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OA Potion Labels

Decided to make some nice in character labels for Tesla's potion bottles. She's no alchemist, and not a frequent user of potions, so she'll have just picked up a few from the local potion purveyor back home for emergencies on adventures.
I may have got a little carried away with the detail, since the food colouring bottles I'm using for the healing potions won't take a label taller than 3cm, but they were too much fun to do to scrap. I'll probably work on a more printable version later.

I made them in MS Publisher. The fancy little borders were in a pre-existing template. The other symbols are alchemical, from an alchemy font (the ones after healing elixir mean dissolve and composition, mirrored on the left, the one for the wound closing solution means annealing, which I initially chose based on the genetic definition being visually fitting, but the actual definition sort of fits too).
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