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7 minute crop

By pepelepew251
:nod: enjoy!

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makasih masbro........ [link]
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wah abang satu ini g sungkan2 berbagi tutor.
emang mantap dah ... love this :thumbsup:
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Keren, guna banget buat aq, thank you mas, thank you banget :D

Bikin toturial buat newbie2 kaya aq ya mas :thumbsup:
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nice.... tutor.... :D ilmunya menyenangkan sekali....
pepelepew251's avatar
:D hehe sama2 Mas Aming... semoga bermanfaat :)
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sangat bermanfaat di...
tapi aku masih bingung kok masih ada sisa lis putih di pinggir nya ya... cara nya gimana di, utk buang lis nya masih ada di samping croping nya. :D
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Oh..klo masih ada sisa warna putih berarti pas lg setting di Channel mixer dan di Layer channel (proses burn and dodge)...ada yg kelewat tu Mas... atw, gini aja...utk list2 putih nya bisa disamarkan lewat masking / di brush perlahan2.. :nod:
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oki dokiii..... akan saya laksanakan... :D
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Thanks a lot for the tutorial. Is it practical for Photoshop CS3?
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:nod: it works in any kind of CS :)
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mantab! great one!
pepelepew251's avatar
:bow: Terima kasih kawan! :)
gilang2007's avatar makasih mas adi tutor nya he..he..
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Cool! Great work Adi! You should do more of these I need all the help I can get!
pepelepew251's avatar
:D thank you Steve! yes, soon i will make some of these :D anyway, is it work properly? am afraid that my broken english confusing people out there :D hehehe...
MrSteveC's avatar
Yeah it worked perfectly, I didn't find it confusing at all. This is a great technique, I've used it
before but not with the channel mixer, I think your way is much better, Thanks a lot Adi, Great Work!
Looking forward to seeing more of these keep up the good work!
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