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Global Warming - Evolution 2

revised, reduce the color tone and thank you to DesignTed [link] for his help with the field of depth tips :D

any comments & critiques r most welcome :)

thank you for viewing :)

Ferdi Rizkiyanto
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beautifully blended
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It's great someone is spreading awareness about global warming in their art :) 
There's only 5 Northern white rhinos left so it would be cool is someone made something to do about that.
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très réussi!
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or turno

...i'll say with rhitle XD
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That's a brilliant creature!
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this is awesome how did u do it
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That looks so awesome. I love how you made this turtle/rhinoceros hybrid look so believable. What software did you use to make this?
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orale se ve padre
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Now THAT would freak everyone out so much they would sit in the dark for the rest of their lives lol jk good job speaks clearly on the matter of global warming xoxo
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Awesome, just that it would have looked better if there was sky/land above the water rather than just empty space.
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it's not about the's about the message :toocool:
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nice work
just posted here [link]

please feel free to submit more of your work
Keep Hunting!
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All of your pictures should be daily deviations.
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thank u, that's so nice of u :)
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And that's when you know things have gone too far.
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This is great! It's obviously over-the-top, but that just makes the point all the stronger. It's zany, too. I am a big fan.

The only places it looks obviously manip'd to my eye are the limbs (especially where the front one meets the main body), the horn (the lighting), and some of the bubbles (too regular). Gorgeous water, too.

Thanks for sharing.
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This is very cool and quite clever. The melding of the creatures, and the level of detail is really extraordinary.
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nice concept.

uppss... gelembung udaranya byk yg kembar om.. hehe.
tapi shading nya oke banget.
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Wow wow wow. So beautifully executed!
And it's a concept I'm sure a lot of us can appreciate.
Well done.
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Awesome work, but I think if the Rhino really were to become aquatic, it'd have bigger fins and perhaps even a smaller head and horns to be fit for swimming and moving. Also, the shell looks more like it belongs to a tortoise and not a turtle- correct me if I'm wrong.
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