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This wonderful group is dead, I think.... Bye, bye and RiP

Beautiful Lips and Teeth by rasmus-art
Cornrows by marianaGOH

Wanted to submit my work but since the group is not active thought I should paste it here.. xoxo

RIP dead group! Dead (RIP) Dead (RIP) Dead (RIP) Dead (RIP) Dead (RIP) 
Is this group dead? Dead (RIP) 
Hello, Hi! I am a traditional artist looking to grow my platform & expand my audience on social media. It would mean a lot to me to find support from fellow traditional artists, to get feedback, and to connect with others in the art community! Heart Please, if you can find any time, take a look at my gallery, thank you in advance! Hug #Andyvrenditions

Elvis and Marilyn by AndyVRenditions   MileyGreyVNeck by AndyVRenditions   FrankensteinGreyTank by AndyVRenditions   Unnamed (79) by AndyVRenditions   P 20170312 144903 by AndyVRenditions
rest in peace

Sad that the groups die out