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Inktober day #11: Spear

Eleventh drawing ! Well i made this drawing from the adult swim cartoon "genndy tartakovsky's Primal, that  follows the story of a caveman (spear)  and a dinosaur ( Fang) fighting their way for the survival, made this after watching the latest episode (spoilers) so at the end of the episode  Spear and Fang  are captured by a tribe of apeman, them there's some kind of tournament where the winner claims   Fang.  so  this
Ape Champion ends winning and beating Fang leaving her death although we won't know till next part  :lol: so I made this like a new look
Spear a bit taller after drinking that weird liquid I  suspect is Aku's essence (from  Samurai Jack ) and is using one of the Deer or any unknown animal skull to cover himself and one of Fang's tooths on his spear like a tribute of his fallen or maybe not partner.

I still need work on the anatomy lol
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