Peacock Blues

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Colour by colour, I sift and arrange. 'Do what you feel drawn to'.I do colour. Colour magnetises me. 

If I could only choose one, it would be somewhere in the field of turquoise aqua blue, the peacock hues. With a little smidge of coppery orange or bronzey browns for contrast.
(So - if I could choose only one - I couldn't do that)

  The Magic At The Bottom Of A Bottle by Stolen-Breath  Peacock by stephanieleighh  gust of wind by 7nexx  Speedpaint #19 by Sylar113
Presyncope: a two-month cushion by ogunhe  Two Burning Matches by gilad  City of the trial by phoenix-feng <da:thumb id="165303694"/>  dream by Saskiyah  Shades of Turquoise by Lani-is-NINJA
Color and texture by darkysterik  Louie's Comfort by graven-images-426  Turquoise: l'eau III by RougeChapeau  Wallpaper Little Fox by LouJah by LouJah
   Troubled times by DrinK-The-StripeS  Turquoise by KariZza  BLUE CHAIN by alexblur8 <da:thumb id="112349363"/> Reflectivity by TurquoiseGrrrl
    Cosmic eye by LillyMooncat  cool mint by mirjaT<da:thumb id="585999459"/>  Larimar by eReSaW
Mango tree by CaitlinWorthington Sea Shore Love Heart Suncatcher by EarthBalanceCraft   The little mermaid by xx-RAINYDAY-xx   Unicorn Solitude -v2 by J4K0644061x
Triangles Teal Brown by crimsonvermillion   Jack by AngelaRizza  We're Taking 'Em On by hannahroseison  RESIGNED by slaine  January Birds by Calmality
  Peaceful by siamois  Acoustic Set by Tattooedmunky  love by Spank-My-Joystick  Corridor to Nowhere by valmont1702
Turquoise Harmony II by MadeByHand  Gun-shy by april182   CS 124 by sth22art turquoise eye by meltdownparadise777 Yellow-green-turquoise by YOKOKY
Stained Blue Glass by AHfineart  Paranormal Activity... by StelfySkya   Dive into the water and flow by boxchicken  Untitled by raptorzysko  Mushroom Cloud by dalifan-teresa
  Liquid Sunshine 5 by JoDrury  Summertime by Kaleioki Lor and Chelli Tea Party 02 by Chelli-M  Autumn by Aurelien-Minozzi
  hrddds by spr041  t u r q u o i s e by BiscuiTsi <da:thumb id="539149898"/>  burning turquoise by Amanitou
© 2016 - 2021 penngregory
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OMG!! thanks for featuring me it's a big honor !! :')!!
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Thanks for adding Mushroom Cloud to your compilation! Teresa;-)
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Hi Penn. Many thanks for adding Flaking Paint  to Peacock Blues. Congratulations - Its a great compilation.
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thanks for featuring unicorn solitude v2 in this lovely selection!
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Hey penngregory this is a lovely collection and I am so happy to have "Triangles Teal Brown" in it. Thank you!
penngregory's avatar
you're so welcome! I love this design. Love your user name too btw :)
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thanx a lot for including my photo :)
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Beautiful, thanks for including my work!
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ur very welcome x
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Thanks for featuring, Penn. w00t! 
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I sincerely appreciate the mention. That is very nice of you, My. Penn Gregory :) 
Best regards. 
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you're so welcome :)
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Teal is the sheezy!
Honored for the mention.

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Lovely work featured.  Finding some to +fav 
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thanks for including my Larimar :proud: 
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