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Welcome to Monday, when LitRecognition introduces a newer member of the Literature Community. Whether they have been with us only a few months, or a couple of years,
we would like to present them with a bit of a fanfare. So, without further ado, I bring to you Anonie0187.

What is your preferred medium for writing your initial drafts? Why?

In theory, I like fancy journals and nice black pens. In practice, I prefer my laptop. It’s just way more convenient and easier to edit. 

Where is your most inspirational place to write? Why?

I really love writing on the train- if I have the option of sitting alone. Otherwise I prefer to write at home. Usually I clean first, light some candles, open windows, and grab some tea (or wine). I like ambience ^^. I guess I also like to write outside, in fancy restaurants, and in empty churches- but usually I don’t go to those places with my laptop ready to sit down and write, and outside there’s usually either a glare on my screen or too many bugs. Quite a few ‘glares’ in the churches, too. 

What is your favorite genre to read and write? Why? 

To write, my favorite is definitely fantasy. I love historical fiction and sci-fi too, it’s just that I get hung up on everything being 100% accurate. Fantasy gives me the most freedom to do what I want- though I’m still pretty heavy on the research end. I guess what I like about all of the above is the ability to design the setting and characters. Even in historical fiction I have the option of choosing a time period. I also like being able to have really diverse sets of characters without feeling like I need to turn them into moral allegories, or run them by an equally diverse panel for approval. So, I guess it’s mostly about creative liberty, as well as the fact that these genres seem to have more room to get dystopian and full of action. I like reading fantasy, sci-fi and historical fiction for similar reasons- different world, lots of info about science and history, lots of epic stuff going on. 

What piece you have written, is your favorite? Why? 

My favorite piece I’ve written isn’t on DA (most them aren’t!). It was the first chapter of a historical fiction set in first century Wales, but as a rubric I watched a bunch of Breaking Bad and made a list of things that made the show great, and then used that as a guide. It read a lot like a TV show and I’m not sure that style would have worked for a full-length historical novel, but it was great for a first chapter. I’m still planning to write that story someday- but I need to do more research.
On DA, it’s hard to pick a favorite. I mostly post short scenes and a lot of them are actually research or development pieces. I’m always surprised (happily) when people like them! I guess Long Live the Queen is my favorite in terms of how it turned out, and also, it’s the only scene I have showing the ‘dark’ side of one of my characters. I’m thinking nothing that blatant will actually make it into my main story. Also, I really like
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They’re a little bit flowery to read, but the descriptions were really fun to write. Having so many characters from so many different places, sometimes I need to write out things in detail to make sure everything is fleshed out and cohesive. World building is my favorite and I got to do a lot in that piece. 

Of deviations you have read, which is your favorite? Why?

I'll also put more than one for favorite Deviations I’ve read (sorry, I’m a cheater). I loved Customer Service Haikus by QuixoticApricot. I’ve worked in customer service and it was just so on point. We all have horror stories from those days. Second- and this is nerdy- there were two fanfictions I read a long time ago for a video game I played, set in the Forgotten Realms universe. One was by Isbjorg and one was by AuriV1. Both of them mostly post visual art and I'm not even sure if the stories are up anymore, but it was really fun to read stories from characters that were so unique and that were all kind of part of the same world. I love seeing what different people will do with the same setting. 

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