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DeviantArt Eclipse - False Ban


DeviantArt Eclipse VS Newgrounds

Update 4/20/20: As of today, my account has been indefinitely banned for reasons unknown. Most likely an attempt to silence me, and they had taken offense to my journal against them. To any watchers or users who are here because of the journal. Know that I can no longer edit or update that journal, but only update my deviations. This is my last form of communication to you.

There will be no change in the type of content allowed on DeviantArt as a result of DeviantArt Eclipse."
Yeah I call bullshit. You're removing digital artwork but not the real pedophilia I've linked below in this deviation.…

Guy's clearly posting pictures of children participating in a weird ass fetish.…

Update 4/22: May 20th is the day of the reckoning. A lot sooner than we'd expected. Brace yourselves then for we are all doomed to be cleansed for our creations.
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