Tuesday Tidings - 22

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Hoy everybody ^-^/

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Commissions are currently closed. For more info about why, and when they might be open again see below section.

Wear haz yoo bean?

In answer to your poorly worded question ;p, I've been out and about in tha real world making a name for meself in other fields. For those that didn't already know, I started my new job just over a month ago, which for me is amazing and fun and earns lotsa cash... But for you guys it does mean I haven't had as much if any real free time to do drawings. However, now I'm starting to settle into my new lifestyle, on weekends (when I can) I will try and put aside some time for drawing. Commissioning me might become rather tricky, as I neither need the money or the hassle, buuuut having said that, I do enjoy drawing peoples ideas for them. So if it's a reeeeeallllly good idea, then I might make the odd exception. But in summary I don't think I'll be doing commissions again, at least for the foreseeable future. 

But what will I be doing instead you ask. Well I'll tell you. To start off with I have the project listed in the section below. But my main focus (and kind of what I've been wanting to do since I started drawing here) is on my OC's and their story/relationship, cuz there really isn't very much of that at the moment. So that'll probably take up the rest of the year's worth of drawing ^^. I have also started an animation project for Josie, which has made a little progress, but I don't anticipate that being finished anytime soon. 

This might sound like a cliche thing to say nowa'dayz, but I really do appreciate those who actively follow what I do, and have been a little concerned about my absence recently. It surprises me that my doodlings get any attention at all ^^. So to summarise this section; I'm not dead, I am still doing drawings, no more commissions and lots more Josie & Fluff. 

Fan Art Poll

I released a poll a while ago, to see which of my favourite characters you wanted to see me draw, and here are the results... 2 months late @.@

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 20.49.01 by Penoda

So the top three are: Suki (Milkybody), Skie Maree (Skie-maree) and Maid Mischa (BouncyMischa)

So I'll get a hold of their creators and see if they mind me drawing them, and that'll be the next set of images i'll be working on ^^ 

Thanks all for getting involved!

Penoda's mind leak

Mmm Cake Drooling Tard 

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That's all folks. I hope you enjoy/are mildly interested by the format of my news publications. Any comments on news articles or the Tuesday Tidings format leave them below ^.^

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