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'sup shorty? by pennyrobinson 'sup shorty? :iconpennyrobinson:pennyrobinson 0 0 winking stars by pennyrobinson winking stars :iconpennyrobinson:pennyrobinson 0 0
contemplating adulthood
It's the last night of summer, but none of this has been summer at all. When the trees have started their change in hue and everything begins to die I will only have just woken up from the dream of summer. I love the crisp freshness of the air. School clothes and notebook shopping for the children.
But I am not a part of that anymore. fall is here &I too am nostaligic for younger years. Those who don't want to grow up are always thrust into adulthood face first &too quickly. while i cannot claim the title of "adult" just yet i have had a taste and shudder at it's flavor.
i do not want this.
I have always been most perceptive of my own person &have always known that my growing up would be sdone kicking &screaming.
Here I am.
In this impossible battle against time.
Audlthood is the death of childhood values.
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Groove On
groove on, fabulous glittering universe
beat magic feet on enthusiastic pavement
sweet soul music
broken glass beat boombox
learn & love to a different drum & shine on, stardust.
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No Title
my heart lays, fragile, in thy grip
my spirit intertwined with thine
i love thee more &more each day
i'm thine &thou art mine
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The Fool
how far away from i are thee my love?
an ocean does not seperate us two
but yet it seems you drift away from me
&i am left alone to play the fool.
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Life In A Glass Box
There once was a girl
Who lived in a box made of glass
and all the people stopped to point and laugh
at the poor girl with no past
one day the glass broke
and she slit her pretty throat with it
she washed her hands in the blood
and wondered what life would have been like if someone had cared
but no one did
and she died
and she was buried
in a glass coffin
at a glass funeral
and there she became the girl with no future
broken, lonely and gone.
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bullet-proof jacket required
In his eyes i can see the destruction of everything i hold in the shadows of my heart.
in my murderous desire to taste his lips i can feel the explosive climax of
                                               e v e r y t h i n g
the perfect interlock of each of our digits - securely placed in pattern
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Hello Uncle
accosted in the moonlight
by a ghost
pale ; sickly
a faint recollection of my father.
a faded, cracked image
of a childhood memory
older ; balding
a disintegrated photograph of a man i`d once known.
i acquiesced to enter his automobile
endured a ride of unanswerable questions.
" how have you been these past years?"
i blackened the empty easel with accounts of madness
( a forced look on years endured )
attempted to blind the driver ; crash the car.
a meal eaten in the haze of a bar
the acrid smell of new cigarettes
questions repeated by a faulty connection
between mind
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first coffee of the morning
head still spinning from the first cigarette of the morning.
            empty stomached, sitting at an empty picnic table.
                          ( hiding from the sun. )
the cars dance on the freeway,
marching in twos &threes wasting precious seconds going from one place to another.
each with a restless passenger in its belly.
                         ( sounding monstrous voices. )
in the shade of the trees
with the repetitive freeway rushing by ;
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Time Stands Still, For Us.
If eyes are the windows to the soul
then your soul must be as deep as the ocean.
I could get lost forever on those calm waters,
questioning the depths.
let`s drown in it ;
nothing before ever existed
nothing after ever will.
we are now.
we are the passion of the moment.
Your lips so close to mine,
I can feel your breath, steady.
Eskimo kisses to pass the nervousness
of just before our lips meet.
& like the crash of the waves on the beach
you pull me under,
down into the depths of our beings
into our own reality .
tomorrow will be the same as every day,
except to you & i .
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The Warmth Of Dead Leaves
oh, how she cries. petals dropping in the chill. winter wind brings carefree summer to it's knees, shattered coldly. laying on piles of dead leaves &dead grass scooped together by sharp, spindly rake fingers. moon aglow, barbed wire quarter. a sliver of white in a black sky. watching, observing, learning tendencies only the moon cares to notice. crickets chirp in their hidden everywhere. birds caw on telephone wires, slice the sky into easy geometry. cars wizz by on empty streets, headlights burning, stereos blasting. the heat is on to keep them warm.
but there is no warmth in a pile of trodden on leaves.
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What is independant thought?
i am a cashier.
i cannot be expected to think independently.
my brain is a cash register,
my vision comes in the form of a scanner
i speak in paper - feed &black ink.
i am not an individual.
i am connected through wirtes &hard drives to a mother brain.
my thoughts are programmed to bar - codes, prices, tax &discounts;
they are regulated in response to push buttons &laser scanners.
i am not a living breathing entity.
i am a cashier.
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fourteen days &fourteen nights
i have traveled across the desert of dreams.
I have fought great lions of self-loathing &hateful vultures of regret.
They glittered &menaced in the desert sun. They pecked my eyes out &tore at my flesh.
They suffocated me in the stench of the dead gone before.
i have battled with demons - pride, fear, hate, greed -
in the depths of the desert days.
I have sung sweet songs to the angel hope,
in the cool darkness of the desert nights.
i have walked through hot and cold.
i have walked through dark and light.
i have walked in fear and in love.
i have walked until my heart cried out in my chest
&my mind was absolved of consciousness.
i have woken alone, in an empty desert,
with a clear mind and was home.
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the daring young space captain by pennyrobinson the daring young space captain :iconpennyrobinson:pennyrobinson 0 5


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alexis courtney
United States
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Favourite genre of music: simple categories, simple people.
Favourite photographer: a new light behind the lens.
Favourite style of art: beauty.
Operating System: flesh, blood and bone.
MP3 player of choice: the playlist in my head.
Shell of choice: a turtle shell.
Wallpaper of choice: to cover the bloodstains?
Skin of choice: mine mine mine.
Favourite cartoon character: everyone i know.
Personal Quote: maybe that's what life is; a wink of an eye &winking stars.


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