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Mobius Dragon Script

By penny5775
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The scripts included here use the mobius variation plugin with the variables named Re_A, Im_A, Re_B, .... Im_D.

UPDATE 09 08 29
Will now work with 2.083D and 7x.
Added another script to modify the flame to one of the 12 designs in my design pack.
© 2008 - 2021 penny5775
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can't be downloaded anymore ?
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There's a problem...
Apo7x no longer loads scripts, and my Apo 2.08 versions do not have the mobius transform.

Could you just post a tutorial/screenshot series showing how mobius dragons are made? I really want to know.
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Thanks for the scripts :) 
I'm rendering something with them as I type this, I'll post soon!
Esherymack's avatar…
There we are. Thanks again for the script, it was very useful!
CopperColour's avatar
Thank you for a download. :)
PolyStellar's avatar
Thank you very much for sharing. Will see what I can do with it.
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Thanks for share. :-)
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Thanks, glad you enjoyed!
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Hey penny I love your script thank you for sharing
I made this [link] from it it was fun thanx
penny5775's avatar
Glad you found it useful. Nice work!
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I fell in love with your script there is just so much in there
It work truely fantastic.Thanx for posting /sharing it with us.
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This is absolutely fantastic!!! I didn't have a clue about Mobius? But now I will be able to learn and try to understand it I hope? Thank you so much for sharing!!!
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Thank you for writing the script and especially for being generous enough to share it.
penny5775's avatar
I am glad you find it useful. You're welcome!
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Oh, is this based on the calculations in Indras Pearls? The book, i mean...
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ok, 1st i really want to thank you for sharing this with us. I got this some time ago but didn't get to play with is before since i'm not using scripts usually. I got the phoenixkeyblack package from here could it be the wrong one? i even redownloaded today, and tried both mobius.dll and avmobius.dll he's got there (there's no mobius2.dll btw) and none of them work with this script for me. I also have to mention i got apo 2.08 3D hack and apo 7x. So where do i go wrong? where can i find the right mobius plugin since all these i found in the package have different variables (radius, width, rect x, rect y and rotate x and y; and not the ones with Re_A, Im_A...) Please help me, i'm really going crazy here for some hours :D thanks!
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Don't know if anyone helped you with this but I figured it out today. Download this ([link]) Mobius plugin and rename it Mobius... not Mobius2! and replace your old mobius with it. It worked for me!
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thank you very much!!!!! :D
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I used your script here [link]

Thank you again :bow:
Thank you for sharing :boogie:
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Thank you Penny for the script. I just played with it a little and had fun :bow:
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just downloaded the script but it looks nothing like the sample pict. ???
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