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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Today, LitRecognition brings you their general feature of SIX fantastic Words of Art. Picked at random from the many collections of literature on deviantArt, we want to bring you something new every week to enjoy. So, take a look and show everyone how much you love them!


THE MIRROR SPLITS AT THE BOTTOM IF YOU STAREAt a dive bar, the moon softened in your square glass
of amber scotch. Ice dissolved a thin layer—invisible.
You swore it’s there, wiping it with the napkin
and missing. Scotch sloshed onto the table, the skin
under your cherry jeans. You held onto the napkin
like a boy holding onto the bagged goldfish
from a fair, and you dropped it.
Stumbling over chevron visions along a rush of dark
asphalt and straight winds, you settle in your little red car.
Suffused with the flickering sun, particles of dust and dusk
beamed onto your rearview. You stopped counting
the miles you lost, beached on a quiet highway
with an empty tank, rippling rain, and the moon
charred in reflection, smiling back at you.


blessings incarnate
blessings incarnatei. angel
these lamp lit streets
bear only your name,
whispering to me in
darkened alleys at the
most unprotected of hours:
                                        when i cry, you
                                        answer, without your voice:
                                        instead with your muffled
                                        heartbeats, sparking at this


To a Girl from High School
To a Girl from High SchoolShe was sad.
A touch of anger behind her dark,
round eyes.
There was a scar the size of Africa
over the left side of her face.
And yet--
branded as she was--
she was not afraid to make eye contact.
You pass her in the crowded hall and she pierces your soul
as if to say -- "You will see me."
"You will look me dead in my eyes and know
that I demand to exist."
Hers is a soul on fire
smoldering wood for skin
and hot coal for eyes.
She would be known.
She wore her JROTC uniform as if
she'd already been to war.
As if terror and sadness and
--not anger but thunder had
already claimed her once and
she'd be damned if
some porcelain-skinned "girl"
would refuse to see the woman in her.
She would lock your eyes,
crush anything you mistook for "courage"
with a glance.
and calmly look away.
She marched onward,
an Amazon in her own right,
a soldier for no country but herself.


Comfort in the Past
Comfort in the Past        Comfort in the Past
        I promised myself I'd never go back to the sun-dappled clearing in the woods, just east of Larringdale.  Yet, here I was, walking towards it as if nothing had ever happened.  I wasn't nervous because the forest surrounding it was dangerous, or forbidden; it was just that my heart wasn’t ready to remember her. Being near it tore at my insides, reminding me of a past so painful and raw that it hurt to think about.  But I couldn't run from it any longer than I could the passing of time.  It was a part of who I was, a law of sorts, and I needed to accept it. That was why I'd come back here.  To remember, and finally move forward with my life.
        It had been four years since our last meeting, and every moment of our parting felt as real to me now, as it had done back then.  The image of Siara’s tear


Root-Bound     Root-bound, just like that jade plant outside. It's still growing, though, and I'm not sure I am. There are so many stories to tell, they make me feel tired -- and root-bound. I pour water slowly over the jade, down by its trunk, a woody thing with a lot of woody branches. New leaves grow on those branches all the time. Where should I look for water to do the same for me? To keep me alive? To let me grow new leaves?
     I'll do it myself, for you.
     It wasn't a bad dream that made me call my absent mother that night. Midge came in late and I sat up to greet him, but he accused me of sleeping with Howard. Crazy. Howard was with his beautiful wife, Rosanna, in a bed next to ours, with a blanket hung between the beds. Midge started hitting me in the face and at first I yelped "Help!" But when Howard came partway through the blanket, I glanced at a knife Midge had put on the nightstand, and Howard retr


Grief and Loss and Children's Hospital
Grief and Loss and Children's HospitalIt changed everything. I couldn’t have predicted it, and I didn’t see it coming. I should have, maybe. But I’ve never been good with “should haves,” don’t even like the “should” word. I’m allergic to it, like I am anything that dictates what my purpose and intentions are. Might be. Could be.
I don’t know, I’ve always been upset easily. But that wasn’t the case, here. Well, I was upset, but there was a reason for it. I want to veer away from the cause, in this case. Not even sure what it was. But the ground under me shifted, that’s all I can say.
Maybe it was the last day of work, or the first day of July. Maybe it was bigger than that, my kid almost dying. Or my mother dying. There’s a ton of things that turn your life around on a dime, a quick shift, whiplash even.
So let’s be brave, here, and talk about one of them. I was reading in the Hugo House catalog about a woman who is teaching a “g


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Two work days till vacation! I can't wait! :heart: 
Can't come soon enough!
A wildfire started a few miles from my house yesterday, and it is sitting at over 1500 acres. It was kind of cool (we are okay), because they called in the same DC-10s from the fire not too far from my work those few weeks ago, and those planes were flying right over our house. We got some good close up looks of those massive planes. My son loved it! They were dropping slurry on the north side of the fire (we are north of the fire), so it set our minds at ease a bit.
Yesterday, I did a thing. I put in an adoption application for a absolutely beautiful kitty. We already have two, but what is one more when you have two. Ha! His foster mom replied to the application, and the way it was worded, seemed to imply there had not been as many applicants as I thought there might be. He is a Maine Coon mix, and just stunning. :heart: Maybe? 

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