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About 2 years ago, I had to take a hiatus from updating this site.. since, then, things have calmed down and I've been able to start posting stuff here and there... putting the lie to my last update here saying I was finished. ;)

IF you like my stuff and want to see more see these sites:

My Tumblr     
My Fetlife      
my Paysite:   


P. E. Palfreyman
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
I'm Paul. My friends call me "Danger". I’m a bondage/fetish photographer, enjoying the exploration of a lifetime interest in bondage and restraint of women to create (hopefully) interesting pictures.My photography is about attempting to create erotic images that create a mood or evoke an emotion or tell a story.

When I'm not binding and photographing women, I’m a gaming geek, sci-fi convention attendee, veteran, computer geek/IT consultant and I’m also (slowly) pursuing a degree in Art/Photography.

I’m always looking for new faces to bind and photograph, so if you’re so inclined and are local, or will be passing through my area (Central Ohio) please shoot me a message.



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AttNew1 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2019
Excellent gallery. Your model's expressions are the best.
lunavoxa Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2018
Merci Mask S by lunavoxa  
EKrayon Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for putting me on your watchlist.
dannysuling Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I believe this is my first visit to your gallery, and over the last two days I have spent time with every one of your almost 3000 posted images. Some of them are positively and intensely striking and erotic; some are less so, at least to me. But this isn't really surprising, not with such a large corpus. What I particularly enjoyed about your gallery is how, as you feature model after model and cycle through your preferred repertoire of poses, POVs, riggings, and scenarios, some of that preferred repertoire works superbly with one model, while a different subset works better with another. This produces an unending challenge to people like me, as viewers, since for every model (and to your credit you employ many) there is always the question, "What will feature her best?" And answering that question requires careful viewing.

About 200 of the images (about 6-7%) were so attractive and astounding that I saved them for return viewings at my leisure. I didn't expect there would be so many, really, given my past experience with bondage artists' galleries. But as I say as your gallery moves from one model to another there are a lot of surprising triumphs among the repetitions.

If I had a wish for this gallery, it would be that you go back and clearly document the names or "handles" of the models, so that we your audience are clear who...behind the gags, blindfolds, and reverse-in-the-mirror who. You do this in the middle hundreds of images in your time span, but not at the beginning and certainly not with the last 500 or so. That gets a bit frustrating, and might even devalue the importance of your models. Perhaps some didn't wish their names shared, and that I do understand.

I also note that in the last couple of years you get a bit "experimental," employing filters and "arty" compositional techniques, etc., and even one comic-strip effort. I don't at all begrudge you those forays, and some of them work nicely. But I'm glad the entire gallery isn't like that, since in my opinion that artsiness gets in the way of the models' presence.

And I note as well that, whereas your own persona features primarily in your early images as the "detached hand" holding a gagged model's chin for a full-face confrontation, in the most recent years you give yourself a more featured role in the images: applying a gag or nipple clamps, fondling a boob or two. One or two of those images worked for me, but not too many.

I tend not to be impressed with the amount and range of bondage devices, etc., that a photographer has available. It really doesn't contribute much to my interest. I'm more taken with posing and especially facial expression, and you do enough of that to produce some fascinating work.

All in all, time well spent for me, and I thank you for sharing all this work with us.
PEPalfreyman Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
Hello Danny,
Wow... To take that amount of time to write all of that (with decent grammar/punctuation, even...) I'm duly impressed, and I'm inspired to answer seratim at length. :)
1) You should check my Fetlife account, over 10K images now (and video clip samples) and my tumblr has some other/different images as well.
Indeed, I have a large CV posted here, and many of the ladies I'm privileged to work with are locals and also newbies/first timers, and so many of my shoots, in that context, don't necessarily work well (for a particular viewer, or even for me...) but as I tell the first timers, the goal of the first shoot together (since I try to build relationships for continued shooting) is to simply get comfortable working in the genre, and with each other... to that end there's way more talking (and laughing and snacking, and playing with my studio cats) than actual shooting and.... as you noted, the sets are perhaps less 'polished' or attractive to the particular viewer.
I also run a paysite ( where I post photo/video of my work for paying members... due to that, I have a habit of editing all my sets as if I were posting them to such a site... in other words, the sets have a lot of photos to satisfy subscribers to my site, and not the much less profilic editing of more 'artistic' intent, where 1-6 photos might all I get from a entire shoot. (that pays in one aspect, some models agree later in our relationship to allowing me to publish their work on my paysite (for which they are compensated cash...) and the to-then-unpublished-for-sale sets are already edited and ready to go... most models have no interest in the paysite aspect of my work though.
2) Wishes...  Yah... if I could start over, I'd have a better naming convention, appropriate tagging fo my images, etc... that might be just the painfully tedious task to assign to my submissive. ;) I actually never expected to get this far, go this long in the genre. I've been incredibly fortunate.
3) Experimentals... Yeah, for a while there, particularly when I was stockpiling content for future paysite updates, I was shooting 14-16 girls a month for about 2 years (on top of a then fulltime job & national guard..) and I got burned out... also, with concurrent health problems (inoperable spinal cord tumor, left leg paraparesis and mobility/balance issues) causing me to cut back (Even if I wanted to continue the frentic pace...) and to move to more simple/mobile stuff... my last 4 shoots were all done with iPhone 7+ and edited on that or the iPad... and there are tonnes of editing tools I have yet to explore there. (my usual stuff, shot on a Nikon, editing in photoshop elements and Nik Software's filter suite) and so many of my younger models I know locally from various conventions (sci-fi, cosplay, anime/manga/comics) that I've done a LOT of comic stuff for/with them that you'd never see in this venue. ;)
4) For the most part, if you see ME in an image, you can usually assume that's a scene that would also appear in a corresponding video on my paysite... that'll probably be much rarer ongoing, in that my present mobility issues would look horribly cumbersome on screen...
5) Facial expressions.... My secret... particularly for the most desperate/urgent model expressions... *tickling*. You can assume that my finger probably poking a rib/belly button/armpit (with consent of the model...) because, laughter looks like terror in the right light. (I also shoot tickling fetish video, BTW)
But the choice of gear, scenario is often picked by the model (some pro fetish models 'trade' content with me, so I get the stills, they get the video to sell on their own sites in lieu of pay...)some of the stuff seems to be favorites and that breeds a bit of repetition, other sets are whatever strikes my fancy (and since in this job, I only have to please myself, I'm fortunate) and some sets (I try to make it not obvious) are images from play sessions with my partners..
AS I tell my models, what you see in my images is 99% of what goes on here when I *don't* have a camera in my hands

TYVM for your kind words about my work. Its *extremely* rare I get more than the inarticulate "dat's HOTTTTT!!!" type commentary. Okay, but not particularly useful.

(like, this whole SVE series, shot and edited on iphone... easier since most of the time I'm stuck on the couch lately.)

Mature Content

20180206 SVE PEPs 077 by PEPalfreyman
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