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June 26, 2010
Hugo2- One Fragrance, One Tree by ~pepey
Featured by Lilyas
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Hugo2- One Fragrance, One Tree

Hugo - One Fragrance, One Tree V2

For every HUGO Man or HUGO Element bottle sold during the “One Fragrance, One Tree” campaign period HUGO Fragrances will plant a tree in the Amazonian Rainforest. With the code on the special edition packaging, consumers can locate online the tree their purchase has funded.

thank u for viewing :)
ferdi rizkiyanto
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can i get the resources of the background? thanks

Thanks. I like it. I'll use it as iPhone wall paper. I'm from China
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awesome work friend :heart:
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I think this is the best one I've ever seen!! :love:
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If ever I was in love and annoyed at the same time, it would be the moment in the now that a beautiful artwork wanted to convert me into a buyer. I probably always fall for it every now and then and then realize that I want to be at the other side. Thus thanks for this inspiring poster that will help me market my own art and info business threw commercials and other beautiful art to happily seduce happy buyers :) All the best!
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that's a tiny micro amount compare to cutting down trees for palm cultivation. I mean it's a loosing battle. people are ignorant my friend.
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wow!!!! very nice!!!!!
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Your hugo works really reminds me of Saatchi & Saatchi's Absolut (in an absolute world) ads. :D nice work!
thats really interesting
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Awesome consept! Also wanted to enter the competition, but neva had time! : (
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1 word, 7 letters.

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This one is really cool!
I made three pictures for the contest as well (motion of sound)
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Awesome design :)

good luck.
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Cool and Awesome ~ XD
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i like it so much
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wow, this is amazing!
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very great work.
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