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Glimpses Cover Art - COM (All Valcron)

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Though it's a little late, Valcron finished his coloring/shading of the cover for Glimpses, and personally, I think it's stunning. So, happy 5th + some weeks anniversary of Past Sins. Let's see if we can keep this party rocking all year! (No, not really. No, Pinkie Pie... no, no year long party.)

Anyway, the link to the story is at the bottom of the description for those who haven't already checked it out.

Story: Glimpses

When pursuing Starlight, Twilight and Spike experienced variances of Equestria, and saw how the river of time could have been different. Now, Starlight has moved in with Twilight, Nyx, and Spike in their crystalline home and has begun her studies in friendship. To thank those who have helped her embrace friendship once more, Starlight has created an enchantment that allows the castle’s map table to let anyone glimpse other variances of reality.

The power to ask “what if,” can be a source of great amusement… but for some, the hypotheticals are haunting reminders of what could have been.

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Intrigued Spike is intrigued :D
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raja1057Hobbyist General Artist
ok now to read this
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I really wish I could see full stories out of these "what ifs". Despite that, I really enjoyed it.
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SpokenMind93Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just saying that this story, especially the last part, is awesome xD
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Negaboss2000Student Artist
I agree, I wonder if there will be a timeline where Nyx actually grew out of her own mother's care and went in a different direction?