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May 22, 2012
Last Energy Tank by ~Pepe-Navarro
Featured by alexandrasalas
Suggested by Kim-SukLey
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Last Energy Tank

Finally i finished it, i spent like 20 hours in this one haha.

This is my last fan art for metroid, I really like this game, and it's been almost 2 years since my last tribute to this awesome game. [link]

Hope you like it.
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Tea-Iroh's avatar
That is such an atmospheric and detailed scenery artwork that captures her in such a strong way *_*

I want to ask in a humble way, if I could
1. set the colors on black and white / or maybe there is a line art which I am allowed to use
2. print it and
3 (re)color it (with credit to the artist) to learn more and led me lead by the atmosphere of your artwork and the characters/scenery. This means: No commercial use, just uploading it to my 'gallery' with credit to you and linking to the original artwork

You can find examples in my 'gallery'
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i can only think of this minecraft that goes " half a heart left but don't die die die."
7igger's avatar
Hi, I'm working on a custom box art for Metroid for Nes for my personal own collection and was wondering if I'm allowed to use this amazing creation for it. 
And if thats ok do you have it in higher res?

Br Tomas
Gibarrar's avatar
Wow, me encantó el estilo que le diste al dibujo! Espero que sigas haciendo de más franquicias de Nintendo, saludos! :D
WistfulAether's avatar
This is crazy good
Stonemonkey's avatar
This is awesome, I love it! There's a nice range of values making it so dramatic as another commenter said.
danodamano333's avatar
Yeah. That's awesome.
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Suez-H3's avatar
:) Is a very fantastic art. :D
IgnikaMarcus's avatar
Wrong arm. You're the second person on DA I've seen who's made this mistake.

But still, very well done.
Pepe-Navarro's avatar
thanks, it was on the right arm, then i flipped the image, lol
Kesoroda-MKB's avatar
When I use it as a Wallpaper, I'll just flip it again.
VoadorChama's avatar
Epic! I've tried and failed to find anything really to criticize, except for the fact that her arm cannon is on the wrong arm. Other than that, this is nearly perfect. :)
Pepe-Navarro's avatar
haha, the arm was in the right side until I flipped the whole image xD, Thank you so much! :D
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Hey cool! awesome!
Vornell's avatar
oh crap 20hrs dude i'll just say ur one crazy good artist! true epicness
Pepe-Navarro's avatar
thank you so much! :D
ToasterRepairUnit's avatar
killing a -not frozen- Metroid with the power beam? IMPOSSIBRU!
still, I don't think even the concept art of the game itself looks this epic
Pepe-Navarro's avatar
thank you! haha in the prime series you can kill them with power bean, not the best option, but you can :D
GamerGoddessDin's avatar
Except for the yellow Fission Metroids in the Phazon Crater of Prime 1 they can't even be damaged by anything but that or if you let it latch on to you standard bombs.
Pepe-Navarro's avatar
oh yeah! i hate them
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