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Crayven Marine Infographic


So I recently finished this one, a kind of a continuation of a series of similar infographics about the old RTS-game Ground Control which came out in 1999. The other ones I've done so far you can find here:……

Those were mechanical cross-sections showing the internals of the units in question, but for these infantry infographics I thought that to be unnecessary since there's really not much going on under the suit or in the gun for that matter. It is an unpowered suit and a relatively simple gun after all. I will color the Crayven units with different color schemes in the further infographics I plan to make. In any case I decided to just make an infographic out of it and I think it turned out nicely- I also employed more black and used a new digital inking brush for practice which I think adds a nice touch to the lines.

A fun sidenote on the details of this unit: I had just three good reference images of a high-poly model that show even a hint of the backpack unit here, and those weren't exactly high resolution! It was a total pain to try and think what the actual backpack looks like, so there's a bit of guesswork that's gone into the design you see here. The in-game models don't provide any information since it's so low on details. I think I got quite close with this interpretation.

Photoshop CS6 + Wacom Cintiq 13".
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I really like what you did with the backpack, looks like that rig can be modified for all sorts of mission-specific equipment and if that's not Ground Control then nothing is.

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For some reason, this makes me think of the 5th Element.
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Probably because the weapon is a bit similar in appearance to the zorg zf-1, perhaps? That, plus the obvious 90's scifi-vibe.
i have to say that i am not sure about this one, he seems more like a support / base security soldier than a Crayven Marine.
back when i bought the game, the box-art was closer to this:…

with distinctly samurai design cues, and an enormous gun-shield. plus the Marine voice is very Arnie ('ve vill enter the APC'), suggesting that successful candidates can lift heavy veights, and may show off a bit by waving the gun around in one hand.
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I was a bit surprised to see the pose you'd chosen for the Marine- I am so used to seeing the shield-gun upheld that I had to consult Google Images to remind myself what the torso body armor is actually supposed to look like. He looks awfully vulnerable without that gun in front of him- which feels weird but is also interesting. I'd still love to see a third view in classic, helmeted, front-on battle pose. Beggers cannot be choosers, however.

Looking at the box art (…), I'd always wondered what the functions of all the extra barrels around the main ones were. I'm also surprised to see him holding the gun one-handed. The box art gun looked so huge, I could never imagine it being anything other than a two-handed weapon.

I had also thought you would have gone with the turtle-shell backpack that they have in the game. At least that is what I had always thought of it as. I like yours thought; it is more accessible and possibly more practical.

And good call for going with the desert color scheme. I can almost hear the soundtrack to Mission 1 when I look at this guy.

Keep up the brilliant work!
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I thought there were quite a few pics with battle poses so I went with something not really seen in the game, namely the marine just standing around. As far as I can tell, the body armor and gun is meant to cover the marine nicely when he's in the standard firing position, the gun's shield will cover the more lightly armored right side and the left secured by the added rigid chest armor.

I've looked at the gun design quite a bit and it has two barrels above what I interpret to be a recoil absorber/sled along with four solid guide rods surrounding the barrels. Also from the promotional art I gather that the gun can be held with just one hand, like in the jungle reference pic below. That said I don't think you can fire it with just one hand.

The backpack unit gave me a massive headache to get right. I know the one in-game looks like a turtle-shell, but having scoured through the scant references I could gather I concluded that it wasn't the design it was supposed to have(though I like the in-game look as well). I noticed the in-game models backpack uses a texture found in all sorts of other objects, buildings, units etc. so I think it was a bit of a placeholder- why that is I don't know. In any case you can look at the references(the jungle pic and the GC2 promo art that, for some reason features the Crayven marines?).…………

I reckon the next one in line is going to be the OND Crusader if I keep on the as you acquire/encounter- line on making these arts.
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Ah, I had never seen that image on the Rebellion link. Having seen it, I prefer your rendition. You've obviously done your out-of-game research, so I will consider my questions answered. I can appreciate your illustrations more deeply now.
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These are just perfect. Shows that you are a pro.

I had always wondered about the little webcam sitting on their shoulders XD
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Thanks man! It took a fair bit of looking into reference pics to get the details right.
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