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Hey folks :) 

How are you? Are you caught up in that strangely Sunday-afternoon-y-feeling limbo between the holidays where everything isn't quite back to normal? A bit deflated?

Looking for something to look forward to? 

............then I may just have the solution for you!

On January 1st 2017 I launch the very first TWELVTY
welcome to twelvty by penngregory

each month in 2017 I'll take you on an adventure through a new color. Cycling through the color wheel a month at a time.

Find out more RIGHT HERE and hop aboard!

Untitled by penngregory
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Strange, but fascinating. 
Dismiss the differences, look for the similarities, connect. 
Be Love 

  Identita by DOK-FITZ     <da:thumb id="612170432"/>      Le Baiser by D4RI4ELECTR4     Rebirth by Slawekgruca
<da:thumb id="374553736"/>   ocean 268 by Hengki24   Stripes by Angel-17-Serenity    Alter Ego by Enigmapsyche

Mature Content

Spiral Bends II by BakaTsu
  Decay III ( sunflower ) by absumaniac  I Have A Name by melanierogers  <da:thumb id="216824859"/>
Separated III - Where Are You? by Iskaeldt    

Mature Content

Ignis by hypnothalamus
    <da:thumb id="606610126"/>
M14  His Secret by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM   Hope is a Lie by kjimn     M2016-040  ... Portrait by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM
the kiss of the shadow upd by grezelle  Spring, wake up! by DalfaArt  Andrea Portrait Head 1 2010 by JJURON  Paint Portrait 3 by editingninja 
Inside out by kerast  My baby Love - Morning by BeatrizMartinVidal  To Yuumei by KingE45
  Skull of my Deer by DanielleBostic   Sorrow by FyreBirdi  

Mature Content

Marbree by mainloop
 <da:thumb id="581920397"/>   <da:thumb id="598837496"/> T-s01 by shichigoro756
Sueno Perpendicular by drahomira    femmes by flaviafou    fish friend by erebun    distant thoughts by rikochet33 
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warmer days

7 min read
It's all but summer time, the days are longer and the rain is a little warmer now ;) 
Celebrate this with me by enjoying these gorgeously warm and joyful images.
Biggest thank yous to all the amazing artists who contributed these delicious works <3

 <da:thumb id="594074982"/>  after the sunset e by Hmyrdurden Net webbed wall by IDeviant  gb by estellamestella  The dream of Chrysalis (modifications) by Podestina
7222 by hiimlucifer  fly... by tolgag  Listen to your heart - Heart 22 by DorottyaS <da:thumb id="177998734"/>
Rainbow Flower of Life Lotus by Lilyas  Fishbowl by KanchanMahon  Body and Mind by MarianKretschmer by LanaTustich
Tivoli by OnurY 

Mature Content

0586 by musturk
#28 cat by gawki 

Mature Content

Suvetar by JaimeIbarra
  it's callin' by werol
the new by mikeshkaos  <da:thumb id="179019673"/>  Happy Everyday by arefin03  Colorful interior filled with foliage by Zawij
  All Or Nothing by ART-BY-DOC  Exupery by Versatis <da:thumb id="607216839"/>  Bananas leaves by takmaj <da:thumb id="602543590"/>
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Peacock Blues

16 min read
Colour by colour, I sift and arrange. 'Do what you feel drawn to'.I do colour. Colour magnetises me. 

If I could only choose one, it would be somewhere in the field of turquoise aqua blue, the peacock hues. With a little smidge of coppery orange or bronzey browns for contrast.
(So - if I could choose only one - I couldn't do that)

  The Magic At The Bottom Of A Bottle by Stolen-Breath  Peacock by stephanieleighh  gust of wind by 7nexx  Speedpaint #19 by Sylar113
Presyncope: a two-month cushion by ogunhe  Two Burning Matches by gilad  City of the trial by phoenix-feng <da:thumb id="165303694"/>  dream by Saskiyah  Shades of Turquoise by Lani-is-NINJA
Color and texture by darkysterik  Louie's Comfort by graven-images-426  Turquoise: l'eau III by RougeChapeau  Wallpaper Little Fox by LouJah by LouJah
   Troubled times by DrinK-The-StripeS  Turquoise by KariZza  BLUE CHAIN by alexblur8 <da:thumb id="112349363"/> Reflectivity by TurquoiseGrrrl
    Cosmic eye by LillyMooncat  cool mint by mirjaT<da:thumb id="585999459"/>  Larimar by eReSaW
Mango tree by CaitlinWorthington Sea Shore Love Heart Suncatcher by EarthBalanceCraft   The little mermaid by xx-RAINYDAY-xx   Unicorn Solitude -v2 by J4K0644061x
Triangles Teal Brown by crimsonvermillion   Jack by AngelaRizza  We're Taking 'Em On by hannahroseison  RESIGNED by slaine  January Birds by Calmality
  Peaceful by siamois  Acoustic Set by Tattooedmunky  love by Spank-My-Joystick  Corridor to Nowhere by valmont1702
Turquoise Harmony II by MadeByHand  Gun-shy by april182   CS 124 by sth22art turquoise eye by meltdownparadise777 Yellow-green-turquoise by YOKOKY
Stained Blue Glass by AHfineart  Paranormal Activity... by StelfySkya   Dive into the water and flow by boxchicken  Untitled by raptorzysko  Mushroom Cloud by dalifan-teresa
  Liquid Sunshine 5 by JoDrury  Summertime by Kaleioki Lor and Chelli Tea Party 02 by Chelli-M  Autumn by Aurelien-Minozzi
  hrddds by spr041  t u r q u o i s e by BiscuiTsi <da:thumb id="539149898"/>  burning turquoise by Amanitou
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Happy New Year, folks :) - it's still fairly new, right?

Do you have a word for 2016? Last year, my word was FOCUS, and it served me well, I was more concentrated, more on the ball. This year my word is FLOW. I'm learning to go with the flow, be more adaptable, less resisting. I've got dreams that have followed me over the years which I plan to play out, to embody, to bring into being this year. They are going to flow.

Here are some of the images I found around here that seem to illustrate my flow-thoughts. Some are literal, some are more of a thought-jump from the word
Flowing Light by Howlter2009  Yoga Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana by koko0117  Ice - Flow 3 by kootenayphotos

Mature Content

The Birth Of Sound. Mysterium by INDRIKoff
  Over Flowing Well by christianjw  A Pregnant Pause by KanchanMahon  We Could Die Chasing this Feeling by theflickerees
Subtle Stream by SpasticSparky <da:thumb id="579693973"/>  Tuscan  Carpet by CitizenFresh
Mole Rider by rskrakau <da:thumb id="547484032"/>  Man in the Fog by t-Werca <da:thumb id="581725433"/>
Dream by mikartmilo   White Noise by PhotoartBK <da:thumb id="581909803"/>
The Convulsive Corset of Jenny Lind at the Climax by MANDELWERK  Sonno All'interno di Sogni Azzurri by L-E-N-T-E-S-C-U-R-A  .. by kriakao
Peacock Tree by lightnessoflife  But a Dream Within a Dream by KingaBritschgi  Hide-and-seek by KingaBritschgi
  For a minute there I lost myself by Marie-Esther  Stained Blue Glass by AHfineart <da:thumb id="485318747"/>  Stained Glass 18 by KyleWilcoxVisualArt
Romance by baconworm <da:thumb id="504356258"/> <da:thumb id="505323054"/> Black sea by Katie-Watersell  
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