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what lies under

Stocks = royalty free stock photos
beach sand = [link]

Update: Someone informed me about Jim Warren's painting "Don't mess with mother nature" (thank you ~AnaBelenRuiz)
Although I never saw it when I came up with the idea behind "What lies under", Jim Warren's "Don't mess with mother nature" is indeed the first one that have this idea. You guys should checkout his work, he is an amazing artist.
Link: [link]

thank you for viewing :)
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that's exactly whats there is plastic and trash great description
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This is very eye opening
This is brilliant!
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I know this is meant to be an environmental picture and we are meant to be worried about that trash but what I am wondering is how that kid is able to lift the water like that.
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Fabulous art work!
Is that trash?  Or just dropped packets from the message-in-a-bottle transmission system? 
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An excellent image conveying an important message, well done!
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damn, that's so true
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depth in the simple gesture ..
very nice picture
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Very expressive and great Work! :iconblakelord:
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Simple idea but really great! And sad.
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Thats how Brazil's cleaning up their beaches lol
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Wonderfully profound and beautifully photographed. Great job!
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