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First off, I just want to say I never thought Past Sins would get as popular as it did. I just wrote a story I wanted to write, and when I first published it I hoped it was going to be as popular as Better Living, which was my most rated fic at the time.

So, I just want to say thank you to everyone that's made fan-art, fan-music, fan-anything for Past Sins and Nyx. You really do honor me with your time and energy. Even though all this attention has made some people despise the story, and by association me, I don't regret a moment of it. I'm happy I was able to present a story so many people like, and Past Sins itself has been a massive learning experience for me.

Now, to get to the real reason I'm making this post. There is another artist here on DA who is beginning and undertaking that ASTOUNDS me. It's something that the fans of the story should love, though I also fear some of the flames it will draw.

To put it simply, space-is-pretty-big is endeavoring to make Past Sins into a comic. He already has the first 5 panels done, and he'd done them very well.

So, please, if you liked Past Sins head over to space-is-pretty-big and give him some support.
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And it is none existent. Great.