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Com - Nightmare or Nyx cover

Why, is this the cover to a new Past Sins side story?

Why, is this a commission from Valcron?

Yes and Yes. Once more, Valcron has done me the honor of taking on another commission in relation to Past Sins. Check out the story on Fimfiction. Link and description is below.

STORY LINK>>>>[link]<<<<<<

Spike almost lost Twilight to a hangmare’s noose, but now Twilight is safe and Nyx is a filly again. Normal life is returning. Still, Spike can’t ignore the fact that Nyx just isn’t the same as he remembers her. Her temper is more volatile, and, when she gets angry, all he can see is the rage-driven Nightmare Moon of legend.
And thus Spike has to wonder: Is Nyx truly reformed, or is she one bad tantrum away from calling herself Nightmare Moon again?

Art by :icondreatos:
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Hi Penstroke

I was wondering, are we allowed to use Nyx for other fanfictions?

can I also make a genderswapped version of past sins along with a reboot?
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I have a blog that answers the question about Nyx's use in other stories. Still, I also strongly encourage writers to not just rewrite or reboot the core story.

The blog post in question is here:…
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Thanks very much Penstroke and can I say that Nyx is my favourite fan character? She's cute and adorable and sweet and most importantly, she is one of the greatest foals that I have come across in my entire experience of equestria (Gaia Prime)
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... i need to read that but it sounds so sad. is she good? does she want to be good?
l4dsnowleopardhunter's avatar
sorry but who the *@$% is Nyx i don't see in the serie?
please tell me
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Nyx is a character from the Fanfiction "Past Sins", which can easily be found on Fimfiction. It's one of more well known stories in the fandom and thus Nyx is one of the more well known original characters.
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finaly read it!

i gotta admit there wasnt as much nyx as i wanted... but theworld building makes upfor it, and then some.
it intrigues me that not everybody forgives nyx, its understandable though, oh, and shining armour not liking nyx caugh me off guard! i though he would have been one the ponies helping her to grow up...

its definitly nice -in the "artistic" way- to see that not everything is color pink for nyx
and grany smith`s improntu jail make me lol XD
It was an amazing side story, and what I feel acts as a gateway for 1 or 2 other side stories; one involving Nyx, and one involving Shining Armor
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A great slice of life piece. It only reminds me how much I want my hard copy of Past Sins to come in now :(
rainbowdash64's avatar
Gonna be on EqD?
PenStrokePony's avatar
Going to pair release it with something else on EQD once I got its sister piece up on FimFiction.
prinnylover101's avatar
is this a fan sequel to Past Sins?
demonjack123's avatar
He's the one that made it.
PenStrokePony's avatar
Kind of hard to be a fan sequel when I was the original author :P
prinnylover101's avatar
really? I thought someone else made it...
prinnylover101's avatar
like you sometimes do to other art works where you color them and stuff?
yamauchi1889's avatar
you're the author? well then i just want to say, that past sins was one of the best stories i have read. it was fantastic.
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Nyx's face is just so adorable~!! I want to squeeze her nose.
mortalshinobi's avatar
cute. she looks adorable.
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I need to find time to read it, but... League of Legend World Championships is this weekend! I have no time until Sunday! ; ;
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Not the most inspired title. But anyway, NIXIE
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