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Lemming Valley Deluxe



A larger version of the Lemming Valley image I posted up a short while ago. Now, hopefully, this'll give everyone a chance to take a little closer look at the lives of Lemmings. Its not faultless but I hope the overall feel of it makes up for that.

When I was younger I was absorbed into Lemmings (not just the game itself but the idea of it). I did this for my girlfriend for her Birthday in 1998 I think. She's got another coming up soon.

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DON'T KNOW THE GAME...BUT, Love the social statement in regard to Lemmings... however, not sure many will get that. I DON'T KNOW IF THAT WAS EVEN YOUR INTENT... But "lemmings" is the symbol of what our society has become...I wonder how many people of this generation even know what a Lemming is... HERE'S THE BOTTOM LINE for me as far as the Artwork... I know this took allot of work, time, energy (I respect that, I'm an Artist myself) HOWEVER, it's too cute to make a social impact, if that's what your hoping for... and... if you have to label it to promote the message, well... enough said! ART, LIKE POETRY, IS SUPPOSED TO MAKE PEOPLE THINK..DRAW THEIR OWN CONCLUSION... OTHERWISE, WHAT'S THE POINT? "RESEARCH, IS KEY" Try Googling "Lemmings" you may even gain new respect for your game!