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June 28, 2012
Drink and Drive by ~pepey
Featured by princepal
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Drink and Drive

Highway: [link]
Rubble: [link]

Thank you for viewing ;)
ferdi rizkiyanto

I got a DD?? I GOT A DD!!
Thank you princepal :D Thank you all!
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Very well done !
What an imagination!

Hats off to the creativity.

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Alfahadi's avatar
This is weird and beautiful at the same time, i really love it :D :D
getonourteam's avatar
What would happen to the world if the road is like this..hehehe..But anyway,you did a good job.
SlyFXZ's avatar
Bloody Town Planners.
Eripmav-darkness's avatar
:O ...I swear I've seen that road in a dream before... Wow! It looks amazing!
PhotographerMad's avatar
this is a great concept for drink drivers :D
tekek's avatar
your full imagination !!!
batmobil's avatar
clever idea, thanks
sietske-78's avatar
:wow: cool roller-coaster ;)

Awesome work !!
maudesain's avatar
Keren banget mas..
it looks too fake
TE2YA's avatar
Hey pepey,
long time no see and congrats on DD!
I think every single work of yours has DD quality.
I am very happy for you.
Sorry for being very late to congrats you.
I have not logged in for about 2 years.
So many to catch up.
See you later.
chaossmum's avatar
star500's avatar
You need more then alcohol to get results like that.
Unknownmarksman115's avatar
Seems like a legit road.
ZeBaZt's avatar
Challenge Accepted.
Brilliant effect :D
It would be nice to ride ;)
SylLight's avatar
Amazing job on the realism of the piece!
DeadSkarlett's avatar
Really great concept :) <33
Greek-pan's avatar
Excellent work and great message.
DEIONARDO's avatar
In other words: Sonic the Hedgehog's Universe.
Pan-Zareta's avatar
"When you decide to drink and drive, you tie the lives of other people into knots".
That would be one hell of an amusement park ride, especially if the riders wore "drunk goggles". Very M.C. Escher-ish in execution.
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