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Welcome to Monday, when LitRecognition introduces a newer member of the Literature Community. Whether they have been with us only a few months, or a couple of years,
we would like to present them with a bit of a fanfare. So, without further ado, I bring to you kakatoast.

What is your preferred medium for writing your initial drafts? Why?
I can't put pen to paper for a few reasons including but not limited to dyslexia and word recognition meaning even if I know the word I may not be able to say it or write it so It would have to be my Pc or tablet as I can easily correct any mistakes and I can look up spelling for words which I can't spell. 

Where is your most inspirational place to write? Why?
Home if only because When I'm out of the house it's because I have places to be and people to meet so while I would love to sit and write at places like the silent valley it's just not possible so sadly it's my home where I can relax and work at my own pace. 

What is your favorite genre to read and write? Why?
Oh no... so for poetry it's normally emotional or general because they can be quite board genres although I have recently started to try and do my own story which is fantasy based because it allows more freedom and means I can travel to a time long past without any real restrictions which helps because I'd otherwise Spend so much time agonizing over getting everything correct. as for reading I'm currently obsessed with Overlord light novel and web novel which is classed as dark fantasy. and I fell in love with it because it doesn't just focus on one person or fiction almost to it's demise so I love it because it gets the reader to see multi perspectives 

What piece you have written, is your favorite?
Hizamazuite (on my knees) V2 I would love to say my story is but I always feel I could do better and it's my first one and no where near complete it's simply a work in progress and while there was a few others like fallen knight which are close Hizamazuite V2 is a Poem based around a song called hizamazuite ashi wo oname from ali project which I simply love and I feel and hope my poem does it justice.

Of deviations you have read, which is your favorite? Why?
I don't really spend much time looking at other people's work because I'm either working on my own or doing other things but I swear one of these days I'm going sit down and spend several hours just going through other people work and just relaxing however as of now it's hard to say I like 02Aya faulty copy the most and there others that deserve shout outs for some of their incredible work but I can only have one favorite. 

LadyLincoln Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Welcome to kakatoast! :heart:
kakatoast Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
thank you
LadyLincoln Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
You're welcome. :heart:
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