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I noticed my old post about commissions was, well, old. Here's the new line I mainly go by when it comes to commissions:

Rates vary generally between $50-$150 per image, depending much on the complexity, colours, inked or not and other details. I will not give very specific rates since what is wanted/required varies so much between individuals. Some small, quick sketches can go for lower amounts but mainly my rates are around $50 and up since people don't usually order anything quick and simple. :D

If you'd like to commission me just send me a note and we'll talk more on the details! :)


Characters from my fantasy world
Hi! Here's a few traditional sketch pieces I made while I was out of town and unable to work on comics- some character sketches from the fantasy world I've been planning for a comic to be made at a later date. More works can be found in my gallery:

The characters, in order from left to right, with a bit of backstory. They're more general classes of people living in the world than specific characters, most of them at least.

"Griffon hunters are masters of the hunt. There is no prey they cannot catch, including humans."

Pictured here is a tribal huntsman from one of the myriad tribes living in the great Ironwood forest in the southern parts of the Tengherii Empire. Adorned with tribal tattoos and cloth he has armoured himself with a light scale armour covering his torso, made of the locally growing ironwood. Hardness of the ironwood equals quality bronze, or so say the master smiths of the Gervani grand ironworks. The greatest possession of the hunter is the griffon's beak tied to his loincloth. The beak is a symbol of his hunting prowess and signifies his passing of the hunter's rite, or the falling of a great griffon- not to mention the great magical benefits said to be bestowed. Additionally a few shark teeth from the Jewel isles are sewn onto the cloth. This hunter is armed with a hunting bow, a few heavy war arrows, some lighter hunting arrows, short sword and a spear. The sword and spear are most likely traded from passing merchants brave enough to approach the fickle tribes in search of great profits.

"The Tengherii Guard only accepts the best warriors from the purest steppe bloodlines. This way it is ensured that the legacy of Tenge will be guarded by his own blood."

The Royal guard of the greatest land power in the world, the Tengherii Empire consists of soldiers handpicked from the sons of the Tengherii nobility, schooled in combat arts and subterfuge. They act mainly as sentries in the royal households in the Imperial city and Tengara's dynasty palace, but occasionally take the field if the emperor decides to command a battle himself. The guard is armed with suitable polearms according to their current task, armoured in their cuirasses prominently adorned with the Tengharan crest.

"A most fearsome force to witness in battle, but more fearsome still should you try to fool a mage in their payments."

A female mage, wearing a distinctive Drimani style harness with some additions found on many combat mages. The additions here are the colored cloths worn twisted around the waist and head, the embroidered clothes worn on top of the armor and beneath it, the dress this mage has decided to incorporate with the harness probably for stylistic reasons. Every mage carries with them the staff awarded to them by their master when they ended their apprenticeship, seen here in the mage's right hand. It is a ceremonial tool, but additionally they may carry a weapon on their person for safety, like a sword.

"A mercenary's life is a short, brutal affair conducted for the amusement of someone more noble- but it pays well."

Seen here is a mercenary, probably of Gervani origin from over the sea in to the south. Carrying all he owns with him in little satchels he travels the Drimani peninsula seeking employment with his company- a loose confederation of mercenaries led by a company master. The companies constantly recruit more men and lose them in battles, to disease or desertion so the profession has a reputation of danger attached to it. Most mercenaries start their careers hoping to attain personal repute and thus possible employment as a bodyguard to some noble Drimani family, the best career choice for any mercenary wanting steady pay and wealth. This mercenary has probably seen his share of battles, but appears to be of middling wealth, as he has only basic armour protection.

"The Fenoans? Don't speak of them here, it's bad luck- you might run into one."

This female warrior is of Fenoan origin, from some of the brutal tribes of the iron valley to the far north beyond Hür castle. She is dressed in the standard Fenoan fashion, with thick, warm layered garments, armoured with crude iron scale armour and helmet. Being a failed blood sacrifice she has no place with her own tribe and has resorted to wandering the world and offering her services to anyone willing to pay for them. Fenoans are usually welcomed by mercenary companies but rarely tolerated for long due to their strange religious practices and blood rituals. The large scar on this womans face denotes her as a "failed sacrifice", one who escaped after being kneeled down by the shamans to be sacrificed to the dark gods on sacrifice cliff. The Fenoan human sacrifice involves the splitting of the skull to release the spirit of the one being sacrificed, but some have escaped the blade with their own strength, though usually left badly scarred and cast out of their tribe in the process at the very least. The fenoan's combat practices also involve the skull-splitting as ritualistic element to release the spirit of the enemy once slain, partly leading to their reputation.

Well, that's it for now, enjoy! :)
Cleaning duty

This one's just a traditional art practice, to work with the inks for a change. It'd need some darker tones, but not badly enough to warrant a re-scan. The character pictured is Hemera, from my scifi series Requiem(third part in the works).

Frasian armoured vehicles

A little piece on assorted equipment of the Frasian army, a state in the northern region of the continent of my Interwar-esque fantasy world. Map and further info here:…
In the vanguard
"The Menoan noble lords are known to be cheapskates, but really- having to ride into battle yourself as a condition for payment? Me, a skilled mage in hand-to-hand combat? Luckily, I have just the ride to carry me."

Here's a little piece from my fantasy world project, which I try to work on every now and then. It's a great way to have fun drawing harnesses and medieval gear, weapons and the like, though I really do go overboard with the detail too often.

Depicted here is a mage controlling her golem, a magical construct mainly composing of local materials like dirt, clay and earth fused with "seeds" used to bring motion into the lifeless body. Location of battle is on the Drimani peninsula, a border skirmish between the cities of Menoa and Cusa, in the peak of summer on a dry riverbed. The two forces are mainly composed of some nobles having a nice day out showing off their fancy armours and playing at war and under their command, mercenary legions employing mixed formations. The men carry mainly long polearms and are fairly well armoured, but some have crossbows or are heavily armoured "formation breakers" who sow chaos in the opposing line with warhammers, swords and shields. Some rich mercenary companies even employ the newest technology: hand-held gunpowder cannon.

The battles fought between the city-states of the drimani are rarely consequential and mostly ceremonial in nature, even if they are very bloody. They are mainly used to bolster the nobles' standing in the intra-city power struggles. However when a city simply has to battle seriosly or face losses, they usually seek to employ a trump card- an extra company of mercenaries, regiment of cannon or better yet, a skilled mage specialized in combat arts. Many of these mages are proficient in constructing golems, since they are relatively simple and precise to control unlike, say- lighting strikes brought on by mage who can control weather phenomenons. Controlling such combat beasts is a great strain on the nerves of even a veteran mage, which limits their size to generally around 2,5 meters tall- this one depicted is one of the largest, reaching nearly 4 meters tall. The combat golems are usually armoured to protect them from cannon, siege engines and fire used to destroy them. Seen on top of the golem the mage is armoured as well, with a fitted, stylish export harness made my a master smith, unlike the banged up and cobbled together gear seen on the troops below.

My gallery has more on this project:………………

Crayven Light Terradyne Infographic

So, this is the other infographic I prepared for today, the Crayven Corp equivalent to the Order light vehicle. Both are from the old RTS Ground Control, way back from 1999. I think these light vehicles don't have as many interesting points to them, but they're worth a feature anyway. I also made a version of this with the cut-outs removed and I was thinking of making a flash file out of this so it changes the picture with a click, but lack the knowledge to do so yet... if anyone has a quick tip on that, tell me.

On another note, I'll be posting a similar infographic on the Terminator armour from WH 40K, sometime soonish I hope. I have the thing inked and base colored.



PenUser has started a donation pool!
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I'm trying to gather up points for Core membership. For every 1000 points, I'll do a journal post where you can suggest a topic for a sketch and I will draw the most popular one. At the 4000 marker I'll make a poll where you can then vote on which of the sketches I'll finish as a full-color artwork!

Thanks for anyone taking part! :)

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