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A Promised UpdateHi Guys,I saw my Nurse Practitioner (psych) today. She told me she believes my therapist is okay, and told me when she left. It was back in the middle of March, and she was quite surprised when I told her I had only found out on Monday that she wasn't there anymore. To say she was mad, is probably about accurate - mainly because I wasn't told before/when it happened considering my tenure with my therapist. We tried to call my insurance to see what insight they could provide, since I was having difficulty navigating the website to find what I needed. Automated messages just referred us to the website and hung up. So, I am out of luck with my insurance being any help. I have a couple of options at this point, something temporary has been put into place, with they help of my psych. The temporary solution is to pay out of pocket for services temporarily until we move. The front desk was REALLY snotty and defensive when I told them I tried all the avenues they had offered, and then some. It was clear they really did not want to be fighting with me on this, and basically were telling me to "fuck off" indirectly. If it wasn't for my NP/Psych, I would be completely done with that clinic. In my 9.5 years of working with them, I never had any of these issues. Now, suddenly that my therapist is gone, I am worth kicking out. This is doing nothing for my emotional/mental health right now - not to be 'wanted', or even respected as someone who is willing to pay to get the help I need. I am utterly disgusted by their attitude and am glad I will be moving. My NP gave me options for when me move, and the run down of what we will be doing to make it a smooth process with my insurance when the time comes. From what she told me, I will be going to a much better area for what I need - she knows because she came from that general area.So, other than being quite pissed off at the treatment I received, I am doing okay. I have an appointment scheduled with a new person (temporarily), until I can find someone to be my constant going forward. My NP is the best, and I know most of the psychs I have had over the years, would've done exactly the same for me. I don't take my mental health lightly, because I know the consequences of if I do. It is so important. In other news, we have a foot+ of snow at my house right now due to a wonderfully late snow storm plowing through. We will probably end up with about 2ft after it comes to a stop. Sooooo over this, and so is my poor car. That is going to be a topic of discussion with my dad this weekend. If I should just keep buying parts to keep my girl hobbling along, or if I should get what I can from a trade-in and get a "new" car. Working our budget, I think we can make another car payment work, as well as have something for a down payment as well.Other than that, work is work, and life is life. Just wanted to make sure I gave you guys an update about my therapist situation.Much Love Shara...

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November 7, 2018
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