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June 29, 2009
What more is there to say about global warming PSA - time by ~pepey that hasn't already been said? Just delight yourself with a great concept that has a powerful message. Exquisite design!

This work was suggested by =Derzorvadur, =K-lenx, =Dullface, =Starlightie, =NightIce and *little-billie
Featured by NunoDias
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Thank You and act now!

images: royalty free stock photo/image bank CD Collection

Thx a lot for all the comments and faves, really appreciate it :D
Ferdi Rizkiyanto

I GOT A DD!!!!!!!
(This work was suggested by =Derzorvadur, =K-lenx, =Dullface, =Starlightie, =NightIce and *little-billie
Featured by ^NunoDias )

Thank You!
:D :D :D

update: yes, you have my permission to use this artwork, as long as you don't alter it and give a proper credential.

one of the references:
Global Warming 101 video from National Geographic: [link]
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Tremendous, have opportunity

Do you want to print frame and ship your art working together with our brand?

Love to speak with you sometime if possible. email info is



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i wont change my lifestyle. I think we should just destroy the planet its more realistic and easy. Also I don't know why a working planet is important.
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so beautiful, but at the same time so sad
Is it possible tog get this in a better resolution?
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This is really unsettling.
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It's an ice age that is coming and not a warm period. These strange (relative to our time) weather events are a sign of them. We just have to adjust to it and also keep working to improve space programs to colonize new planets since it would ensure our descendants' survival regardless of our activities on this current planet. Also, much of environmentalism is controlled opposition since they support the "green energy" movement that revolves around rare earth metals and offshoring pollution to developing nations instead of actually fighting it.

Nice try with the fearmongering.
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I remember using this_ with credits_ in a project for my English class. It was like, years ago
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very nice and attractive creation
Hi Pepey,

I'm sure this isn't news to you, but are you aware that your art appears to be original design for what is now one of the centerpieces of DA's most popular artists? 

Countdown by yuumei
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Dude. Calm the hell down. 
You don't have to swear like that. Other comics and Oc's have a lot of similarities.
Some people just come up with the same idea. Its not the first time. 
Now, make like a youha and stop being a ass. 
Hating and swearing isn't the awnser. Be calm and professional. 
And stop using ' Autistic ' as an insult. Its a flipping disorder.
PEOPLE like YOU go through that. If i where to rant about the autistic insult,
My computer would run out of battery and i would still have plenty more to say. Other terrible illnesses are
used as insults. I could rant about the ' KILL YOURSELF!1!! ' insult for hours and HOURS.
Now, if you want to relpy to this and rant on me go ahead.
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I do agree with you. But there's no damn need to swear like that.
I'm 13 and act more adult and mature than you. That a pretty big low for you. 
Autistic? Woah. I'm so offended. Being an autistic person and talking to people is weak.
Even though your damn illness is about not being able to communicate. 
Plus i'm not autistic. But i know people who are. But right now you fucking disgust me.  
If you took 10 minutes out of your time, you'd stop being an asshole about mental illnesses.
Also, use PROPER grammar. I could BARELY understand your comment. 
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Look, I don't want to get caught up in drama. 
It's a waste of my time to be honest. 
If i where to actually argue this would go on for hours about autistic people and bipolar.
If you really want to be a shit about it, fine. 
It's only going to be bad for you, not for me. 
Although, if you want to improve and change, go online and RESEARCH. 
Mabye, if your a little more mature you'll do that. And show that you're at least caring a little more.
You might be a troll, or something but I hope this helps. 

Good bye.
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wow, this design is amazing and i'm so glad people are talking about climate change more now. very inspiring
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Hi! I love your work and this is a great picture which I actually used in class with my 9th graders here in France, during a project on global warming.
Keep up the great work!
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This is really great work done..This is the time of our life in earth.. :) ..Looks so good. Thanks.
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