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Lovers for Life

For :iconrainbowplz:#pridemonth:iconrainbowplz: I drew two barn owls locked in an embrace <3
Barn owls typically stay with one partner for life! I chose to draw these magnificent creatures in light of other monogamous birds in recent news: two gay vultures who are raising an abandoned chick together <3

Whether you fit in the LGBTQA+ umbrella, or are just an ally, Love is Love and is beautiful no matter what :aww:

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Do not upload, edit, or otherwise modify my work for any purpose!
(DeviantART has permission to use for their Pride Month special, however.)

I'm just setting up on social media too, consider checking me out there! :thumbsup:
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I'd like to dedicate this to my amazing partner of 5 years, Chocoshrooms! I love ya, always will <3 :heart: We've faced a lot of challenges, but didn't let anything get us down! Slowly, our families are coming to respect us as partners. I hope that anyone else in a rough situation can soon reach a place where they can be at peace with who they are and not have any opposition from their friends and family!
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Soo cute!! I ship something like this too
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I really like how their wings and bodies sort of make a heart.  Nice work!
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Ahh yes! I'm glad you noticed that! Thank you :la:
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Why when I saw this work I squealed so?
Let's be honest, I saw a lot of more elaborate works, more anatomical, works of authors with a higher skill. But for some reason, only when I saw THIS art I began to flow and screamed to the whole house - hell, how nice, hold me seven! So warm, cozy, Lord kill me how wonderful it is!!!
What is this damned magic?!

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this is so cute!!
Pepper-Head's avatar
Thank you, I appreciate the comment~! :heart:
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I love cuddly birds. It's a motif I've been drawing a lot lately in my notes at school. A bald eagle and a barn owl.
Pepper-Head's avatar
I know right??? Their little feathery selves just work so good for cuddles!
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Thank you for dedicating this to me! I love you a lot too >: O we got this. <3
Pepper-Head's avatar
Awww you're welcome <333333 I really want to get this on a shirt for both of us! ;W;
Chocoshrooms's avatar
That would be the best honestly <3
Pepper-Head's avatar
((ps you're the best and I'm gonna buy a shirt for you sometime))
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BegetBaubbles's avatar
Haverhill nice. Thnxs for the badge.😎
Pepper-Head's avatar
No problem~! Have a great day C:
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So adorable! x3 I love their patterns and their little feetsies :'D (they make a heart omg so cute!)
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