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Mobius Design Pack

By penny5775
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This flame pack uses the variation plugin Mobius that has the variables Re_A, Im_A, ..... Im_D.
© 2008 - 2021 penny5775
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For the positions of your mobius transform origins, is there a specific formula to calculate the irrationals?
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Hello there again.
I have downloaded the pack and I want to unwrap it (using Winrar). I get this popup message that I can't save it to my chosen file (resources in Apo 7x 15B).
Is there something blocking it by my system ?
Thanks for the help...
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Thanks for this pack
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Thanks! Now lets try to figure out mobius a little. Clap
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Thank you for Pack  :hug:
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I so much LOVE these dragons, hope by practicing with the Design Pack samples will help me :pray: 
:iconthankyou1::iconthankyou2: :iconlovelyheartsplz:
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Thank you so much for sharing :heart:
i used it there: [link]
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Thanks for sharing this....saw it listed at :iconmynimi94:
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Finally was able to work with it today... and I had quiet some fun ^^
Lost in the Dark
Starry Night
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Thx a lot for sharing! :heart:
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Glad you enjoyed it!
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Hi! Made this [link] in Apo 7x 15.
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Very interesting variation.
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Hi penny and thanks for sharing...Great work
one question:

(i copied avmobius.dll into plugins folder of apo 7x but it wount open the file because it requires (i think) variables Im A....Im D ... Re A....Re D)

Do you know how can i fix that?
Try mobius2.dll. It worked for me on 7x.
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I tried to use this with Apo 7X v15, but there is a built-in mobius that won't allow me to load the mobius with the correct variables. Has anyone else told you they had this problem? Just wondering.
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AFAIK there is no mobius built into 7x v15. I am using the correct mobius with v15 without any issues.
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You're right, there isn't a built in a mobius. I couldn't find it in my plug-ins because I was looking for a plug-in that was called mobius.dll, but it's called avmobius.dll, which is why I couldn't find it at first. But, I downloaded the right mobius plug-in and it works great. Thanks so much!
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Thank you for that you helped me a lott
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Thanks so much for your Mobius Help :hug: [link]
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Uhm... where do I get this Mobius plugin? Is it the same one from the Apo Shack Plugin Pack?
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It has been a while; if you haven't found this yet you can stop into the Aposhack chat and I am sure someone there will know where you can get it.
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Did that a couple months ago, actually :) I've got it.
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This is an awesome resource!
I could get the basic form, but the exact values to get everything perfectly alligned elluded me...
May I ask how you got those values? Was it trial and error or is there some logic behind it?
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