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Com - Nightmare or Nyx cover



Why, is this the cover to a new Past Sins side story?

Why, is this a commission from Valcron?

Yes and Yes. Once more, Valcron has done me the honor of taking on another commission in relation to Past Sins. Check out the story on Fimfiction. Link and description is below.

STORY LINK>>>>[link]<<<<<<

Spike almost lost Twilight to a hangmare’s noose, but now Twilight is safe and Nyx is a filly again. Normal life is returning. Still, Spike can’t ignore the fact that Nyx just isn’t the same as he remembers her. Her temper is more volatile, and, when she gets angry, all he can see is the rage-driven Nightmare Moon of legend.
And thus Spike has to wonder: Is Nyx truly reformed, or is she one bad tantrum away from calling herself Nightmare Moon again?

Art by :icondreatos:
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