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NERA Skin for Winyl

Player download:
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The only thing missing is the option to turn the lyrics window into a cover photo+waveform.

Very nice looking skin. One weird thing though, it displays in a different language with (Cyrillic characters?) even when set to English. Then a request if possible - a stop button maybe?

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I think if you just restart Winyl it solves the characters issue. These skins are old and I don't update them anymore. You can try this other skin for MusicBee that I made: it's similar to the material skin, you can shift+click the pause button to stop a track.

Great skin, very artistic and functional.

Would it be possible to get a build with an even wider left window and bigger cover art? As it is, some artists and titles are cut-off while the middle windows sits comfortably with an overkill space. Also, an extra function for the right window, similar to your other skin - Material.
Add to this the time elapsed and you get perfection.

Also, those rating dots are super annoying. I don't know how to edit .wpz files to get rid of them :(
Nice job ! ;) Love this soft.
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Love this skit, looks so nice. Is there any way to remove the whole star rating part?
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Yes, but you'll have to edit the skin. The easiest way to do is just deleting the Rating folder in \NERA\Playlist.
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That worked. Thanks!
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This skin made me switch from foobar2000 after using it for about 4 years. The next track notifications look better too. Thanks a lot!
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Best skin ever i see good job :)
Wanted the same thing, but since Pep0 is awol ^0^, i've tinkered with his skin to obtain time elapsed.
Here you can download it here:
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Can you add the time, I like the program so much that I use it to hear audiobook, but it is dificult to see where you are without time. ^v^
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Really great Look!
I like! ^-^ adopted!

Thanks for your work!
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Really nice work! :)
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This skin is what it's gonna take for me to ditch iTunes and foobar and finally switch to Wynil. Great work, I love it!

Is there a way to put larger album art on the left panel? I'd hate to see many hours of my art hunting in good resolutions go to "waste" by being displayed this small.
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The best skin I've seen so far :)
Fantastic now there are the normal and large cover versions with both in dark in the download.  Covers what anyone could want.

Thanks Pep0
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Thanks for warning me, it's awesome right? :) Winyl finally looks amazing again!
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