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Order Scout Hoverbike cross-section- sketch


This one is a bit of a work-in-progress from the Ground Control universe- a RTS-game that I played years and years ago. The game itself came out in 1999, so it's been a good 18 years since the release of it. That said, it should be obvious that the original in-game model of this unit was very poor in details, a low-polygon model so I had to imagine a significant part of the details of the bike! I hope I did some justice to the original.

About this piece: this is a cross-section of an Order of the New Dawn scout unit, a fast moving, agile hoverbike. It is powered by an anti-gravity generator which gives it good ground clearance, a few meters or more by the looks of it. This means it doesn't need to go around most obstacles, making it an effective scout unit. I imagined the anti-grav generator being situated just under the pilots chest there, a large semi-circular thing encased in thermal insulation, cryo-pipes and sensors. There is a small pulse laser fitted on a stand at the back of the bike for some self-defence- it has its pulse generator inside the rear portion of the chassis, the accelerator thingie that sort of looks like a wheel. The pilot has a modified Order Crusader armor suit that is connected to the bike and its sensors through the two cable linkages at the back. Through the suits own and the bikes sensors, the pilot is able to ascertain the combat situation very effectively. The bike is not very well armoured, capable of withstanding shrapnel but not much else- the pilot is a bit better protected in his heavy suit, however.

Other details visible show the insides of the suit and helmet, propulsion systems, radar at the front, cryogenic tanks, controls and displays for the pilot and the on-board computer under the seat. 

I'll probably make this into a infographic like the Crayven APC in my gallery, so look forward to that! Enjoy! :)

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don't sit up on this thing lol
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Fantastic! And immune from my usual mechanical critique since it's all OND technology.

If I recall correctly, the scout bike doesn't have any notable special weapons/equipment. It would be awesome if you included those in future GC illustrations, such as the Crayven infantry AT rocket (my personal favorite) and anti-personnel mortar and the HOG's nuclear and fragmentation shells.

I'm excited to see the lovely OND colors on the exterior and what colors the high-tech components will be assigned!
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No, not really anything special. It did have a repair kit and a minelayer unit that could be equipped, but I thought it would've been a bit dull thing to include into this. I did draw an attachement rail with a quick lock mechanism where you'd attach the minelayer at the back.

Yeah, I could draw the infantry units from two different angles with the weapons and special equipment separately next to them. The APC didn't have any special additions, so obviously no need to draw anything extra there- same goes for many of the OND unit's special "ammo" and abilities, as they have no munitions.

As for the color on the inside components for this hoverbike, I was thinking along the lines of scientific equipment, satellites and such- golden yellow foil, silver foil for cryo parts, some different colors for the wiring etc..
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Good idea for the components colour palette! I think this would work out well.
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Very nice work - congratulations!!
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I knew it was from Groudn Control the moment I saw it! :D
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Glad to know it's recognizable, thanks! :)
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