed across the cracked and filthy floor, sounding like the slow beat of a funeral dirge. She slipped her large duffle bag off her thin shoulder and looked up with her mouth slightly open. Above her were broken crystal chandeliers, hanging from the crumbling ceiling for dear life. She laughed lightly as she twirled around, her eyes glued to their dark and cracked forms. This was ten times better than her mother’s shitty little apartment and, even though the room was dusty and damp, it was better than being trapped in a room that smelt of alcohol and cigarettes. She stabilized herself before walking towards a
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 2 2
Some Aliens by Pepper-the-phoenix Some Aliens :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 1 0
A Warrior's Soul
A black tiger in brilliant white armor twitched his tail before rising and walking a few feet from his master. He halted on the edge of a cliff and looked down at the dark and narrow channel. He was a mighty beast of the Netherworld and carried the two majestic Swords of Fervor on either side of his armor. His nose quivered as he smelt death and decay riding on the faint wind and his ears echoed with the thunder of a marching army. The tiger’s roar echoed across the vast and desolate landscape, disturbing the silent dawn.
“I know, Black Blaze,” spoke his tranquil master, “The Dynasty is on the move.”
The tiger returned to the resting warrior’s side and closed his eyes as his master stroked his head. Saber Strike had been sleeping underneath a jagged formation of rocks and had draped his cape around himself for protection against the foul elements found in the Netherworld outskirts.
“Talpa is not content with poisoning our, once great, palace bu
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 7 6
Johnny Popov and Jean the French Resistance Badger by Pepper-the-phoenix Johnny Popov and Jean the French Resistance Badger :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 3 0 Chief Inspector Bernard Griffin by Pepper-the-phoenix Chief Inspector Bernard Griffin :iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 5 0
For the Next Killer Who Dies Pitch
Kingsley is a revolutionary fighting against the oppressive Shivian Empire. When the leaders of the rebellion are killed, he believes he is the one who can save the cause, but not everyone agrees. Can he evade arrest and assassinations to win his people freedom or will his enemies kill him first?
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 4 0
NKWD Chapter 3
Chapter Three
A Friendly Gathering
I walked down the glittering streets of Bearcaska, with my hands in my pockets, lost in thought. The stars twinkled in the deep blue sky and a light breeze washed the scent of cherry blossoms over me. The buildings were oppressive and thin with many floors and rooms tightly packed in together, the spires of Esdora Cathedral disappeared into the pink and purple sky, and the glass filters placed over the streetlights produced the Southern Lights across the streets. Off in the distance, I heard the faint chime of Alistair’s clocktower partially covered by the laughing Shivians heading towards the theater for either a cultured opera or a raunchy cabaret show. The women wore the colorful dresses with the layered and wide skirts and the plunging necklines with their ridiculously elaborate buns and tangles of beads that hung from their neck and the men wore brightly colored, perfectly tailored suits and feathered hat. They often smelt of alcohol and we
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 3 0
NKWD Chapter 2
Chapter Two
The Killer Liberation Army
“I want you to sit in the corner and keep your snout shut,” barked Heron, as we walked down the creaking stairs into a dark and damp basement, “They’re good boys, but they can be rough, and tonight is going to be a difficult meeting.”
Despite being the same age as of my father, Heron looked like he was a hundred. Cavernous wrinkles cut across his face and snout and his long ears drooped with weariness. He walked with a slight hunch, but his hands, due to years of practicing medicine, were still strong and steady. He pulled out a box of matches and lit one of the candles on the table as I collided into one of the few chairs sprinkled throughout the room and swore under my breath.
“They are only trying to help,” I grunted, trying to ignore my throbbing toe.
“Don’t you start with me!” snapped Heron, lighting another candle, “I only have enough energy to fight with your cousin tonight.&
:iconpepper-the-phoenix:Pepper-the-phoenix 3 0


Hi! I thought I'd critique a piece by a fellow nutcracker today! I really love this piece. As someone who also has to deal with a fathe...


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Artist | Professional | Literature
Hi, I’m Sam, also known as Ham. I'm an extreme history nerd (seriously six bookcases full of history books) and a comic book geek. I am very spacey and it can take me a while to reply, but it's not because I hate you, it's because I'm lazy.

I am also co-founder of SKTH Productions, a multimedia company.

My siblings, :iconinprismed: :iconjeffreyrebowlski: and I work on a lot of projects together.

My pinterest:…
My Tumblr:
My story Tumblr:…
I’m back! I know I’ve been sort of MIA the last few months and I feel bad about that. I still love DeviantArt, but I’ve also been really busy lately, so I just haven’t had the time to log on as often as I would like. Hopefully, that’ll change, and I’ll start posting things regularly on here again.

What are some of the things I’ve been working on, besides graduating and looking for work? Here’s the list:

KO-Fi - I created a KO-FI earlier this week because things have been tight lately, but also because it seemed like a good idea.

Pepper Writes – I got a phoenix writing assistant named Pepper and she’s created this blog about my writing process-what little there is-so check it out if you’re curious. We’re still working with format and things and right now I convinced Pepper to participate in the A to Z blog challenge, where you post blog entries daily. It’s been an adventure

Sam’s War Room – I’ve started a blog about history because I figured I might as well do something productive with my obsessions. Right now, it’s most book reviews and posts about Ireland and the IRA, but I’m hoping to add diverse content soon. I’m also working on two history papers that I’m hoping to have ready for publication within the year, so I’ll be posting about my process as well, just in case you’re interested.

@pepperdaphoenix – I finally figured out how to use Twitter, so follow me on there if you want daily reports on how my writing is going

Live Write In – I had a live write in session on Periscope. It was fun, and I think gives you a better idea of how I write and think. I’m thinking of doing live write in sessions monthly and next time I’ll provide a link of DeviantArt, haha.

Short Stories – I’ve written a number of short stories that I’d love to get ready for publication, so keep an eye out for those in the coming weeks.

Nothing but Glory – I created this website about my book For the Next Killer Who Dies three years ago because I was bored. I’ve revisited it and I think I’m going to make some updates and add more things, so keep your eye on it if you’re still confused as to what my series is about, haha.

Camp NaNoWriMo
- I'm doing Camp NaNoWriMo for the first time. It's been interesting. I'm working on the second book in the Nothing but Glory series. It's called Strangers in a Familiar Land and it has no plot and I don't know who the main characters are, but exciting things are happening. 

I also finished the first draft of my scifi book Five Years during NanoWrimo and I’m avoiding editing it because it’s scary. Haha. 

So, yeah, that’s all the writing stuff I’ve been up to. Feel free to check out any of the links and expect to see me stalking DeviantArt again.
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  • Reading: The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie
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So I'm taking part in Critmas this year and I am part of the Nutcracker Militia! Don't know what Critmas is?  It is an annual challenge, hosted by BeccaJS, to write 12 critiques in 12 days and it begins December 24th!  Any deviation can be critiqued, but critiques must be at least 100 words long. Visit the journal below to learn more and sign up:

Critmas 2017: War of Honour:new: The glorious squanpie has made some gorgeous artwork for this years teams! You can use these to decorate your own journals, avatars etc, check them out below or find them here: squanpie you are a superstar, thank you!
:new: Please note you need to sign up below (comment) to be put into  team! 
The ting-a-ling of jingle bells are approaching quicker than superman spinning the world! Everyone’s mood is changing towards a more festive mind-set and goodwill is part of our agenda again. When it comes to giving, there is only one gift most artists desire:

As the November skies turn grey, the hue of winter has provided a silence; an unnerving silence. After the critters battled it out last year, they disbanded and left the world behind them in tatters. All that could be heard was the echos of the gleeful faeries still celebrating their victo

My team leader JessaMar had the great idea of asking their followers for critiques and I thought I would follow their example (i.e. steal their idea) and ask for critiques from my followers! If you have a piece you want critiqued, send me the link to the specific deviation and I'll post it on this journal. That way I can keep track of all the requests and my other team members can see your requests as well. I can't guarantee a critique, but it increases the chances you'll get one or two. If you're interested, comment on this journal with links or thumbs for up to 3 deviations.

Thanks for your help!

Here are the pieces requesting to be critiqued!

A Medieval Moment by kirayoungblood
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