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Material Light and Dark for Winyl (8 colors)

Player download:

Update 1.5: Removed grey color, updated orange color to a better one, fixed track number for albums with 100 tracks or more and other minor changes

Update 1.4: Fixed wrong color on playlist and more visible search on light themes

Update 1.3: Added light versions and icons to use on desktop

Update 1.2: Added 8 variant colors

Update 1.1: Rating now has color when playing or pausing
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Thank you very much for the best Winyl skin out there!

Question, could you find time to add another waveform (the one with jumping columns) and more colour schemes?

Very nice skin, thanks :)

Would be nice to have a stop button if possible.

Nice job. A bit large, but well designed.
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how to change application icon? I see the Icons folder...
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The icons were just a bonus to use on the desktop shortcut. But now there is new versions of the player (3.2.2+) that you can change the icon by putting Winyl.ico in the program folder.
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this doesn't work

do I have to apply it somewhere too?
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In version 3.3 the name was changed to Main.ico. Try that.
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I replaced Winyl.ico with Main.ico but the Program Icon is only changing in the search menu, not in the taskbar  if the program is opened. I just had to replace the icon of the link in the start menu manually too, thank you for your reply!
I wish there were a way to close the right column like NERA's lyrics column. Great skins.
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Thank you so much... my favourite Skin!
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awesome job! guys like you make the internet awesome! :)
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Great work, really appreciate it!
Love it! Definitely the best skin for Winyl.
Thank you.
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OMG, I LOVE it! 

 Winyl is such underrated player, and yet the most simple and optimized I know.
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Not gonna happen. Don't know how to do it.
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