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Atlantis Found by Pennywithaney Atlantis Found by Pennywithaney
A wattpad book cover that I made for one of my own stories. Here is the description of the story:
When a tsunami destroys part of the Bahamas, an outpouring of support comes from all over the world.  Ada Francis is among those who come to the Bahamas to help, but it's not just volunteering that brings her there.

As a scientist who specializes in oceanography but has a love for history and culture, Ada is the perfect candidate for an expedition to inspect the collapsing of part of an island into a blue hole. This becomes especially true when humanoid remains more than 9,000 years old are found perfectly preserved in the blue hole's depths.

However, when evidence starts to pile up and more than one dive goes wrong, Ada and the rest of the team find much more than what they bargained for.  

Disclaimer: I do not make money from my wattpad books or from the covers I make on the site.

Resources:  1000 leagues sub by NHuval-stock by NHuval-stock 
background by Jeremy Bishop on unsplash…
brushes used: TC Epica IV ( TC - E P I C A - IV  tenderly by TreehouseCharms) by TreehouseCharms 
bubble brush ( Bubble brush by FuelFireDesire) by FuelFireDesire 

Rest of the resources used were my own.
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June 14, 2017
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