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Crayven Marine Infographic




So I recently finished this one, a kind of a continuation of a series of similar infographics about the old RTS-game Ground Control which came out in 1999. The other ones I've done so far you can find here:……

Those were mechanical cross-sections showing the internals of the units in question, but for these infantry infographics I thought that to be unnecessary since there's really not much going on under the suit or in the gun for that matter. It is an unpowered suit and a relatively simple gun after all. I will color the Crayven units with different color schemes in the further infographics I plan to make. In any case I decided to just make an infographic out of it and I think it turned out nicely- I also employed more black and used a new digital inking brush for practice which I think adds a nice touch to the lines.

A fun sidenote on the details of this unit: I had just three good reference images of a high-poly model that show even a hint of the backpack unit here, and those weren't exactly high resolution! It was a total pain to try and think what the actual backpack looks like, so there's a bit of guesswork that's gone into the design you see here. The in-game models don't provide any information since it's so low on details. I think I got quite close with this interpretation.

Photoshop CS6 + Wacom Cintiq 13".
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This game was awesome, hope to see a remaster of it with the same quality as "destroy all humans" that would be awesome, your work is awesome have you had any infographics of other dark conspiracy units and mercenaries?