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Heavy firepower at the Oracle Dunes

"I guess the dawnies thought they had us for a minute there, having spot our squad. They came rushing towards us, must've been two or three squads worth of crusaders and some light hoverdynes. Too bad they didn't know our Grizzly's we're just behind the crest of the hill... those poor fucks never stood a chance" -Crayven Marine Sergeant Davis, Oracle Dunes, Krig-7B.


I thought I'd have a go at the remake an old piece challenge thingie, so I picked this pic to remake:

Anyways I ended up making something else entirely, but kinda in the same vein, or theme... or something. Basically I changed the setting to one of my favourites, the Ground Control game universe. I just really wanted to draw the Crayven Corp heavy terradyne in action. I'll make a cross section on it later too. Gotta love the twin 120mm's am I right?

The game is freeware these days, and you can find info on it here, there's a really good single player campaign on the base game and extra missions and a whole aftermath campaign mod. Check it out at:
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absolutely amazing :D

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Very inspiring, love the perspective and atmosphere

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Oh I think I remember this mission.

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Oh, this is so beautiful. It's impossible not to mentally hear this battle as it would have sounded in the game. I'm glad you decided to shift the setting of your remake. This is definitely going to be my new wallpaper.

Those lovely casing ejectors are far and away my favorite detail, but the parallel trail of rifle casings beside the Marines' footprints are too flavorful to leave unmentioned.

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Glad you like it! I did spend a good few minutes just on the ejectors, those were fun to do. Those casings are there to sell the idea that the marines were already firing for a while before the Grizzly's got there.

When I was making this I got an idea to make a scale model of the heavy terradyne, that'd be a nice piece on the shelf...

Cool tank scene.

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There should be more RTS games like Ground Control 1.

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Nice troop talk. Nice shot.

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Your welcome 🙏
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I loved that game. Would love to see a cross section of that one too... :3

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I'll make one in due time. There's a bunch of units to go through before this one though but I'll get there.

Pew, pew. Well drawn mate love the little story in the description.

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Glad you like it!

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Damn, this made me realize how huge those guns are. They take up most of the turret, which isn't exactly a small one!

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Yes, and there's no crew inside the turret either just the two autoloaders, guns and a ton of armor (well, probably more than a ton).

Blasting from the past ! "They just kept on coming and coming as if there was no tomorrow - which, for most of them, there was wasn't". Good spacing on the infantry too.

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Oh, I remember that line, wasn't it in Crayven campaign mission 04 debriefing? Man, GC had some stellar lines.

Yeah, the infantry shouldn't be packed close, ever. That's a recipe for getting them killed quick!

yes, it was at the end of Mission 04, my memory was not very accurate, but you can here it in the link below, with Jen Hale doing that flawlessly posh accent (based on Julie Andrews?)

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I recognized that thing, even between all those thumbnail pics!

DTT-1203 Grizzly Heavy Terradyne from Ground Control!

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Correct! One of my favourite units from the game, I love the beefy sound its guns have in the game. Glad you like it!

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