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Order Crusader Infographic


I got into the groove of making these Ground Control- themed pics so I immediately resumed with the Order of the New Dawn infantry unit, the Crusader. I know what you think- what is up with that outfit? And that weapon?

Now, in my own opinion this design is just excellent! I'm biased though what with GC being such a big part of my gaming I did as a kid- even so, I think it is a great design, conveying perfectly the nature of the Order and it's technology in the game. The weapon is quirky, looks heavy and cumbersome, and the suit is excentric at least comparing it to other scifi-armors. Everything has a look of a first generation/prototype tech feel to it, which is kind of the Order's thing when it comes to military.

As for the drawing process, the references for this design were very few, only two images in the game manual section on the factions. A lot of squinting was required to come to the conclusion you see here! :D

You can check the other illustrations I've done based on this game here:………

Made completely in Photoshop CS6 with Wacom Cintiq 13".
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Good to see I'm not the only one who remembers Ground Control. :-) Nicely done, both this one and the other GC visual overviews !

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I haven't read/viewed the story this is apparently based on, but this Order sounds like very bad people.  I may have to familiarize myself with various types of explosive, including nuclear....
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They're not good per say, but not all bad either. Same goes for the corporations... oh and both have nukes too.

I highly recommend the game this work is based on, Ground Control. It's a nice RTS game from 20 years ago and for its time it had really good graphics that hold up nicely even now. It's free to download on many sites and on Steam and GOG as well.
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Question what are the Central Government's standard infantry like? Based on previous pictures they seem less heavy than either the Craven or the Crusaders, or are those just comandos, police, and pmcs?

Also I really like the look of these guys, they have nod elements but also some Gieger with all the tubes connected to the gun and the pack.
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Y'know, somehow the Brotherhood of Nod destroyed all black-and-red shemes for me. Well, for every something else that uses these colors. Even if it IS awesome.
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Yeah, I was noticing, too, how this crusader looks so optimistic! :)
These infographics are so delicious eye candy!
a nice piece of GC nostalgia ! although the Order is led by hi-tech religious fanatics, i don't think it is the Crusaders who are a bit off their rockers, that prize should, imho, go to the Order Faithful, who lack the Crusaders sophisticated gear and have to make do with old guns, bomb-vests, and Australian accents.
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The next overwatch hero XD
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Could be based on excentricity! Although there's a problem there are tens of million of them so not ideal for a unique hero...

Thanks! :D
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I was not expecting to see this so close on the heels of the Crayven Marine. You have been busy!

I consulted the manual (my original copy is still close at hand) before giving the infographic a read-through. I really enjoy all of the original details you've added to fill in the sparse background. Since the costume is not very complex, I feel that the larger share of your effort must have been the writing, and it shows. I love the idea of the armored tunic- it just seems to fit the OND so well.

The Crusader image in the manual depicts him with a noticeable scowl, so it is amusing to see this guy with quite a cheery expression. Perhaps the deacon just hit the injection command button and the effects are just dawning, as it were, on this Crusader: "Ah, what a wonderful morning on Krig-7B! The sun is shining, the long-legged fauna are frolicking, and the Cray are retreating! Praise the Light!"

I was thinking earlier about how interesting your "Orion" Drone Carrier Hoverdyne is sure to be once when you eventually hit us with it. There's so much mystery within that vehicle.

As always, looking forward to the next GC unit.
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I've got the manual too, along with the original box, CD jewel case and the rest of it. My wife thinks I'm being a bit silly holding on to something like that but she's come to understand my obsession. :D

The manual description is really short for some units so you need to extrapolate a lot and fill in blanks with suitable information. It's quite fun, usually takes a few hours to come up with everything on the final piece. For some units it's a bit hard to think of stuff to say about them since they're very simple but other like the HOG or the Orion I think I'll have to make a double-pager to fit all the stuff in.

Yeah he was supposed to look a bit off his rocker, glad that translated! The Crusaders are, after all, militant religious cultists pumped with stimulants and armed with high power energy weapons.

I think the list of units will be something like this, assuming I'll make them in order of appearance(allied NPC not counted):

Order APC
Light hoverdyne
Light terradyne
Main battle terradyne
Medium hoverdyne
Jaeger infantry
OND scout aerodyne
Templar AT infantry
Heavy hovedyne, HOG and OND attack aerodyne in the same mission
Anti-air terradyne & hoverdyne
Rocket, Heavy terradyne, assault aerodyne and beam platform
Bomber aerodyne
Artillery and Drone carrier hoverdynes

Can't remember when the fighters or cray scouts come in, but basically the Orion is way in the back of the list as it comes in mission 14 I think, and that was probably the only time it is seen in the campaign before the player gets it themselves in the OND campaign.
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Mission 10, the nighttime raid where you destroy the AA emplacements, is the first Crayven missions where you are allowed:
-Scout Aerodynes
-Attack Aerodynes
-Fighter Aerodynes
-Anti-Aircraft Terradynes

You also encounter the OND equivalents for each of the above, some for the first time.

The demo, which I played like crazy, gives you a taste of aerodyne command by letting you deploy the Scout Aerodyne in Mission 9. They were good for distracting the Order Attack Aerodynes while your slow-ass HOGs crawled to the drop zone.
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