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Order Crusader Infographic




I got into the groove of making these Ground Control- themed pics so I immediately resumed with the Order of the New Dawn infantry unit, the Crusader. I know what you think- what is up with that outfit? And that weapon?

Now, in my own opinion this design is just excellent! I'm biased though what with GC being such a big part of my gaming I did as a kid- even so, I think it is a great design, conveying perfectly the nature of the Order and it's technology in the game. The weapon is quirky, looks heavy and cumbersome, and the suit is excentric at least comparing it to other scifi-armors. Everything has a look of a first generation/prototype tech feel to it, which is kind of the Order's thing when it comes to military.

As for the drawing process, the references for this design were very few, only two images in the game manual section on the factions. A lot of squinting was required to come to the conclusion you see here! :D

You can check the other illustrations I've done based on this game here:………

Made completely in Photoshop CS6 with Wacom Cintiq 13".
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Shock Infantry is the right word. The BA and big-ass energy carbine really sells it.