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Heavy firepower at the Oracle Dunes



"I guess the dawnies thought they had us for a minute there, having spot our squad. They came rushing towards us, must've been two or three squads worth of crusaders and some light hoverdynes. Too bad they didn't know our Grizzly's we're just behind the crest of the hill... those poor fucks never stood a chance" -Crayven Marine Sergeant Davis, Oracle Dunes, Krig-7B.


I thought I'd have a go at the remake an old piece challenge thingie, so I picked this pic to remake:

Anyways I ended up making something else entirely, but kinda in the same vein, or theme... or something. Basically I changed the setting to one of my favourites, the Ground Control game universe. I just really wanted to draw the Crayven Corp heavy terradyne in action. I'll make a cross section on it later too. Gotta love the twin 120mm's am I right?

The game is freeware these days, and you can find info on it here, there's a really good single player campaign on the base game and extra missions and a whole aftermath campaign mod. Check it out at:
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Rumors about a Major defending White Asem... twice. And she did it with Wolves and Jackals.